Winning The Lottery : The Science Behind The Lottery Number Sequence And Fortune Video

Winning the Lottery

How To Win A Powerball : The Metaphysics Behind The Lottery Numbers and Fortune
Winning The Lottery : The Science Behind The Lottery Number Sequence and Fortune

With Millions looking to win the Powerball which hit 1.4 Billion the largest U.S. lottery prize ever I decided to do a video on the Science behind a lottery which many of dont know is a very esoteric science. People like Cynthia Stafford explained the power of using visualization to hit the lottery and the science of visualization . Others use astrology and others get dreams . The Powerballs big 1.5 billion drawing is tonight tonight be the Pinnacle of the Powerball hysteria . This 1.5 billion jackpot is up for grabs . If you liked this video please to this :.

beast this is terrain I’m back again with another video today I’m gonna do a video on the metaphysics behind the Powerball in the lottery okay the metaphysics behind number sequence and fortune okay what we call luck okay what that’s really about Oh a lot of you do not realize that something like a lottery has a lot of science okay it is a very esoteric thing okay this is this is like really important because a lot of the dynamic of the lotto and numbers and what we call a chance of what we perceive as chance has a lot to do with the fabric of this universe and how things work okay variables that play into our life and then also this dealing with the science of money it’s a lot of science in the lotto okay and I’m doing this video because I see that for the last two weeks everyone’s been on this Powerball frenzy and I you know I decided I wanted to do a video because for the last two weeks everybody is in boxing me asking me about money rituals to win the Powerball and I thought that these inboxes were really interesting because a lot of you don’t know that this is a science here okay this is a science and the last thing you want to do was something like this is randomly just jump into it okay and a lot of you don’t know that the people that hit the lotto most of them are repetitive winners okay so you got people that hit the lotto two three four times got people that hit it off frequently you have people that study the science of number number sequence and you know then we have people who see numbers in their dreams and then they hate the lotto right and you know I’m doing this video because I really want to break this down to a lot of you so you understand how this works okay so there’s a lot is a few different ways that people hit the lotto okay all right one is a lot of people have this psychic intuition okay where they can either see or feel numbers okay and that person practices this intuition that they already have okay this is a numbers person and they will go through this trial and error through practice and then they will start hitting more frequent okay the other type of person is someone whom you know studies the science of number sequence okay every lottery has a sequence a right and exact sequence and if you study this number sequence you you will come to find out that the numbers that came out previously okay um dictate the numbers that are gonna come out next this is a right in exact etheric science okay another type of person um hits the lateral through what we perceive as luck or good fortune okay this person typically has a really powerful aspect in there Jupiter okay okay the Jupiter the planet Jupiter which is dimmer with luck and fortune and wealth is really on their side okay now that is the person that may hit a lot of room chance okay so a lot of you just randomly playing this I suggest you get your chart read and see where your luck is see what Jupiter is okay so that’s a big deal okay so breaking this down is a few different ways that you can heat lotto okay I understand that something like the Powerball is um it’s it’s more of a portal that you tap into than just a lottery okay this is a portal that yes it can change your life overnight and it’s not necessarily a game we talked about money numbers variables okay and there’s a lot of different ways we could jump into that portal there’s a lot of different ways we can jump into that portal okay um this Powerball being the largest Powerball in US history signifies a lot of different things okay one upswing and currency spending okay to the universe’s gift to us okay and that is through our vibration okay a lot of us are starting to actually vibrate higher so what will happen is there will be a lot more abundant energy and of course the planet Jupiter plays a big role in this okay so I’m not telling you don’t play for those of you in boxing me but no I will not do any money rituals for you for the Powerball because I understand the science and I won’t cheat you out your money okay again I suggest you get your chart read and look at Jupiter look we’re luck is okay and and if you really want to really get into this and study the science of a lot of study number sequence okay get into binary code first study that inside out okay and then study number sequence repetitive numbers numerology develop your intuition okay see where your strong points are and treat this like a science instead of playing it what I love about lot oil is that um you can learn a lot okay you can learn a lot about numbers okay people that vibrate hi look at numbers more as entities then just characters okay and they understand every single number has a vibration okay so you know that’s all I got for you today you know I just want to give you some tips all right oh you know what it Fahmy seven change metaphysics calm Royal bloodlines seven calm like this video subscribe share it um you know what if I me peace.


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