Win The Lottery – Jackpot Prize – Extended Version – Matrixplay99 Subliminals Video

Winning the Lottery

Avoid playing below 240p to avoid reducing its potency.
To loop it: right on the video and select “loop” from the options.

Side effects – none, of course, except if you listen to it for more than 12 hours, then that will surely tire off your mind. You might like to use my “Brain Recharger 2” video as well.

Headaches are possible to ANY subliminals (because it’s making your brain work), but drinking plenty of water could prevent that.

Sensations are normal but it’s also fine if you don’t feel any.

This could be the safest way to change something on your body or mind by just the means of your subconscious mind. A very natural way.

You don’t have to believe it for it to work.
Not all people get results in just a few days.

Headphones: Optional
Listen 2 to 6 times a day. The more you listen, the faster the results could be.
Results: always varies, but usually 2 weeks to 6 months
You can listen to this anytime, except while driving or operating can help but its – if you want to order customized ones (where you want your desired topics combined all together) or just high quality audios for very reasonable prices. MY SELLFY ACCOUNT WAS ALREADY CLOSED because it doesn’t send clients’ orders sometimes. Just send me an if you want to order something and you’ll get it fast. You can just say the title. the BELL ICON beside the button to always get updates about my new subliminals. Your experience from this is your most reliable evidence. Most people keep returning to this channel because of their positive and satisfying experiences from these videos. Don’t let other people tell you what is truth and what is not. Think for yourself. Anyways, for listening!.

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