Win The Lottery With These 3 Numbers! Oct 24Th- Nov 22Nd! Video

Winning the Lottery

My intro has got deleted, I don;t know how. My next video we will be back lol. This video is for the awakened. Many people do believe in the stars and numberolgy. Take note that not only do scorpios have the advantage of these numbers but so do you. Use these digits as hits and as rundowns. Good Luck to everyone and God Bless.

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yo what up man shit bird tweeting man hopefully we got good lighting I might got a shadow I hope that shadow don’t mess up my video I hope it don’t what a man ship worth 20 minutes I’ve seen them look Scorpios right that’s what’s been seen hold up hold up hold up hold up look man what we’re gonna do in this video man shit I’m gonna just mention this right now if you don’t believe in the Stars and astrology and divine intervention and things like that this video is not for you you dig me but if you do stay tuned pregnant zone okay but antenna keeping us fat don’t know buzz have they don’t niggas don’t know what’s hat make us don’t know what’s happening or they just blind to the fact that it’s had that’s true niggas don’t know what’s hat niggas don’t know what’s hot they don’t niggas don’t know what’s happening or they just blind to the fact that it’s hat whatever because my black is running out of style we use purple but as I said shit man we using it in my book in the same book and there are three wise men dream Almanac 2017 edition these are the numbers on which I had in which I got then I pour from now Scorpios are from October the 24th which was a few days ago three days ago the exact today is the 27th and it burns Scorpio you guys burn all the way to November the 22nd right all the way to November the 22nd which is crazy because the last video that I did on lotto was it no no video before I did a lot I was 12 12 and I said 11 22 that’s crazy right right now where I’ve been energy has not been sick it has not been seen I have been it’s what I’ve I can do a whole nother video to let y’all know about that whatever but I’m here now right so astrology that’s watching Scorpios now and I see Scorpios this does not mean what I’m about to show you guys it’s just for school feels right now for Scorpios in particular this right here may be your time of the year you get what I’m saying but everybody else like I’m a Sagittarius everybody else you use it accordingly what about to tell you right so Scorpios so that’s right right here that’s right yeah I don’t know if y’all be reset by the 24th October 24th to November 22nd right hopefully y’all can see that that’s generally what these numbers are for now I’m I’m gonna tell you p3 it’s gonna be big three and zombie peaceful and I pick three daily three how do you look at it take place you got three number five three numbers seven one three you have four to Bob and you have zero zero six right these three numbers are grateful Scorpios during this time frame right I’m saying during this time frame just so y’all can get it mean Brandi got here but Scorpios and general these numbers these I’ve got three main pick three numbers according to the dream book Almanac 2017 edition give them saying these are your three numbers so you believe in divine intervention ecology like me I was going on the Sunday yeah yeah second one three four to five and zero zero six are your lucky numbers just looking there’s your lucky numbers now we don’t want step further cut this is my video this is my channel y’all know how we get down over here 7 1 3 4 to 5 and 0 0 6 I would use those numbers Scorpio Sagittarius Libra Aquarius I can’t stand Aquarius the middle credits no offense but I can’t stand y’all Leo somebody else Tauruses look if you use these these numbers right here and write down you make me so 7 1 3 before me with that write down 3 1 7 right but we gonna use it as seven one three seven one three hopefully this video not gonna be too long I don’t want it to be too long but I’ve used it as a 7 1 3 right now you just use your last hit 1 2 3 we’re gonna use 1 2 3 as an example hey you do you write down and you gonna come back up you want to come back out with 123 right or you could use 4 to 5 or ATP you go too far and you have 1 2 3 and you’re hit and you go through you can come back up 1 2 3 right 4000 6 which we like to do write down and read 0 0 6 right what you use any of these number this goes for anybody but Scorpios in particular Bennett is your time of the year these are your lucky numbers so in my opinion I wouldn’t play them every day but if they hit someone come up I’ll play that 7 1 3 if there is someone come up I will play to hit something he’ll if there is some come on or six out we’re all three these numbers you didn’t or two four seven one three and four to five and the reason why cuz I got to get into that because y’all Oh dig the governess seven one three it equals one right seven one three equals 1 4 to 5 equals 1 that equals 6 right the numbers that I get cuz but y’all always acted instead of looking at the video on understanding class we said in video but y’all got still ask me pushes wow what’s the other numbers that I would play if this why would I play these three numbers I would play seven one three if they hit some of zero come out right because it’s one less than one I would play if they hit some of to come out because there’s one more than one and I also who playing in to hit some of the six come out because that’s the member or the reflection number of one one plus five is what six one line is 1 and 0 0 so I will play 1 plus 1 is 2 2 so I will play the same thing goes from 4 to 5 and the same thing goes to 0 0 6 with a difference 4 0 0 6 if your affection number is going to be 1 so if one hit I’m home please 0:06 Scorpios anybody in particular but Scorpio this is y’all if you’ll Scorpio and you play these numbers these are considered your lucky numbers this is what I’m telling you but anybody Burgos Aquarius is libros tourists it’s Sagittarius my other side of Terry is y’all y’all y’all the head off of the two you give them sin I’m just I’m just praying to you something different but electrons know that yes I am aware 6 up 1 and 7 and the 7 hit play 0 0 6 it will 5 hit play 0 0 6 because like I said and also you know it doubles you did you play 0 0 6 will play 6 6 0 connects the same number you give them saying don’t get what I’m saying now that’s the first part of the video I wasn’t using state and break it down but that video would have been answer long you dig me and I’m cleaning my races over there in the clean this is a brand new racer that I did not want to use but y’all got this right so second I mean let me race everything but the three numbers everything I wasn’t okay we’re gonna do it right down to the 0 0 city I’m gonna no need to what we want to 0 0 state Jesse will come out 1 2 3 right so we’re gonna do the last because we know any fronts did that cause he was the same so six billion nine nine six five five six two one one six seven seven six six three three eight six is nine nine and six five five and six is one one in six and seven seven two six three y’all problem can’t see all the way down here but it doesn’t need to be seen it’s not gonna say anything I mean I’m saying enough but I’m saying as far as the number that you got see if y’all hopefully I could see that we come back one two three but basically if you do zero zero six the only number that’s won’t change is that last that last caller so one two three if you got one two three hit maybe one to five might come out all you want to highlight on your son’s date or your date oops um how do you do it how do you want to do it it’s up to you it’s up to you how do you want to use these numbers but I’m telling you 7 1 3 4 2 5 and 0 0 6 are great numbers from from October it’s great numbers all year for Scorpios right for the rest of my many of the Scorpios is great for y’all but from October the 24th so November the 22nd until them sad to tell you start nothing under nope these three numbers are great to play for every sign or every bug useful or rundown for every size you know I mean write down all plate you get what I’m saying it’s all up to you man it’s all leather you now let’s make sure we running let’s make sure we’re still rolling I’m gonna drop the pick four numbers and I’m gonna drop the best days right hold up make sure we’re still running we’re still right oh my god okay that’s good it’s cut off a little bit it’s cut off right heat up the Vic but I do see you see like a smaller 1024 through 1122 not smaller but let’s get it so you guys can see cuz I see it was cut off a little bit right here but these are the dates that the 24 month this month through the 22nd of next month now next coming up is the same thing Scorpios all year these are great before hits for y’all right for y’all but for everybody else I will use these numbers I will either play these numbers or I will use these numbers for right now is now of course you’re not gonna use all of my I can’t through pitbull you’re not gonna use 7 1 3 4 2 5 and 0 losses unless if you do and you’re anything like me you will use all guerrilla and your work out so you will do all run down and then you will find it here and each in each one so in four to five you gotta hit and second one three you got the same here 0:06 you got the same hand BAM you gonna play that number you get one set so there’s three pitfalls for the money you got seven four zero seven I’m right these big house more other twenty nine one six right and then we got eighty seven zero five that’s not 87 that’s eighty nine zero five Scorpios again these number of these before numbers are great all year for you so I would suggest drop the one I wanna say suggest drop the ones before cuz if you hit off the one two three four quad sevens or the quad ones or whatever you run down these pitbull you give is working for you don’t drop it don’t listen to me with that but if you still struggling you get in one offs that you want off from pick four try these numbers if you’re Scorpio seven four zero seven tryna there’s a run down try 29:16 as I run down trying 89052 run down you get what I’m saying now everybody else I would now excuse me for Scorpios I would use that as a run down and I won’t play these numbers so to hit summer seven four zero seven is 177 that’s eight right here 77 or plus sports eight so our two or nine is ten that’s eight let’s say okay so let me take this right it should be three seven no that’s not me that’s two seven into that should be you know should be three I’m just going about with this public but the pinky numbers one seven one three four to five was one and one zero zero six one six so I thought it’s gonna be the hit they hit and then the reflection of the hit but evidently not so eighty nine seven and five is two right so the same thing same thing applies this is shit bro I’m not trying to confuse anybody hopefully I’ll got me y’all understand me Scorpios oh yeah he’s the rest of it yield even when secretaries come in when we take over this is your head yeah I know I should have been done this like I really should’ve but I never really thought about doing it cuz I see I have the book and if you have the book you send it to him you believe in divine intervention and and the stars and everything reliably that’s another thing been that I’m doing these video I’m commissioners right now the reason why you have one off is because yours that closely hit right the reason why you have not hitting it because the stars aren’t aligned for you to hit there’s a lot of things that go into this a lot of people like to say you can’t predict what the number you can’t hit it all about luck no you’re wrong it is partially about luck but if you impute this any of my are I want to say traditional Christian say faith without works is dead and something like that faith then pray out with that work it’s dead or something it’s something like that I don’t know what it is but all my Christianity’s out all my Christians I think y’all know exactly what what it’s saying is you gotta even if you got lucky then if you get lucky that that seven four zero seven come out you still need to put your work in so did you get it you feelin saying it slaughter it’s a game of chance it’s a game of chance so we’re not gonna touch more on that I got three numbers and then we said they’re easy libras you’re tortoises yeah I can’t think of any more signs many aquarius’s yeah did it didn’t a guitar six horse is already alleles your virgos your Nonna me for y’all for all of us seven four zero 729 1689 zero five these are great rundowns for this time being from the 24th of October to the 22nd of November these out use these are undamaged and Dave me I will use this rundown that mean 29:16 will be my rundown and I will put my hit right here my previous hit right here my previous ed or the previous night head it’s all on you I’m just giving you the information it’s all on you because how I say that last hit you might use the last hit which was one two three four right your last hit but in your state you may want to use the previous night if you need what I’m saying so in this image daytime and one two three four came out and doing the nighttime came out h70 988 7:09 you want to use h70 nights and hit that next night hit so your state might be coming night tonight my state might be coming day tonight you did what I’m saying if there are another state down the road I can come in day to the night before you get what I’m saying is you gotta find it you gotta find that man you gotta you gotta find me like real rough all right so like I said you use this system right now there’s no need to go any further seven four zero seven you can use that as a rundown 29:16 you can use that doesn’t run down 89052 you that is a right now right now we’re gonna put it end up ending the video because like I say I don’t want it to be too long it was five seven minutes and forty seconds one when I check not the best days we use Blackfoot it the best days zero 5 v right the temp don’t get I know y’all hombres y’all like y’all my twin is already gone and the 29 I got get another black mark to couldn’t be drying out I don’t know why I’m drying off now these are the best days for all of those numbers on which i dis listed right all those numbers on which I just listed go back pause the video write it down so you have the 5th and 10th the 1929 right I know y’all might kill twins all of those days and pants I only date left into 29 right yeah you’re right you’re absolutely correct but what y’all know what we do over here the veil my childhood we do things a little unorthodox so when 5 pop up we’re gonna use like today today 5 into 1 upon 5 is going Bobby’s gone right 5 is going 5 is gone because it’s days of 27 right today is your 27 so you wanna hide a 28th to 29th and 30th and 31st of October right we got one that split it that far they got five days off right so we got 7 8 9 10 11 so we can use 10 so on on it something up on the 30 or 40 30 oh how do you in those numbers I view those numbers I read the play those numbers or use them as run down to whatever the victory and if it for right on the 19th I would use well not the Maxima but the 29th is the same Sunday you get what I’m saying on the 229 I will use those six numbers to pick through the 315 into 3 3 4 right and on the 29th I would do the same thing as you see it right here on the 20 especially on the 29 cuz they actually have the 29 and that’s my apologies because your thought did you come to me to give you guys this type of video until recently actually it came like earlier in the week I think was like Monday or Sunday I just got a lot of stuff going on like I see it all right I ain’t gonna touch upon that but y’all got me right now kidding right so on v and v is going we build a fifth way now you could add up all these numbers it get you your group sum which this right here would be 9 so in the 27th you can play that’s 9 to 2 and 8 is 10 so that’s 1 2 & 9 is 1 and 1 that’s 2 3 and 0 is 3 3 1 is 4 I’m saying so all of those we do have not one well not so the 27 will also be great with not so the 27 is also good like which is today y’all not gonna see this today work of the videos long nose long I’ve been trying to render it slow but what I mean y’all got me homie I got if y’all got any questions serious questions please drop them in the comment section man like I said man you got one of those stupid questions in y’all like you sound stupid y’all cuz I got a lot of negative comments that’s what happened a lot of negative comments or a lot of stuff but I’m not like I said I’m not gonna touch on that but y’all and y’all got this and y’all understood it cool Oh get that hit god bless everybody but if you questioning that you doing something else and you body that don’t work or whatever whatever this is the video for you you shouldn’t watch the video I said at the beginning and you don’t believe in divine intervention which I do you don’t believe in the Stars which I do you you shouldn’t be watching the video you gonna say until next time man look it’s biggie for a twin look good luck everybody man I’m gonna say they good luck for the rest of the month man y’all know I got my forecast kind of hoping that beyond town y’all got my gamma for cats hopefully be up before the limiter first but if not y’all ready no I got y’all man but look man today’s haven’t seen you boys look beat yourself will be everybody else and I’m not.


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