Winning The Lottery On Christmas!!! Video

Winning the Lottery

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so guys I didn’t show you guys what’s happening because everything on the car my brothers in playing music and I could take time to take up some tapenade but I’m gonna see how this real quick I knew I’ve logged on Christmas and Christmas Eve but I’m not posting those videos um it was turned and when Jim what happened was on Christmas Day Big Brother Jim went to go out and buy lottery tickets and he bought from my mother my mom won $1,000 in the triplets application and now I know I didn’t express you guys earlier by sorta gang game um what is that oh my god the pop stockade I just brought you guys put it back I’ll put it back on again the car and you know all right get out put your hands to go I’m right here okay you’re interesting is gonna be on the screen take a fall you Instagram what you Instagram fifty three just till you soundly what’s his date stop yelling it it’s so small right in here you wear it stick it out here don’t talk to me if you’re cold my first year that’s what first no when we go inside and you take a picture for my blocking rice yeah really good yeah but yeah you give me a ball which is enough they go do this you if you want mm don’t frickin set up lies let’s go to sleep it’s exactly I’m gonna blur it on anyway let’s go I need a thumbnail I get thumbnail right here come here Derek Derek okay Jenna it’s not that sir please I don’t want to be out here I’m ready to go come on get over here you dumbass blah oh staring here oh my village gave the tree surprised be surprised put on Jay surprised you surprised that was fucking busted that shit Genda get crap look at your Jackie no what okay take it let’s go guys first of all it was quite a shit in there I’m still filming I don’t care I’m so nice real quick before my brother bless his music we’re just friends getting lottery ticket you know and um yeah these people are being really rueful you know what it is man like comment subscribe posting another vlog so stay tuned to see reality.


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