Winning The Lottery! Video

Winning the Lottery

If you did NOT win the Powerball Lottery in the US this week, this is for you! Harness the energy created by the lottery fever that swept through this country and anchor it into your own reality with my 30 minute guided Billion dollars worth of energy… it’s powerful!

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Hi! Welcome to my collection of intended to introduce you to new ways of playing with energy and visualization for healing. I believe that is the key to unlock your Truth and your Inner Knowing… and that you can do it with a little fun!

These guided are a way for you to learn some new visualization steps by listening to my voice as you practice and then turning off my recording and playing with these new tools as you make them your own. YOU know best what pacing and rhythm works for you, where you need more time to pause and explore what’s coming up, when you feel complete with the experience. Use these as introductions to listen to a few times and then take over the reins and play with the pieces that work best for you.

What I have found is that in the spaces between the visualizations and energy moving, there is a quiet pause where you can hear and feel your own breathing. Where you have NO thought. And then quietly, you can hear your Voice whisper to you and guide you. That pure gap is where you can heal and expand.

My hope is that becomes a daily practice for you and for all those with whom you interact. And that our planet can begin healing through everyone claiming this consistent sacred space of stillness for themselves. Lead the way, my Friends!

Xoxo, Viv

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My intention for these is to be as all-inclusive as possible, allowing space for everyone who listens to bring their own interpretation and integration. I have no religious or other affiliations and continue to evolve on my path as I learn right along with you. I am in no way providing any medical or other health care advice as part of this Please contact your health care provider directly for the appropriate information and any health care related advice.

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Every moment there is a possibility to be total. Whatsoever you are doing, be absorbed in it so utterly that the mind thinks nothing, is just there, is just a presence. And more and more totality will be coming. And the taste of totality will make you more and more capable of being total.

And try to see when you are not total. Those are the moments which have to be dropped slowly, slowly. When you are not total, whenever you are in the head thinking, brooding, calculating, cunning, clever you are not total. Slowly, slowly slip out of those moments. It is just an old habit. Habits die hard. But they die certainly – if one persists, they die.

– The Transcendental Game of Zen, p.87..

good morning today we are going to explore the energy of winning the lottery this week in the United States the Powerball lottery got to 1.6 billion dollars and there was a tangible energy dreaming energy that moved across this country so quickly with such power and it feels like taking some time to sit with that and match that and bring that energy into ourselves could be a really powerful experience also so I invite you to take a seat wherever you are go ahead and let yourself land in your chair feel your feet firmly on the floor you can wiggle your toes in if it feels like you’re not quite fat yet and then let yourself lean all the way back in your chair so you can feel the support at your back you can feel the heaviness the weight of gravity sitting at your bottom and then let yourself take some breaths and slow down so that you can bring yourself fully into this moment right here you know find the rhythm of your own breathing and we’re going to play with a little visualization so I want you to imagine actually let’s ground for a moment first go ahead and feel the bottom of your feet open up and imagine that you can just grow roots so right through the bottom of your feet you can hook into the earth you can be right here firmly planted in this moment so no matter how exciting the energy feels as we play with this visualization you’re firmly anchored in right here this body this moment and grounding is the way for you to be able to do that so if you can keep that image of your feet rooted into the earth underneath your building it’s going to allow you to anchor in all the other energies that you’ll be expanding into so the grounding is the really important piece you can feel as you open your feet you can feel energy running from your body and sort of hooking or merging with its hatching to the energy of the earth underneath you right almost like when you see an astronaut in space they’re connected through some sort of gravitational force right they have a cord or a cable that keeps them hooked that they don’t fly away you’re going to use that same imagery for your feet to hook you here into this moment on this planet right now okay and just let that energy run down into the earth and then you can feel the earth recycle that and send energy back into your feet so there’s a flow of movement that is happening that keeps you fully present good and then just let your body relax your shoulders relax your arms your hands just relax on the chair okay now let’s do some visualization so the way that the process works here to buy a ticket is you typically go into a gas station or a store and then they have the Machine and so you walk up to the machine so I want you to imagine you’ve made a decision to enter into the experience of being one of the people who buys a lottery ticket so whether or not you’ve done this in the past just for fun let’s see if we can imagine that process right now it’s sort of like buying admission to a movie right you pay the admission you get the ticket you go inside you have this experience of watching the movie and then you know at the end of the movie you’re going to leave without anything tangible except the experience I’ve seen the movie and there’s either a value of entertainment or an emotional charge you’re going to get from that or education that you’ll receive so the exchange is I give you the money for the ticket I receive the experience and I feel good right and so the price of movie tickets has been rising and rising and the value of the movie is still good so we continue to pay for it it’s the same concept here so as you go in to buy the ticket for your admission into the lottery system there’s a willingness on your part to pay for that right so the odds I believe this past time for the lottery in order to win at the odds were 1 in 300 million right that that’s a really crazy odd and yet so many people including myself it was the fun the excitement that we were willing to exchange for so we were happy to give the money for the ticket and then receive the buzz of the energy that came back from that what we’re going to do here is explore your participation in that buzz in that fun in that adventure and then see if we can continue that vibration even if you don’t win even when you don’t win right I doubt the lottery winner is listening to this so I’m assuming most people listening did not win so let’s go with the process you walk in you buy the ticket you hand over your money so I want you to check your body as you’re doing it when you imagine you have the two dollars ten dollars however much you exchanged for the participation to engage when you hand the money over to the attendant feel in your body any contractions or any places where you’re resentful or angry or mad that you have to do this right so go ahead and feel in your body any spaces where there’s a contraction there’s no one forcing you to do it right it’s a freewill choice to engage in the play yeah what I notice is there’s actually a buzz and excitement in my body right like I can feel my mind is very busy racing like oh my gosh what if I win what if this is actually the winning ticket and they’re handing it to me right here in this moment there’s a vibration that starts to fly through my whole body of the possibility exists because I might have the ticket right in every single person who purchased a ticket had the exact same opportunity for winning that I do so there’s a there’s an expansion that starts to happen in your energy space just by you handing over the money and saying I’m in right I’m a yes I’m going into this experience even if the chance is so tiny and so many I’m still in so allow that feeling to move through your body right sometimes when we don’t win or we don’t get what we want we go all the way back and we try to negate the entire feeling right I should never have done that that was a terrible thing I would honor in this moment your willingness to play with expanding the field of possibilities in your life right so there’s no shame in buying a ticket it’s not a bad thing or something you should apologize for you willingly exchange to be a part of this experience so allow your body to feel that energy that happens when you open up that way to me it also feels like you are putting something in in order to feel the collective energy of all the people who are all participating in playing this game with you right my daughter has said one of her favorite things about seeing a movie in a movie theaters you get to hear all the other people have the same exact laughter moment crying moment scared moment with you right when you’re all in the theater together there’s hundreds of people who are all going through the exact same visualization out of their body crazy experience that you are and that match in the energy is what makes a movie so much fun it’s the same thing with a lottery system you hand your money over to receive the ticket and you get to be a part of that collective group of people who are all going to need dreaming and experiencing expansion so allow yourself to feel just for a moment see if you can fit here with your feet firmly rooted into the ground see if you can allow your body to feel how large the collective field was for this lottery that just closed how huge the up level of daydreaming became across this country and I would imagine it rippled out across the world also definitely into Canada so if you are saying yes with your little ticket to enter into this collective field see if you can allow your body to just sense the vibration the expansion that happens yeah for me it’s um it’s like my heart gets bigger my chest wants to expand I can feel like a tingling us in my legs and my arms I think you can tap into your body what can I learn about my body as I feel the collective energy of all the people who said yes and exchanged willingly to play with this game and then feel your feet anchor you into this moment again we’re going to keep this feeling for a few more minutes so as you walk out of the store and you have your ticket alright just like everybody else did some people waited in lines for hours to even get into the store to buy the ticket right the when you walk out of the store with your ticket there’s a an excitement of this could be the winning one right right here in my hand I could be holding the ticket that is going to change my entire life right so we take it home and we put it somewhere safe if you you know like to pray you might sit and pray with it if you and light candles and have an altar you might do some sort of ceremony or everyone has a way of bringing their luck their individual energy to the ticket to help it become the winner right and then the dreaming begins and this is the part that feels so important that I want to explore with you when you have the possibility that all of your dreams could come true right 1. 6 billion dollars I mean the the scope of what your dreams could be is so huge when we have that possibility in our hands with the ticket the dreaming take on a vibration and an energy that is really powerful in your life and that is what’s happened across the country the beginning of this new year everyone who bought a ticket started to dream and the dreams were huge so feel for yourself right as you sit here in your chair and you imagine you’re holding this ticket and it has the possibility the possibility of bringing you everything you’ve ever dreamed of let yourself to start to touch on what those dreams could be for you all right would you move would you stay in your home but make some huge changes to it would you quit your job one of the things I loved so much when I was daydreaming when my husband and I bought the tickets I love my work right it was so validating to me to go I would still want to do exactly what I’m doing and for my husband he talked about a gym he would love to open a gym where he could hang out with people who were also interested in taking care of their bodies and pushing their bodies to the next level one of my friends said she wants to work on low income housing and change the whole system across the United States with hundreds of millions of dollars allow yourself to feel how big your dreams could get where would you travel who would you give money to right this was so much fun for me to play with how much would I give to each of those people and what would it feel like to hand them a check with that much money knowing their lives we’re going to change just like my life had changed right you can feel the possibilities of the ripples out with you in the center helping to make all of those ripples happen right there is an empowerment that comes with this daydreaming that feels so beautiful not only could I change my life I could change so many other people’s lives and the expansion they would feel would make me feel better all right this is a beautiful way to play with giving and receiving as you dream so allow yourself to just keep expanding for a moment keep dreaming what else would you do with that money why else would shift in your life the life of your parents or your children or your friends yeah keep keep going a little bit further what I’m noticing about My. Space is it’s almost too big for me to hold right it’s like there’s so much energy that wants to move the possibilities seem so big that it almost feels like a balloon that could pop right it’s like ah I can only hold so much of this vibration and then it’s a little intense right it’s kind of like the wheels want to come off of the carts shaking and vibrating because it’s going so fast good when it feels like you’re right at that limit of what you can hold go ahead and pause and take a breath and bring it just a little bit in it’s almost like a bubble around you imagine you can just bring the bubble a little bit in smaller so you can catch your breath and then feel your feet underneath you anchoring you here into this moment this earth this experience good and then hold this vibration so this is what I feel happened right when everyone bought their tickets the field got bigger and bigger the field of dreaming and possibilities got bigger and bigger and bigger and then there was this expansion limit that it had to hit right Wednesday at 11 o’clock I think at night is when they do the drawing 10 o’clock maybe and as they do the drawing then the reality of the winners is announced right kind of like the end of the movie at some point you go in pay admission see the movie it’s going to end and then you have to leave the movie theater and so when the winning was announced the winners were announced there were three that won and some people heard that perhaps live when the numbers came up or the news announced immediately after that most of us it was the next morning when we woke up and this feels like the really critical piece of this exercise so when the winners are announced and you know it’s not you you didn’t receive the winning ticket there’s a way that you could deflate the entire balloon and shrink it in and have it become a hard lump inside the center of your body right it becomes a little pellet of anger and the words could be of course I wasn’t going to win I knew it wasn’t going to be me why did I even buy the ticket that was stupid can’t believe someone else won and I didn’t write that and it’s a natural response I’m not saying this to judge or shame anyone I’m explaining what it feels like could open when you have that hard pellet start to land inside your body it’s almost like it attracts the other heart pellets inside of your body of the other times when you didn’t get what you wanted or you didn’t get we deserved or that other person received what they what you should have received and so those little pellets start to come together and get harder and more solid and gather steam and and really ruin or tank the Dreaming power of what you had experienced before again totally natural so what I’m curious about is playing with here is what if we don’t have to tank our energy right what if instead of deflating and having it become a resentment we could continue this vibration and redirect the energy in a different way so bring yourself back to that feeling right before the winning ticket was announced right so here you are expanding yeah use breath let yourself feel your body and let that bubble or balloon around you the right at the edge of what feels comfortable and then imagine you can hear there are three winners it just got announced and immediately their faces can pop up on the screen just imagine maybe there’s a movie screen right in front of you their faces can pop up to me it feels like the way to continue your energy as a good experience is to match how they must be feeling and allow yourself to feel the joy the excitement that they are feeling so I want you to imagine you can see their faces you can even imagine them with their families and they’re looking at their ticket right I mean can you even imagine they’re looking at their ticket and they’re looking at it again and again and checking the TV or the phone and looking back at their ticket and are you kidding no it can’t be look at it check it with me are you sure right passing the ticket around but then not wanting to pass the ticket around because you don’t want to lose the winning ticket so you’re trying to hold the ticket but then have someone check for you are you sure no my eyes must be deceiving me how could I possibly have won this ticket no way right like the excitement that is moving through their physical bodies I would imagine it’s almost an out of body experience right like this is dreams coming into reality for them so walk yourself through what they must be feeling and allow yourself to match that energy right I mean tears of joy I can only imagine tears of joy running down their faces and do I sit down or do I stand up right do I call my parents or my children or my friends or do I just like go open a bottle of champagne right do i what I do I would imagine it is the most exhilarating and out of body crazy experience possible so allow yourself to match the joy of their experience so you’re not taking from them you’re not tanking your own energy you’re matching the vibration of someone who just had their dreams come true they’re just stepping onto the path of their entire life’s changing and it’s a vibrational explosion right that is an energy explosion of joy and abundance and fun and the field of possibilities coming into reality for them so feel that in your body right no contraction just expansion joy joy bubbling and flowing throughout your system yeah and then feel your feet anchoring you here in this moment and allow that joy to come fully into your body and just settle settle into a space inside of you for me it’s almost always my heart space right so I bring that joy into my heart and it’s it’s almost like a smiley face or a brilliant hot pink or red right there’s a vibrancy to that level of joy and I imagine you can tuck that joy right inside your heart and let it be warming a satisfaction right a gift that you were able to witness and experience them match in their joy and allow it to be something you can also hold inside of you so see if you can just feel that match yeah and let your body just settle so that was a lot of energy to move through your system right for me my legs get really tingly and there’s a lot of energy that moves through them so just feel your body settle and slow the pace down bring that joy right into your heart space or wherever in your body it would feel good to hold it and then notice any place in your body that feels contracted or stuck or less than or resentful any last little places that aren’t a match to the joy you’re feeling and just let them run all the way down through your body to make their way down to your feet just going to feel anything that isn’t starving you moving all the way down to your feet open up your feet and just release that out into the earth you can imagine it’s just a waterfall of negative energy anything that isn’t serving you you’re just going to send it all by down and out just release release release good and then imagine all of that negative the East and out can be recycled by the earth just like when the ocean waves come back to the shore they’re salty and clean all over again right any trash that might have been at the edge of the shore would have already been washed away out into the ocean and the water that comes back is just a beautiful clean clear wave imagine you can bring that same clean energy all the way up your feet run it all the way up your legs so even if it’s hard for you to imagine have your attention show you that the energy is doing that and the energy will follow it so just visualize yourself seeing a wave of energy coming through your feet feel it running up your legs just a little tingly energy running up your legs through your knees all the way up your thighs into your hips and then feel that energy run all the way up through your body so for me I’m going to run it all the way up the back of my spine and then up to where my heart is and I’m going to bring that earth energy that was recycled right into my heart and have it come and wash around that little pocket of joy that I brought in from witnessing the winners and their emotion just let your body settle for a moment as it feels that earth energy mixing in with your heart and moving around the energy of the winners so something in the winner’s vibration was a match to them receiving that level of abundance right it’s an energetic match there was something in them that was ready for this transformation to occur in their lives which is why the winning lottery ticket matched their vibration and they were able to receive that amount of money so what you’re doing here is letting go of any of the parts of you that weren’t open to receiving that we’re angry or resentful about it you let those go you sent them down into the earth recycle that energy and then brought a clean energy that can match the winners vibration and anchor that into you with joy with appreciation gratitude for the experience right so you paid admission to be part of an experience that up leveled you’re dreaming that up leveled your vibration that helps you to expand and see the possibilities of what your life could look like and now you let go of all the pieces that didn’t serve that don’t fit and you’re surrounding your heart space with the possibilities of it could actually happen to me at some point maybe you’ll win the lottery maybe you won’t but maybe you can now start to allow those dreams to be more anchored into I can create that in this lifetime right what are those things that I was dreaming about and what can I do to start stepping towards them so instead of giving up and saying I didn’t win the lottery it’s never going to happen to me I don’t get to have that experience you can anchor this feeling in and go what steps can I start to take now that will put me on the path point me in the direction of all of those things I wanted to feel and experience for myself and what it feels like that’s a crazy idea or it would never happen you run energy all the way down to your feet again a story that says can’t won’t will never you run it all the way down to your feet you send it down into the earth let it get recycled and then you bring a new wave all the way back up that goes straight up into my legs all the way up this pathway back of my spine into my heart and then that new energy comes back in it says oh and there is the chance that I can create a life that I absolutely love and I can start to make those changes one step today another step tomorrow another the day after that and it’s going to guide me forward towards my dreams I’m not giving them up just because I didn’t win the lottery I’m clearer now on what it is I want to create i’m anchored in to this moment so i know i’m on my path and i’m taking a step forward and when the doubt comes in and the blocks show up you do the same process you run them all the way down through your body all the way to your feet it becomes easier and faster the more you do that all the way down to your feet run it out into the earth recycle and you feel a new wave of energy come all the way back up the bottom of your feet run up through your legs all the way back to your heart space and that new energy dances around that little nugget of love that you put inside your heart that matches the energy of the winners of the lottery and you just keep coming back and touching right what your dreams are and then you take another step forward and another step forward awesome so beautiful keep playing with this this is how you make your way forward here in the driver’s seat you control the thoughts you control the energy you control the feelings and the vibration that are going to move you forward yeah big breath out so much love for me to you you. .

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