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Winning the Lottery

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come to assess see Texas Powerball and Mega Millions lottery stand at five hundred and fifty million dollars and four hundred forty five million dollars each soon as for something go guys say toes spoke with the financial expert who says that instead of spinning your winnings all at once it’s better to plan wisely and how you’ll use that money if you’re not a winner ten Parvati a key Mentos in cuenta me honest at this Mc.Allen convenience store shoppers are excited about the huge jackpots for the Powerball and Mega Millions drawings this man says if he wins it’ll give some of his money to all his brothers and sisters financial experts say that it’s best to carefully plan how you want to spend your money and I think this is what happens when people win large amounts of money they project some desirable future but they don’t change the behavior financial advisors said you gotta see says that a person’s spending habits don’t change once they earn a large sum of money if they are in debt now there’s a high chance they’ll blow through all their money this man says he would try and save the money or invest it in something and God ci recommends to get your winnings bit by bit and not all at once he also says it’s best to spend a couple thousand dollars on getting professional advice on what to do with the money you’d want to have a tax accountant a financial adviser and a legal representative a lawyer and you would want to talk to these three before you do anything else bottom line you are the one who makes the financial decisions back at the convenience store when is your busiest hour yeah between what hours we can 507 as people trickle in to get their lotto tickets manager lazy I gotta SIA is selling tickets and wishing customers luck on the big jackpot in Mc. Allen with complete Valley coverage Santiago kites a cbs4 Valley at 6:00 the next Powerball drawing will be on Saturday and Mega Millions will be tomorrow. .

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