Winning The Lottery & The Law Of Attraction! Video

Winning the Lottery

We have all heard about the law of attraction, for example, like attracts like and our thoughts become things. . .

we live in a day and age where almost everybody has heard about the law of attraction in fact that even goes fast to say most of us have implemented its principles into our everyday life all in an effort to attract the life of our dreams some of us have found great success by being able to create daily goals weekly monthly yearly and then spending a proportionate amount of time envisioning each one of these goals until such a time as they manifest in our everyday my question to you is are you able to manifest some things really easily and some things which seem to escape you or evade you no matter how hard and no matter how much time effort and energy you spend trying to create what is currently lacking in your lives have you ever considered that you might actually be the very reason why you are not getting what it is that you are so desperately trying to bring into your life I work with so many people that say to me that they have frustration in the process of Law of Attraction that they spend significant amount of time trying to visualize themselves and upon further prompting they’ll say to me that they want to live a life of abundance they want to have millions and millions of dollars with which to do whatever they want to do to be able to choose life experience based on the experience itself rather than the limited dollars that they have in the existing bank accounts the vast majority of them will say to me that they envision the lottery being the way that they have this level of abundance and what I say to them and what I’m saying to each and every single one of you watching this video today is you are a powerful capable limitless being that can have be and do absolutely anything you live in a perfectly phrased limitless universe that can bring you absolutely anything that your heart desires but what you must not be doing is limiting and handcuffing this powerful and incredible limitless universe by envisioning the lottery most of those people are actually preventing themselves from having the very thing that they are trying to attract into their lives they’re wanting abundance and from their limited perspective they only see based on their bank account based on the cheque that comes in the mail every month based on the amount of that they incur they don’t see how that abundance could possibly come to them so the only way that they could picture it would be if they had to buy a ticket for two dollars and then hope that their winning numbers come in and the level of abundance flows so they spend a significant manner a significant amount of time and energy and effort into envisioning what it would be like to hold the winning lottery ticket or to hold the ticket and watch the winning numbers come up on their TV screen or to be standing in front of a press release having a photograph taken holding the big check that says fifty million dollar payout and what they’re not doing is envisioning just having the money envisioning being abundance envisioning the life that they are ultimately trying to create by making life choices based on the experience rather than on the dollars and what they’re doing is they’re actually swapping the abundance which is what they are so desperately trying to attract and they’re handcuffing the universe by saying I only wanted to come in the form of the library if you are not meant to win the lottery if your life experience is not going to happen through the library then all your energy being put into winning the lottery prevents everything else that you are trying to attract from coming to you in everything in everything that happens in your life is an opportunity for further growth for further experience or for further understanding you can be abundant you can be loved you can have be and do and achieve anything that your heart desires but if you’re not going to learn anything through the process of winning the lottery if that’s not going to yield you your soul your higher self a greater level of awareness and understanding in this lifetime no matter what you do it’s never going to come in that fashion and by continuously trying to create something like the lottery rather than envisioning the abundance could very well be preventing themselves from receiving the intuition that would bring them to the abundance that they are ultimately destined to be able to have an experience for example what if one of these people was so busy trying to create the lottery that they missed an opportunity to receive divine inspiration to create a note invents a new toothpick and that would have brought them the level of abundance that would be equal if not greater to the lottery winnings and that there would be so much personal growth and experience it would be achieved from reaching that level of abundance and the creation process is working all the same but it only works if something is actually in your direct path so my advice to you is to decide what you want out of your life be clear what it is you’re trying to achieve do you want love then envision yourself being in love envision yourself receiving love envision yourself feeling what it feels like to have the love that you deserve having that mind body soul relationship that you so yearn for what you shouldn’t do is picture how you should meet them when you should meet them what they should look like if you want to have abundance picture yourself spending money buying the car driving the car living in the house renovating the house redecorating going on fancy trips touring whatever is that is going to excite you picture that and at no point in time should you choose or decide how the limitless powerful and incredible universe should bring that to you you are an incredibly powerful capable being that can have be and do absolutely anything and you have this incredible tool at your disposal the law of attraction and you need to use it every day as many times as you can throughout the day for as many things as you can within your life because the more you utilize this the far greater quantity of life you’re going to be able to bring to you because you will be in the driving seat you will be choosing what is coming to you but you need to step out of the way once you’ve decided what you want so if you want the love picture the love you want the abundance picture they’re bundles and then let the universe catch up with that desire match that energy to you and to your desires into your dreams and at no point look at the surroundings of what you don’t have why it’s not coming or why it’s not coming in that particular fashion I’m setting a goal I’m in visioning a goal for this for you today and that is that you receive my message with much love and light I hope this serves you well namaste.


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