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Alessia La Scala

Alessia La Scala

Alessia La Scala is one of the under 30 female entrepreneurs making a wave in the digital industry. Her company, Web With Style, started less than one year ago and has already completed several projects worldwide. Alessia doesn’t just leave the tasks to her staff. As a matter of fact she plays an active role working as a web designer and ensuring that the clients get their desired result.

Alessia is Italian and has spent a significant part of her life in Italy. She graduated from the university La Sapienza in Rome, where she has earned a degree in “Linguistics and intercultural mediation”. She has two high school diplomas, one obtained in the United States as a foreign exchange student, and the other one in Italy the following year.

Her company offers responsive web designs to businesses looking to reach out to a broader audience, compelling graphic design, and many more services that help businesses scale ahead the competition.

Web With Style started as a web design agency. but in a short span of under twelve months, it started to offer other services such as graphic design, 3D rendering and many others. Alessia La Scala aims to be a motivation to other young women like her who are looking to get into both the entrepreneurship and the digital world. While her as a female entrepreneur in the male-dominated industry has been quite bumpy, she isn’t giving up as she knows that people are counting on her abilities.

The company Web With Style has evolved from just the web design services. Then they started to offer 3D rendering services trough a 3D rendering expert with almost two decades of experience in the design area. The team started to grow pretty fast, many young professionals showed interest in the company. A professional graphic designer, who is in love with art, oversees branding and logos creation while other professionals proficient in Italian, English, Spanish, Finnish and German, translate for the company. With the array of talented experts that make up the team, Web With Style undoubtedly the go-to company for your digital marketing needs in Italy and beyond.

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I’d like an article about Alessia La Scala, she’s a fashion blogger and an entrepreneur (she works as a web designer in her company as well).

Here are some links: (her blog) – (her company)

If it’s useful in any way, this is her Instagram:

If that’s ok, I’ll get back to you later for the pictures, but, as we mentioned earlier, 2-3 should definitely work.

Thank you very much!

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