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Winning the Lottery

now for more! Park explains how becoming a millionaire at 17 years old changed her life forever, but not in a positive way.
From series 21, broadcast on follow and to Loose.

how old were you when you won the lottery 17 and and and what what happen it was was it you bought tickets before was it your first time talk us through what happened but really on my wife first took it and I was afraid it was your first thing is more luck yeah sure and I had never played it before I never really knew anything I bet I just felt like I would just trans millat aha so I bought the ticket on the truth be for the Spacey straw and I never checked that until Sunday and then when you thought when you started to check it you know that moment when all the numbers are matching how did you feel I thought I was about like and I had like I couldn’t believe it I was double checking out and I kept going over it and I went run the shop and I was like if our one night and the guy in the shops like I don’t know like a little fun lottery so then I went home informed and he was the first person you went to when you said it my mom was the I yeah she was like an oven but she was like and this belief she was like are you sure you’ve got like so that he was like are you sure you’re actually going to fool him and asked him that and has like math we’re like so when you when you do win the lottery I believe the sort of the Machine kicks in doesn’t it you suddenly get on this conveyor belt of sort of advisors and so what happened next I came to your house I think so I had made up refuse folks from Pavlov and someone from the bank virtually so many folks we’ve done a couple of days and it was just about madness like him I was like journalist and stuff like that my boy like it was just all madness and that was just like the first also was like chronic spending initially like initially so loads where I’ve got card I’m going out spending he’s like I just wanted more men at handbags like the delivery Tom bags I was even only Stevens but at the time I was like I’m just going to go and buy it now and all my wages because I knew that I was coming into that money back in relation to your story so much obviously I did become a millionaire but going going into a soap opera at 17 years old you know money I had advice which was fantastic from a lot of people within but obviously at ICD were brilliant but mainly Steve Halliwell obtained my uncle back because I was literally going into all these designer shops with that you know deal everything and I felt like Judy Roberts being pretty one that out all the designer handbags and I felt great but I needed someone to say whoa stop spending stop and leave literally said give me a purse he got my credit card and he chopped it in fear and he said one day you’ll thank me for this so I’d like think that you have some like really good family thought and they were seeing like going splasher but can hover about fun where yeah when I let hold your back too much and then put in quite a bit didn’t you I mean you have quite a few cars you can range around and I think of BMW look like that’s you right on holiday so you were sort of splurging climate did anybody within your family say look come on this it you’ve got this is going to last you for the rest of your life this money like my whole family is well relate don’t be stupid where like you’ve heard a lot of stories above a lot of a no and I knew I never wanted to be like them my family would just like you threw yourself close anyway like they were just trying to get in a nice shape no no yep sorry go ahead can I just ask you because I mean obviously to me it sounds like you’ve done all the things that anybody who would win the lottery would go and do you’d buy all the things you’d have the jeweler of its pretty woman moment um but you’ve said that actually you kind of wish you’d never want it and it’s actually made you quite lonely and sad like I never realized how difficult it would be our thought like everything this was going to be amazing late and it will be pleased for you when an actual fact like at pains there’s just completely different to what you expect that to be like yeah so that as a part that is like going shopping other handbags and having all their money in and there’s times where it’s just completely the opposite and I see a lot of people listening right now and thinking well you don’t expect us to feel sorry for you surely I know I’m going to extent like like I have had a lot of hate on poor and yeah I can I can relate to what people from cause before when annuity I was in a familiar situation where I was making ends meet I was working in a normal office job that means I can relate to seminar I think we’re a lot of sympathy went for you is that it was in the papers that you were going to soon come a lot for allowing you to win and are we only to win which i think is where people went well if money ruined your life in the first place why do you want more money suing Camelot I think that’s where the Cintiq so what what’s the story behind that so what I had said was that me falling up the warranty and are I think such things too young I think you should upgrade educating they were never going to be like alright that’s great advice rule operated for what I’ve done right the only book to like a lawyer I had just was just wanting to seek legal advice and just to get my point out there but because like I’ve had like it’s went for fire out there like having noise I’m going to have to go any further because I feel like I’m being lesson to know and I feel like people are people are actually listening to the difficulty you’re not you’re not going to soon out no good no but very creating Camelot have because we have to give them right of reply they said that they take duty of care to winners very seriously a dedicated winners advisor visited you arrange private banking supported you through the publicity that you chose and they also say on the issue of the age which i think is a good point that anyone over the age of 16 can play the national lottery and that is by set by the government back in 1994 nothing to do with camelot so that would be a matter for parliament and then can i quickly ask you judges would literally just as we’re about to finish if it does make you that unhappy a lot of people would say why don’t you give the money away and start again i know like i have had for many folks in that i’m not seeing it as completely unhappy because parts of my life that are good and there’s these rerun like a wouldn’t engine and unjust doing that OC is where i’m upstate and it does get on top of me but like in the future i do want to have a family and a and a half got family know that means for i just want to be able to provide support for them and i don’t ever want to be like all alone and my advice go to college yeah what you would have done before you wonder yeah absolutely yeah you.


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