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Winning the Lottery

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Part 1 – Winning the lottery 2 – Winning the Lottery A Law of Attraction Guide to Winning the Lottery addition, there are a couple of on my on the subject of winning the lottery that you find interesting.

How does it feel to win the lottery? the lottery with the law of prosperity with the law of attraction

Winning the lottery is a goal many people have. Why do we want to win the lottery? The answer is: because we think that winning will enable us to do many of the things we want to do and therefore it will make us happy. The problem is, when you think about it this way, its like putting the before the horse. You have to make peace with where you are, and achieve a place of feeling generally good, then winning the lottery actually becomes a possibility, and not only that but when you reach that place many of the things you want are already manifesting for you.

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here again I hope all of you have had a wonderful wonderful last month I know my month was absolutely amazing I always like to start whatever I do with a little bit of appreciation so I’ll tell you something that I really appreciate about what happened in my life over the past 1 month and I’d like you to take a few minutes just maybe one minute just to reflect upon what your month was like and what you appreciate best about it so here’s the agenda for today we’re going to start with a little bit of appreciation then we’re going to pre pave our session today we’re going to talk a little bit about lottery and you know how people think about the lottery then we will watch a clip of an Abraham workshop where Abraham talks to someone who wants to win the lottery there are actually two clips and depending upon how much time we have I’m going to try and and and share both the clips with you the links to the videos will be provided in the replay information ok so I have one request from all of you when you send me a question if you could please mark it as a question with a sticky on the side here of the the communication a panel here that would be really really amazing because if you notice in the communication panel there is a section right at the bottom where it says is this chat is this comment for everyone or is it for the administers of hello how are you from a question and that’s really important because it’s going to save me a lot of time it’s going to save all of us a lot of time okay so what I really really appreciate about my month con bag is my book I’m celebrating that I took the whole month of January to write and the result was phenomenal I published a book called is this Apple from my tree and it’s a book about law of attraction and parenting it’s based on my life as a parent with two children who are actually 12 12 years apart so my first child I was brought up in the way that I was brought up according to my belief systems and then my second child was brought up more with Abraham Hicks and law of attraction in his life so there’s a big difference between what I did with the one child and what I did with the other child and so this book is the result of all of my learnings along the way okay so that’s what I appreciate it was really exciting to write the book it was really exciting to finish writing and it was really exciting to hold a printed copy in my hand so that’s my appreciation please take one one minute and and just um whatever it is that you want to appreciate do that because appreciation raises our vibration and when we raise our vibration then everything goes better right we are on a higher disk okay so the second part that I wanted to do is a pre paving as I was thinking about coming together with all of you here today I was preparing I I was telling myself I want to offer my best I want to offer value and if you’re not familiar with the concept of creating I want to tell you a little bit about it predating is a technique that Abraham teaches us in there it’s in all of their books but they talked about it specifically in the book ask and it is given among the processes so segments intending and preparing are two ways similar things what Abraham says is when you prevail or when you do segment intending what you’re doing is to is to lay your vibrational roadway just like we lay a path and then we travel on the path we also lay a vibrational path and then we travel on that path what that does is it makes our journey easier it makes it easier for us to find the things that we are wanting to find and just look at it in the same manner as you would look at a dirt path and a paved road if it’s a dirt path it’s harder to drive over it or cycle over it or even walk over it but if it’s a paved road it’s much easier it takes less time it’s easier on the feet it’s a even ground rather than uneven ground and that’s exactly what pre paving does for us pre bathing pails are bad at a vibrational level and it makes it easier for us to get all the things that we want to get make sense okay so let’s prepay to gather my pre paving for this session is that I really appreciate all of you being here and I want that all of you when you leave this session today you feel satisfied and you feel that this time here with me was well spent I I want all of you to take away at least one little thing that is going to be useful to you in your lives and something that you can apply and start using every day so that’s my pre paving for this session I want to have fun I want to convey concepts in a manner that is easy I want all of you to leave this session feeling satisfied and thank you to all of those who have posted their appreciation for me to read on the side it’s really nice to see all those come coming through with appreciation okay so let’s get started how many people have never bought a lottery ticket nobody right everybody’s bought a lottery ticket at least once and that’s what the subject of our talk here today is it’s about winning the lottery how can we use the concepts of the law of attraction to win the lottery you know sometime back something huge happened in my life something that I wanted to see happen and it was taking a lot of time and just wasn’t happening just wasn’t happening and then it happened and I said to myself I said I feel like I just won the lottery so you can win the lottery in many different ways it’s not really important to go and buy a lottery ticket and play the lotto you can win the lottery every day in your life because as things that you want happen it is like winning the lottery but today our discussion is not going to be airy fairy out there it is actually going to be about winning the lottery so why is it that so many people go and buy a ticket but only one person wins this was a question that I have asked myself a number of times when I go and buy a lottery ticket because if I want to win then I should be able to win and if somebody else wants to win they should also be able to win so I and I believe that all of us when we go and we buy lottery tickets the intention is for all of us wanting to win so why does only one person win what is that one person doing that makes them win and all the rest of us not win that was a question that I wanted to answer and it’s interesting I was actually listening to Abraham talking not about the lottery but I heard them talk about the stock market because there was someone in the hot seat one day and his question to Abraham was why is it that some people lose in their investments and other people gain and he was feeling uncomfortable because his his his thought was um I I want everyone to win I I and I feel bad when someone loses so what Abraham said was everyone has the capacity of winning and if everyone was able to be allowing and not have any resistance inside them then they would all win and if that happened and then then the stock market would come to an end because the structure of the stock market is such that somebody sells and makes a profit and somebody sells and makes a loss and I believe that the same rule applies to the way the lottery is run all over the world because if we were all allowing and if we were all able to release our resistance to words winning the lottery then there would be no more lottery as it exists today it would be a confirmed payout you would pay so much money and you would be guaranteed a return for it so that’s really what I believe about the lottery so if you have any questions at this point I’m I would like to address those questions otherwise what we’re going to do is we’re going to go and watch one of the videos and get started with our discussion hello everyone are we all back okay so comments on that video the one thing that I want to point out to all of you is not just for the lottery not just for winning the lottery but for anything that has to do with flowing prosperity flowing money into your life this last segment where Abraham started rampaging and when I mean rampaging it’s that section of the video clip where Abraham is talking about I leave I believe I believe I believe that I can do this I believe that other people have done it and so I can also find a way that part is a rampage and what a rampage does is if you’re familiar with the concept of the emotional scale so abraham has an emotional Abraham talks about an emotional scale in the book ask and it is given we’re up here is love and at the bottom here is despair and then there other emotions in between like frustration anger hopeful and satisfaction so what what a rampage of appreciation does is it doesn’t matter where you are on the emotional scale wherever you are a rampage of appreciation is going to take you a couple of notches up and when that happens it’s going to take you towards things that you want and it doesn’t just have to be money because when things start working everything starts working and when things start stalling everything start stalling um hang on here ah okay no questions I was just taking a look to see if there were any questions here okay some of you it seems to me that some of you had a problem with the video okay I hope that everyone was able to go to the video because if the video was from so you could have clicked on the video and it would play in so there is another video that we are going to watch and that’s what you do when I start the video you can go full screen and the video is playing from okay and then when it ends we come back to the broadcast over here if if if there’s a problem again do send me a message and I try and keep track of the messages when I shift the window I can’t see the messages again but I pay attention next time sorry about that okay and so as I was saying the important thing in every everything that we want is being up here in and in a space of love and joy and when we are up here on the emotional scale that’s when things start working for us the top few levels of the emotional scale let’s say the five top levels of the emotional scale is what Abraham calls the vortex the vortex is all the way from hope to joy those five levels are the vortex and once you are in the vortex then everything that you want starts coming to you on its own you don’t have to try and that’s what Abraham was talking about is when you are in the vortex you will get the the feeling that feeling in your gut that you’ve got to stop at the 7 eleven and buy the lottery ticket and that will be the lottery ticket so when you’re outside the vortex any action that you take is effort and and effort will not get you as good results as you will get when you’re in the vortex right up here um so hang on a second let’s see okay so I have up okay so we are okay so um somebody just sent a message saying they had a problem with the video how many people had trouble with the video could you please send me a message and then I will take a look at it later but I want to keep going just now so I’ll give you a summary of the video because as the video was playing I was taking notes so this person comes into the hot seat and is asking Abraham about how he can win the lottery and in the biggest thing in all of this that Abraham said was if you’re looking at a pile of money that’s over here and you look at it and you say I want this that do you know it’s not appreciating where you are and so when we appreciate where we are then things that we want come to us automatically because appreciation raises our vibration and takes us into the vortex which is at the top that’s why when we started this broadcast when we started the webinar I wanted everyone to spend one minute appreciating something from the month gone by because appreciation will automatically raise your vibration and bring you up here so that you can experience all the things that you want let me just grab a pen and media I can draw it on the board because I hope that way I’ll be able to get more help okay so guys can you see the board all right so the vortex is this is the emotional scale right here is despair and over here is joy and love frustration is somewhere about here this is frustration and then in between here is hope and the vortex is this space so when Ibrahim talks about the vortex the vortex is over here when you’re feeling hopeful when you feel excitement when you feel satisfaction all these emotions hope excitement satisfaction joy love these form the word headaches and then you are here and frustration things are not working there’s anger there’s revenge all these emotions are outside the vortex and so it doesn’t matter what gets you into the vortex because you might have an extremely good meal one day and be appreciating the meal and just having that meal will put you in the vortex because it’ll put you in a state of appreciation right over here so the most important thing whether it is winning the lottery or getting a job or finding the relationship that you want it doesn’t matter what you want everything is here in the vortex and I want to take a minute and explain another concept to you which is really really good which Abraham talks about a lot as well is let’s say there are all these things in your life these different subjects in your life that are all things that you think about these are all the things in your life that are working and then there’s this one thing in your life that is not working and what you do is you keep thinking about this thing this thing that is not working money I don’t have enough I don’t have enough don’t have enough if you keep thinking about this then you are magnetizing this and as you magnetized this it pulls all of these down here so things that are working with stopped working because you’re magnetizing something that is not working and the reverse is the better way to do it is the opposite which is here are these things that are working and then this one thing isn’t working if you keep looking at all of these appreciating them thinking about them saying nice things about them discussing them with people that you know what will happen is you’ll be magnetizing them and then you magnetize these they will hold this thing that is not working upwards and it will start working so I hope that makes sense so as long as we focus on things that are working in our life then other things in our life will start working and winning the lottery is just like anything else it’s something that we want and we going to buy a lottery ticket and we don’t win well if we don’t win that what does that mean it means that our vibration is not in a place that is going to allow us to win that’s as simple as that because our vibration our manifestation our reality the reality that we see today is a result of the thoughts that we have been thinking so if we are living a reality today that is short of what we want that means that our vibration is not in the right place okay so I’m going to take this off because I want to show you something more all right so what I’m going to show you is let’s say we have a scale so you’re over here and where you want to go is over here this distance is the vibrational gap and all that means all that means is that if you are if your reality over here so this is reality and this reality is short of where you want to be this is where you want to be then what that means is that the thoughts that you have thought so far have brought you here that’s why you have this so if you don’t want this if you don’t want this then you gotta think some different pots okay I think the green pen isn’t working as well as though we were in the red and I think I’m going to change things but this won’t make sense to people ah the magnetizing thing before okay yeah okay so the magnetize the the concept of magnetization is really really important because our thoughts our energy everything in this world is energy energy when it is moving is a waveform and when it is stationary it is hard knock on wood matter so this board is also energy but this is stationary energy and so matter matter is stationary energy and energy the way we see it which is a light sum these are wave form energies and so thought our thoughts our thoughts are a form of wave form of energy so stationary energy is hard enough on a board and they form energy is stuff that we don’t see when I push the board the board absorbs energy from me and it moves so thoughts are energy whatever you put your thoughts on is energized or magnetized energized or magnetized and when it is magnetized it has the power to hold other things like it to words it and that’s why like attracts like if you put your power of or focus on something that you like you will attract more things it will get magnetized and it’s going to attract more things that you will like okay a board sorry okay move the board alright guys hang on give me a minute okay is that better okay so I’m just going to really like that so that for those people who you before energy everything in this world consists of energy there are two types of energy stationary energy is hard not hard work things that is matter and then you’re this type of minute energy is wave form energy and wave form energy is like some and anything that we can’t see we can touch and see so electricity is rhythm energy our pots are also obey form energy so our thoughts consist of energy wherever you think about gets energized or magnetized when it returns energy it starts pulling other things towards itself so if you think about something with appreciation and you magnetize it if with all other thoughts like it to accept that’s why Abraham always says like attracts like or when you think lots of appreciation more thoughts of appreciation will come this concept is extremely important in improving our life experience the more we think thoughts of reaction no more we magnetize things that we want and those things start coming into our lives so that’s why appreciation plays such a big role in all of law of attraction work and that’s why when you appreciate remember the the emotional scale that I was just telling you about so this is the emotional scale and over here is joy appreciation is the energy that takes you all the way up here as you appreciate your thoughts of appreciation magnetize the subjects that you are thinking about and more things to appreciate start coming into your legs so why when we know that why is it that things still don’t work with the reason things too work is because you don’t really understand what it means to appreciate and what it means to keep your energy going in one direction it’s really extremely easy to have your energy go in two separate directions and and if if this pen if I was pulling this pen equally let’s let me hold it like this so if I was pulling it equally with equal force it’s not going to move either way but if I pull it more in one direction it’s going to move towards that direction so if we take thoughts of appreciation let’s say appreciation things that we want are on this side if I think thoughts of appreciation then I’m going to move this pen towards the things that I want towards appreciation and if I think thoughts of compare this satisfaction then I’m going to pull the pen in the opposite direction that’s the direction I don’t want to go in unfortunately what happens is because we are not conscious of how we are thinking our thoughts we offer them in a way that says I want this but I don’t have it I want this but it’s not coming fast enough I want this it’s just not happening I want this other people have it and I don’t so that’s why we stay stuck here because there’s one thought pulling us in one direction and another thought pulling us in in the other direction instead if we were to offer thoughts that took us all in towards the direction that we want to go and we had no resistance nothing blocking our way then we would get we would get to where we wanted to go because let’s okay so let me let me try and use the board again to show you another okay so let’s say let’s say that you want to win the lottery so winning the lottery is the objective it’s the goal and it’s over here this is where we want to go we want to win the jackpot but we are over here thinking so many people so many people play so what are the odds of my winning I bought tickets before and not one and so here’s where we are and that’s why we don’t win instead if we were to say I buy tickets and one day I will win I’m going to keep doing this because I really want this everybody there are so many people who within be one of those people who win the chance of winning as those people then now what I’m doing is I’m closing gap I’m Abraham did in the ram paige Depp and that’s what a rampage does a rampage of appreciation us in the direction with Debbie wanna go hang on a second there’s no it’s okay as there is no we are not watching the second I have not started the second video oh I will let you know when we watched the video of gal I’m in this turn it and we have already watched oh so then is app a video the first video okay so the one thing that I want you all to understand is that we have to think our thoughts in one direction and if we think our thoughts in one direction and we never go back if we never double up and go back then we will eventually get to where we want to go it’s because we keep doubling back we say I want to win the lottery but then you come back and you say but I never been I want to win the lottery but it hasn’t happened so far I I want to win the lottery I’m going and and how many times do I have to try I want to win the lottery but those other people want and I didn’t and so you see how miss that looks that’s exactly how our thoughts look our thoughts look messy they are not clean and clear and taking us in one direction okay so we still do have some time what I’m going to do is I am now going to play the second video now okay ready to start okay so what was the most important thing that Abraham said in this little clip I think the most important thing to me that Abraham said in this clip was what does it feel like to be a vibrational match to winning the lottery what does it feel like to be a vibrational match to winning the lottery I think that to me was the the mean message here and I want to explain something again to you about the war text so we’re going to go and look at the emotional skill again and I hope everyone can see the board now so I’m going to draw on the side so let’s see this is the emotional scale at the bottom is despair and at the top here is joy here this is the vortex the top five emotional levels of the emotional scale or what consists constitute the warheads if you are somebody who normally stays just over here just at this point if you’re someone who is not on a daily basis in the vortex what happens is some pain takes you into the vortex and you feel a certain rush you feel a rush of emotion you feel the huge joy because you were outside and you got in but for those people who spend most of their time inside the vortex over here they don’t feel that rush because inside the vortex when you spend most of your time inside the vortex life is very calm you feel satisfied you don’t feel that big rush of emotion so what happens is at least what happened with me I’m going to share with you is what happened with me was that I started questioning because I couldn’t feel the rush of emotion I would question whether or not I was in the inside the vortex I wasn’t sure because I wasn’t feeling this rush of going in but the truth is when we’re here you start feeling calm most of your life is good you make up and you feel good you go to bed anything which feels satisfied every day and that’s how you tell that you are inside the vortex okay so if you send me a question can you mark it as a private message please because that way I will know in fact I am going to do that now so that I get all the questions okay so I have a question here what does it feel like to be a vibrational match to what you want then start talking about what you will feel like and what you would do once you once your wish has manifested you know what that as a comment is a good comment but it doesn’t always work like that because one of yes you do have to feel like it’s already happened but the biggest thing that we forget is the vibrational gap okay so I’m gonna explain that you just now over here so your library remember we were talking about if you were over here this is reality and this is where you want to go your reality is not what you want this is what you want then the distance this distance is the vibrational gap and the important thing about the vibrational gap is that if you are too far away if you are over here and you are to this distance is very big which means there are a number your number of levels of the emotional scale this emotional scale away from the thing that you want then you’ve got to stay general and if you are maybe one or two notches on the emotional scale away from what you want then you go specific excuse me because if you go specific too soon it’s actually going to hurt you so when people say all right we have to talk about it as if it’s already happened then they tend to go to specific and that will actually take you further away from what you want rather than take you closer to what you want hang on one second what if you are in the vibration when buying the ticket but an hour later something occurs that takes you out of the vortex for some time does this negate the action taken by buying the ticket initially yes it does but as soon as you notice that the thing for you to do is to bring yourself back up you know this is this is a perfect question thank you so much for asking this question because if this happens in relationships a lot let’s say you were feeling really good you went out for a date you really enjoyed your date and but now you came away and you don’t feel as good about the person as you did when you were with them in the evening happens all the time happens to us about so many subjects on a daily basis the thing to do is when you feel that happen when you feel yourself slip on the emotional scale and come down you’ve got to do the vibrational work to take yourself back up hang on there more questions coming here so that was a really good question I’m really really happy you asked that Rita you’re not seeing the video anymore you’re not seeing the video anymore because the video has ended it was a very small clip okay so that’s where ng ah when you say too specific do you mean asking for the specific dollar amount no it’s not just about asking for the specific dollar amount it’s about getting really really specific about let’s say what are you going to do with the money like you know Abraham took this person in the hot seat through a rampage of appreciation they they took his vibration and brought it really high up here and then they introduced specific questions for him what are you how are you going to manage the money what are you going to do with it that’s the time to get specific when you are already really high up on the emotional scale but if you are not if you are okay so I’m going to take this again so just looking at the emotional scale if you are over here on the emotional scale then you can still go and buy a lottery ticket and do the vibrational work to go up into the vortex but stay general don’t get specific and when I say stay general I like to get a feeling of winning but don’t get specific you can connect with the feeling of winning by saying how would I feel how what would be my happy dance right so that’s a very general feeling or the feeling of going home and telling your family I got I have the winning ticket that’s a very general feeling don’t get general about the amount don’t get general about the timing don’t get general about what you will do with it just feel the feeling of winning that is general specific means you are now thinking about specific things that you’re going to do specific things that you are going to how are you how much money are you going to win when are you going to win it all of that is specific and so you should stay away from getting specific okay so that was a really good question thank you for that question okay so I’m going to go back now oh okay so how do you know that you were in mortis that’s the main thing how do you know when you are in the vortex well how do you know is you feel good you’ll feel it you only have to do is you that you can ask you some other question and I in the vortex and if the answer that you get from inside says yes I think I’m in the vortex don’t question it accept that you are in the vortex because so is your question eight you pull out of the vortex so here I am feeling really really good and think I’m in the vortex and I know where Tex and the little wild voice inside me says yes you are little words and let me say Allah I don’t know I don’t feel excited I wonder if I really am making a fool myself as soon as you see those words when you fall out of the vortex make sense okay so if you did not see the video the replay email I will send an email at the end of our time here together I’m going to send an email that email will have the links to the recording of the webinar as well as the links to both the videos that we watched today does that make sense okay so fantastic you will be able to see the whole thing over again including the recording of what I am saying as well as the two video clips that we watched okay so hang on one second alright so I’m going to share a comment that just came through the lottery is so okay so hang on sorry okay treat I cannot read all of this it is too long and I want to keep going just now I’m going to try okay so the lottery is so meaningful to me it so this is a comment that was hosted and I’m reading it to you it made me into the person who knows the value and power of feeling good I was 13 when my brother introduced me to self help one of the beginning self help works that I was involved in was Anthony Robbins okay creet I’m going to put your note on hold because I have another question that just came in that I’m going to address okay so do I buy a ticket when in the vortex the question the answer to that is buy a ticket when daily a little voice inside uses stop and buy the ticket because if you act before that voice tells you that today is the day to to buy the ticket you will go and you will buy and then nothing will happen you will add to the disappointment side of the equation rather than the achievement side of the equation let me tell you a little story a couple of years ago very early on in my journey with Abraham I was listening to other teachers as well I don’t do that so much anymore I listen pretty much exclusively to Abraham but as I was driving I had this huge feeling inside me that I should go to the library and I followed my instinct I went to the library and I came out with a bag full off something like 23 audio cassettes and I had been to the library just a few days before that and had not been able to find anything that I wanted to pick up so I followed my my gut feel and I went to the library when my gut feel told me to go and I was able to get everything that I wanted there and you know it’s it happens to me so often I will go to the grocery store to pick up something and I’ll just stop because I feel like stopping and I go in there and I find something that I wanted is on sale so that’s how you start acting on your gut feel and your gut feel as you act on it and as you practice acting on it it will become stronger and the inclinations to do things will get stronger and here’s the one thing that I want to say to you just now is when you feel the inclination to take action do it right away don’t put it on will and say oh I’ll do it tomorrow no that was the moment your inner being was telling you that you’ve got to act in that window of time and so action should be taken immediately when you have that feeling okay hang on there’s more questions here so the question is how do I get your Law of Attraction book okay so if you did not receive the book I don’t know Sharon if it was you who emailed me someone emailed me a day maybe a day ago to say that they did not receive the book and I still have to figure that out for them if that was you I will be getting back to you tomorrow if it was not you send me an email and then I will take care of it for you so I’m just going to post my email address over here for everyone if you want to follow up with me you’re most welcome to do so okay so is it over now um okay so the video the the video has stopped playing grace because we’ve watched both the videos if you want to see the videos again I will be sending you the links for them okay so I have another question from Adele isn’t wanting to win the lottery in itself too specific what you want to have is a lot of money when you say that you want to buy a lottery ticket aren’t you telling the universe how to make you have a lot of money yes I absolutely agree with you Adele it is but you know what it is specific but it’s the same as saying I want another car some people want to win the lottery and as long as you say okay so let me back that I can say this first everything that you want is possible and it is absolutely possible to become extremely specific about what you want because the universe has the ability to give you everything being general doesn’t have to do with the universe’s ability to give us what we want being general has to do with our feeling our beliefs activating negative beliefs inside us and it has to do with resistance that we already have inside us with respect to a subject what happens is if you get specific too soon you activate resistance and then that resistance becomes a roadblock and will not let you get to the thing that you want so absolutely if if somebody was to ask me the question is it better to be general or specific I will always say be general being general is the best strategy out of all and adèle I completely agree with you it is far better to say I want money to flow to me easily as much as I need more than what I need then to say I want to win the lottery absolutely correct because you don’t need to tell the universe where to bring the money to you from the universe can bring it from anywhere but we don’t know where people are on the emotional scale each one of us can only speak for ourselves so I am NOT in the business of telling someone who feels that they are at a place where they can get specific that I would tell them not to get specific because going from general to specific is a natural thing when you practice being general for long enough you will automatically start becoming specific when you get into the vortex in fact one of the indications that you are inside the vortex is the fact that you start becoming extremely specific and you start feeling good about becoming specific and that’s the that’s the caveat there because if you become specific too soon you don’t feel good okay so I hope that was clarifying what are your best methods for receiving for removing resistance to winning the lottery the best way to remove resistance is not to have it in the first place as as Abraham says the best way to deal with doubt is not to have it in the first place so the thing is be general go as general as possible if you’re going to buy a lottery ticket just soothe yourself it’s about closing the vibrational gap and you can close the vibrational gap by saying things that are soothing to yourself okay so you have to say things that are 100 percent true that are appreciative they’re positive things and you start closing the vibrational gap and what will start happening is every time you buy the lottery ticket you can close the gap close the gap close the gap and close it completely o case hang on so we can talk about that in more detail I just want to see what else we have or do anything when yes that’s right freak I agree with you completely when you feel that urge to do something and that urge is so strong inside you that you absolutely have to act on your edge that’s the best time to act and I recommend playing small games with yourself as you play small games with yourself you get more practice with using the principles of the law of attraction and then you start applying them to other things in your life so you know like I’ve played games like okay I just want to see a butterfly I want to see a butterfly or I am going to do my grocery I want to get a free shopping cart today so you know or I want to get a parking space all those things are like training wheels like when you start riding a bicycle you need training wheels and then slowly you have enough practice and you don’t need the training views anymore does that make sense okay guys so we’ve gone a little bit over time now I want to close this session so if there is any one last question we take that last question and we close the session today I am thrilled to be here with all of you I hope that this helped everyone here and in closing I want to say it’s always better to go more general than it is to go specific if you stay general you will automatically start becoming specific when you are inside the vortex because your inner being will give you specific thoughts okay so um when will the discussion session start Sarah okay we are a FIFA we are having the discussion just now and the way we discuss here is you send me a question I will repeat the question out aloud and then I will answer the question based on what I know of the law of attraction from Abraham okay because I cannot open phone lines here and so we cannot have a live discussion with everyone pitching in that’s going to sound really really crazy we won’t be able to make sense of it because there are a lot of people on the webinar just now Thank You Sharon Thank You Kim if if I if you have a question post it now and I will address it otherwise I’m going to close the session now thank you sue it was really really good seeing you all Creed I still have to get back to you on the comment that you posted and I do that later on Debbie thank you for posting your comment thank you very much thank you everyone for being here so remember I am going to be sending you the replay information and also in the replay email I will send you the date and time for our next session our next session is going to be on the second son they for those of you in the Eastern time zone in Toronto the next session is going to be on a Sunday at 2 p.m. Toronto time and it’s going to be the second Sunday of March and the reason is because I’ve received a lot of requests from Europe where people are not able to join the webinar because it’s in the middle of the night for them ok thank you Lori Ann is asking me if I’ve ever won the lottery Lori Ann I have one small amounts on the lottery but I am NOT buying lottery tickets because I have not felt the urge to buy a lottery ticket but today I was working on something and suddenly I had the urge to do something that I had absolutely not plan on doing and it was to set up another website and I just went and I bought the domain name and did everything it took me like less than 30 seconds to do everything because I acted on the impulse and I knew when the impulse came that I have to act on it so the reason that I will not go and buy a lottery ticket is because I don’t have the impulse and the reason I think that I don’t have the impulse is because perhaps I’m not vibrationally there ok so that’s my answer to that one what about the Tuesday meetings the Tuesday meetings are the meditation meetings I conduct a meditation and Law of Attraction session every Tuesday night at the local library so that is not an online session Sharon if you want to join us I’m not sure if you live in Oshawa but if you live in Oshawa or Whitley or anywhere in Durham you’re most welcome to join us thank you thank you everyone I really appreciate all of you being here with me tonight and I am going to bless you all and let you go and hope that you all wait for that instinct to tell you when it’s time for you to go and buy your lottery ticket and please if you win something do come and share it with all of us we are all here to do different things some of us will win the lottery and make it built some of us will do other things to make it big all of us side and what the universe has in store for all of us is also different don’t put yourself in a box allow the universe to lead you to what is best for you and for you that will be your lottery and with that have a fantastic rest of February and I’ll see you all in March take care everyone bye for now and yes Thank You Madeline for reminding me happy Valentine’s Day to everyone enjoy your weekend. .

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