Winning $10,000 Dollars On The Lottery! (Social Experiment) Video

Winning the Lottery

Winning Dollars On The Lottery – Social to ComedyHeaven for the Best Money Videos!
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yo what I just want taking the latter would top this campus no way this can’t be serious bro knowing way that know why that is contain K your vertical caught me a Rolex yeah you know oh my god men I just want $5,000 bro oh my god look I’m dropping out oh my god guys I got one five grand man this is too good to be true oh my god a bomb I’m dropping out guys do you believe this you know look look I just want five grand right now my friend man I’m so excited let’s do it follow them nope wait they just won 10k on the lotto no way yo that’s crazy yo I just want to kill y’all can’t believe it I’m by the place on opening crap nobody better tell me they know that yo damn hope you like that marrow oh my god no way Dave really gave me the lucky coin bro look I just want town glad right yo so excited you guys look I just want to take bread take good I’m jumping now college take Greg don’t work yes but not gonna drop off the tank bag this is not fake bro I just scratch it right now I just bought it from the store I don’t know high dollar I believe I’m gonna catch it out right now y’all are so excited guys all right have a good day in school good luck no way no no way I just want 20k no way you know this is unbelievable am i dreamin y’all no no no way yo I just want 20k no way I just want the lotto yo yo this is the best day of my life no way oh my god no way I just want $10,000 is that true did I just win oh my god I’m so excited I’m dropping out of college man I’m investing in stocks then bye guys oh wait wait oh yeah so how does this work is my first time that’s crazy I wholly vested the dollar I got back 10k that’s my awesome dollar person profit wow that’s crazy right go claim it bro all right thank you all right you.


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