Winning Gold!! Winner On Gold 7’s Lottery Ticket!! Video

Winning the Lottery


what’s going on everybody you ever have one of them days where nothing seems to be going right well I’m having one of them days today but anyways I hope everybody else is doing good jigsaw Jeff back on your screen not today not today anyways you might be asking yourself jigsaw Jeff what’s this bowling trophy that you won on a youth bowling league many years ago doing on the middle of these two lottery tickets well that’s serving a purpose but today we got two of the Hoosier Lottery gold 7 tickets that we’re gonna be scratching off hopefully changing my luck a little bit and my mood see if we get some big winners on here but 2ds gold sevens from the Hoosier Lottery they had been out a while and they still got some top prizes on them so without further ado today we’re going to be using the top portion the top portion of this trophy here if I can get it unscrewed we’re gonna be scratching off said lottery tickets we’ve got ticket number ticket number four and ticket number five there’s a matching win also if you get a seven symbol you win that prize automatically five Xer excuse me are ten extra you’re gonna win that so they’ve been out for a while these tickets and they still got some top prizes so we’re gonna get the scratch in here and see if we can get something here so we’ll be using our lucky trophy here that we want and youth bowling league many many many many moons ago let’s get to scratch and number eight number forty a 33 and number two and the number 26 so there’s our numbers right there and let’s see get scratched and see if we can get ourselves a winner here change my change my mood a bit 28 six come on mr.bowler a for a 48 13 nothing happening yet 30 a number 943 we gotta get some big winner a big winner would be nice today a number three oh lucky 11 nothing happening there but twenty two 4412 1831 come on winners 21 46 36 and a number 20 so nothing on that ticket nut that’s ticket number five there folks nothing on that one let’s get to this next one here like I said using this dang trophy oh my gosh 26 number one and number 19 a number four I hope everybody’s doing doing good today just trying to enjoy life because that’s what it’s all about one day at a time however I number 18 a number 40 a 3142 come on winners come on give me something today 30 for a pesky 11 again a number 39 a number 8 well we needed that on the last ticket a 1441 2400 oh thank goodness oh my gosh Saved by the Bell down got a seven there okay that’s the automatic win that’s good we’ll see if we can get some more here number two a 13 a 30 it’s just some top prizes left on this ticket it’s been around for about a year now but we’ll see what we can get here maybe we get a top prize maybe we won’t who knows one of those days 32 nothing and the 28th so all this here said lottery ticket we got just that one match that number 7 so let’s get the scratch in here hopefully maybe we can get something here maybe we’ll see some big zeros big winner oh it looks all those zeros but it’s kind of it’s kind of wide there let’s see this ain’t easy scratching with the trophy head let’s see what we got okay all right we got it we got a 10 spot there folks so let’s put that trophy back over here in a bit and we got ourselves a ten dollar winner so what they call a Brit a breakeven session it was what we got so anyways just a little scratching on a crappy day from me but thanks for watching and thanks for liking and subscribing I appreciate it talk to you later. .

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