Winning The Lottery Neo Meditation Video

Winning the Lottery

Winning the Lottery Neo with Neological Technologies
Original Air Date: 10, 2011.

Neal meditations free your mind universal knowledge healing assumption empowerment neurological technologies everyone please place your lottery tickets on the device before we begin in this guided meditation I want you to connect with your neo device if you do not have a neo device you can get one ww why illogical techcom otherwise you can connect to the one in front of me using your third eye using quantum entanglement just imagine what one looks like and talk to it in your own mind this exercise is best done in a dark room sitting down with both feet on the floor close your eyes breathe deeply start to relax your body beginning with your feet allow a feeling relaxation to fill your feet filling heavy loose and relaxed relax your hips and pelvis and all the surrounding muscles fill your stomach and lower back relaxing the muscles giving up their hold feel your entire body relaxing even more deeply becoming completely relaxed limp heavy comfortable now let’s activate our neo devices device activate and increase now I want you to wait till you feel the energy sensations of the torsion field device I trust you completely to integrate my mind body and spirit visualize yourself in a long dark tunnel if you can’t visualize just imagine feel or sense yourself here it is a large tunnel with plenty of space and at the end of the tunnel as a small white light before use a Stargate feel your body floating into the event aperture Stargate I trust you completely device activate star game mode and increase automatic mode you are now flying through the Stargate faster than light speed you see the portal around you it appears as a honeycomb pattern of misty light device integrate our mind body and spirit device bring her body in tune with the Galactic or human residence device enlarger pineal gland device and check lifeforce serum device inject anti stress serum device inject strengthening serum device inject regeneration serum device inject love enhancements arrow device inject or rejuvenation serum device and checked abundance and prosperity serum device in check 12 strand DNA upgrade device inject timeline shifting serum device inject temple transit zero device make this the winning lottery numbers I’m going to give you a few moments inside the Stargate to integrate this data straight into your DNA while here do some visualization seeing yourself as the winner you know you can be devised and crease you want you deserve joy you are careful again nutrients allows is true only thing you multiply who draws to me you reappear on the other side of the Stargate everything looks the same and you’re exactly where you started except one thing before you is your winning lottery ticket using the power of your mind you have shifted your consciousness about physical and Astro into a different timeline one which is full of synchronicities which flow abundance and prosperity into your path using a law of attraction you have just manifested the jackpot of abundance in your life which is never ending now see yourself anxiously waiting for the announcer to read out the final winning numbers now visualize the numbers on your ticket on the screen being read out one by one with each one you feel intense anticipation what soon leads to excitement as they are in correct order in the correct pattern and with the final numbers you scream with joy and realize you are a winner it was so easy because you now understand that we are co creators our own reality you make it into what you want it to be not the other way around the statistical odds mean little to the power of your own consciousness abundance and prosperity will continue to flow into your path for now on you will not only win the lottery you shall be a winner and all the important actions in your life even when you think you have failed you have it new doors and new opportunities will open up and allow you easy access to the timelines that you desire in your life we call upon the universe to make us the winners we were always meant to be know it I will count now from five to one you’ll become more alert with each number until at one you feel fully away five for coming too slowly now three two and one eyes open wide awake device in session welcome back traveler.


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