Winning The Lottery At 17 With First Ever Ticket | Young & Minted: I Won The Lottery Video

Winning the Lottery

At 17 Park won 1 million with her first lottery ticket.

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Oh vodka I’ve ended up in a pile of fag butts and in Edinburgh gutter but then my day started badly when I turned up to meet Jane and her new flat well the hell’s going on why is a young millionaire renting a flat in an estate that’s more Trainspotting than Made in Chelsea I’m not going to lie I thought being a lottery winner you’d be living somewhere a bit more palatial that’s not all the lace has to look at the size but and you get inside actually I’m Ranma homely where’s the helipad in the yacht there’s not even a hot tub so James flat ain’t gonna get on Grand Designs but she’s definitely lucky at only 17 she won a million quid on the first lottery ticket she ever bought Oh mommy but thanks our people were like you’ve will check that right anyone believe me for my mum how many seventeen year old when I might impending Lord like you never read that was to make extravagant a thing you’ve done I thought what does I know I can buy and of course how many handbags like 50 50 designer handbags it’s all menu that’s about 50 grands as leather so like I would say more than first big ransom where are you gonna put them all this place isn’t big enough for 50 designer handbags just run a couple of 50 handbags I’ve got space give some to me what else you do for fun all right we’re going out going out and getting drunk I know it’s only 11:00 a.m. which we go and get drunk nothing else to do but apart then I get my bad close ups it’s fake I love it you’ve got 50 real ones but you’re using a fake I don’t all these monstrosities so I’ll wait work I’ve been even in using my spaghetti runway stuff for the tagging at Lucca but not even Lorne were you gonna do with it and I’ll just shove everything on the hog so this this is like a walk in wardrobe it’s just like junk yep she certainly got a lot of junk in her trunk in the park we meet Gillian Jane’s childhood friend and longtime drinking buddy have you seen Jane change at all nothing is the same they’ll be a bit video I’ve seen your Twitter feed and there’s quite a lot of pictures of your your little girls now am i right in thinking that that was little treats or so are they expensive right 5,000 never fail all right other nice are they collecting footballs no oh one big huge boob Thank You Phil I’m tiny I read somewhere that you’ve helped out a kid with terminal illness with a young boys from everyone you wanted to summer dolphins on mm / so you tell well your heart is in the right place behind ten inch is a silicone designer bags and charity ah so that’s it then liveplan sorted women lottery by handbags get drunk Jane when you busy mate good on you girl you you have a fetish for urine it’s true what is it that turns you on about I’m pissing outside aphorism and exhibitionism seeing people growing outside as well you. .

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