Winning The Lottery Law Of Attraction

Our updated winning the lottery law of attraction guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

To make it clear: you can manifest absolutely anything that you want using the Law of Attraction. Yes, anything. So technically, using the Law of Attraction to win the lottery is a very real possibility. Therefore the question that you should perhaps be asking yourself is why is it so difficult for anybody to succeed in doing so?

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When we feel this way about something, we are not aligning our emotions and energies with what we want sabotaging our chances of manifesting it. Therefore your likelihood of you winning the lottery lies in your answer to the following question Do you already feel as though you have won the lottery? If your answer is no, then you are not in alignment with your goals. You begin to stress about amounts how much would you need to give to charity and to which charities would you donate? How would you share the dollars amongst your family? Will you lose certain friends or contacts as a result of jealousy or bitterness? So, if income is what you want to attract more of into your life, then you need to begin living the wealthy life that you want starting now.

winning the lottery law of attraction

Lottery Winner Used Law Of Attraction

First of all, youve got to buy a ticket.

Im not being glib here, but you actually do need to play the lottery to win the lottery. I havent won because I rarely play!

When Mark and I won the Ultimate Job competition, we competed against 30,000 people. But the competition website had millions of hits. Why didnt more people apply even when it was probably their dream job too? Six months travelling the world for free. Who wouldnt want that?

Most people have a vague idea about what they want, but dont even take the very first step to achieve it. The entry requirement for the competition was to create an 80 second application video. How many people stumbled at that first hurdle?

You dont need to buy hundreds of tickets to improve your chances of winning the lottery (contrary to popular belief). You only need one. However, you can take action every day and every hour towards your dreams. If you bought a lottery ticket every hour, youd have a serious gambling addiction.

Thats why Im always uneasy when someone asks me if they can manifest a lottery win.

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winning the lottery law of attraction 3After all, were told you can attract anything you want nothing is too big or last few years, Ive become quite wealthy and no, I havent won the lottery (I dont even play), but every day I consciously use the Law of Attraction to manifest things that I want. And I used to buy lotto tickets ALL THE TIME. If you bought a lottery ticket every hour, youd have a serious gambling why Im always uneasy when someone asks me if they can manifest a lottery win. you dont even need to win the lottery. How much money do you want, where do you want to live, how do you want to spend your you know what those dreams are, create a vision board and put it up everywhere on your wall, computer or fridge and always have those dreams top of being aware of what you want will make a huge difference in the attainment of your goals, regardless of winning the lottery.

this is a video to show I’ve been using the law of attraction for about four or five months now I’ve lost a few tickets but I have mostly wind as you can see here these are all winners these are all legit I was never into this scratch ticket sort of lottery my mom always was but I wasn’t and I went ahead and focused on this I’ve been learning about Law of Attraction and seeing if I could really use it it feel really work so I tried a few times almost gave up but then I started noticing a pattern and though these are all winners none of these were the big winners I never got any more than a couple hundred maybe but most of these tickets I’ll double or triple even or just get my money back and if there’s anyone out there that can show show me how to get the big money I mean if you add all this up it’s good but a lot of times I just got my money back or I doubled it and not really no big jackpots and I’ve been trying to focus and use the law of attraction and change my frequency but if somebody can just help me fine tune this I would sure like to come into a lot of cash and be able to film another video of me wanting a jackpot but this is part one just with scratch tickets and if there’s not like I said there’s anybody out there that needs help or would like to know how I did this to me is pretty amazing but like I said I haven’t won the big jackpot yet but I am happy with the results these are all winners these are all winners I just want you to see and I have there are no fakes here and I actually have all the receipts right here that I keep with them I’m not going to go throw them all but these are all receipts so I’m paid to let alone pay you back what you put and you know then you got some that’ll pay payout even more I got here I have bigger tickets like five dollars off a dollar scratcher so it’s kind of blurry but and also these two right here these are all my lottery tickets that I have won and these receipts go with these as well and I have just kept these when I said I would do a video for about at least four or five months and like I said if anybody would like to know how I did this feel free to send me a message and honestly if there’s anybody out there then help me take this step farther and actually hit the jackpot or a bigger jackpot please contact me I’d appreciate it alright until next time thank you.

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