Winning The Lottery – Seven Time Winner Shares Free Secrets Video

Winning the Lottery

Richard Lustig, Seven-time lottery winner talks lottery tips, scams, and thefts


yesterday we told you about a brazen lottery theft took just four seconds for this man to grab an entire rack of scratch off tickets from a convenience store of course then he ran police say they’ve learned his identity and hoped to make an arrest soon but he won’t be fleeing the state with his winnings lottery tickets have built in security measures and the Lottery Commission is able to identify and deactivate any winning tickets that are stolen and while that guy wasn’t a successful thief there are people out there who found ways to gain possession of winning tickets illegally today we want to introduce you to a man who seems to have a golden touch when it comes to lotteries Richard Lustig is the world’s only seven time lottery game grand prize winner and he’s written a book it’s called learn how to increase your chances of winning the lottery yes he knows how but let’s talk first about lottery scams and fest first of all Richard thank you so much for joining us from your home in Orlando Florida is that where you had gotten all your winnings from there yes yes Wow I understand in Florida there was a rash of convenience store clerks who were suddenly turning in winning scratch off tickets now what was going on there well these are guys actually been doing this for quite a while lotteries been investigating if they finally got enough evidence together to start busting these guys but turning in dozens and dozens of 1000 5000 and even $10,000 when he scratched tickets which is totally unlikable to happen if the odds are so great against that so they knew there was something going on and so what was happening is his customers were coming in with tickets the clerks were telling them that they weren’t winners the winners the actual winners would throw the tickets away and when they left the clerk’s would pick them up is that what happened they were doing they prey on the elderly you know and then they prey on people that maybe don’t speak English as very well as other people so the customer would hand their ticket to the clerk and say could you tell me if this is a winning ticket and they would say either no it’s not or they say oh yeah you won you won $10 or whatever it is and they give him their $10 and people would walk out the door but they really in had was a thousand dollar winning ticket in that an example and they would put the thousand dollar ticket in their pocket catch you later themselves Wow okay now let’s talk about you and winning the lottery you must have some things you do that make it possible for you to have won seven times what do you suggest absolutely there’s various things that I that I suggest one of the things I constantly constantly push is is have a budget of what you can afford to spend it’s very easy to get caught up in this don’t spend grocery money don’t spend rent money figure out what you can afford to spend and stay within that I’m a big big proponent of making your own numbers I don’t believe in doing quick picks so for people out there watching the show and they don’t know what a quick pick is that’s when you go to you man to fetch the money and say give me a couple tickets to tonight’s drawing and be computer picture numbers the problem with that is the computer every time he picks a set of numbers it’s a completely different set every time so your odds are always at their worst for instance Powerball which is a very popular multi state lottery game the odds of winning that game are one in 175 million pretty astronomical but if you play your own numbers you pick your own numbers and in my book I teach people how to determine if the set of numbers you picked are good set of numbers or not and once you determine that you stick with those numbers never change them never miss a draw and actually every time you lose believe that we even had a professor of statistics and failure University who examined my method and agreed with my method that it does work well Richard you must be doing something right and I know that we can’t cover everything right now but folks can get your book on Amazon and we appreciate your joining us this afternoon thank you.


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