Winning The Lottery Is The Start Of Your Problems Video

Winning the Lottery

and Teneshia LaFaye discusses the problems Lottery winners have encountered in the past and why you should think twice before playing. to these videos and follow Teneshia on Twitter, to stay up to date on her financial advice..

hey hey hey I’m Tanisha Le.Fay and today I’m gonna talk to you about winning the lottery winning the lottery is not everything that is cracked out to be most people that win the lottery they end up broke within five to seven years Jack Whittaker comes to mind in 2002 he was the biggest jackpot lottery winner in the United States he won something like 315 million dollars well the lump sum payout ended up being 114 or 115 million Wayne away rewind I’m sorry fast forward to 2012 10 years later and he is broke he was robbed twice he’s been sued but anyway he is broke and he said if he could do it all over again he would just pump gas and not go inside to play the lottery he would just pump gas and go so in other words he feels his life would be so much better if he never would have won the lottery also there’s a guy that won the lottery in 1983 he won about 5 million dollars which at the time was the biggest jackpot and now he’s living off 250 dollars a week and he’s been through one or two divorces so just keep in mind right now the lottery jackpot is the biggest ever is something like 540 million dollars well just keep in mind that if you play and you win it could turn out to be a nightmare statistics show that lottery winners are more than likely to be bankrupt more than the average person and like I said they squander their money within the first five to seven years if they win a major jackpot if they only win a million or less they squander it within a year and basically they don’t know who their friends are their family’s trying to get money from them they’re getting all kinds of phone calls for investments and it’s just it’s really stressful a lot of them end up depressed they commit suicide and again they end up broke again so think long and hard before you play the lottery make sure that you are mentally prepared and also make sure you don’t tell anyone but anyway I’ll talk about that at another time what you should do if you win the lottery I’ve done a lot of research on this and I plan on doing a video report on what you should do if you win the lottery but for now just keep in mind the lottery is not all it’s cracked up to be it’s not the end of your problems it’s the beginning of your problems well bye bye for now if you’d like to learn about money I will show you how come back to this blog often at WWI 10 cents calm and subscribe to my video reports and please tell your family and friends about me I’m gonna be teaching you about budgeting your money save your money for a rainy day improving your credit just everything I know I’ve done a lot of research I’ve made a lot of mistakes with money I’ve had major victories with money ok so I’ll talk to you soon feel free to email me or Ahmet tanisha at my ten cents com that’s T en es HIA at my ten cents com are asked me a question in the comments below well take care. .

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