Win The Lottery – Famous 7 Time Winner Gives Free Lottery Winning Tips Video

Winning the Lottery

Richard Lustig on Today Tonight.


meet the man who has won the grand prize lottery seven times and he wants you to win too as far as we know I am the only person in the world any lottery system anywhere in the world in any country that has ever done was Richard Lustig is the world’s first and only seven time lottery grand prize winner and his secret luck has nothing to do with this people who rely on luck are fooling themselves his first big hit $10,000 that was 18 years ago I was working on some ideas I had no idea at that point that I was coming up with any kind of a method or anything but I had some ideas and I was applying them applying them into a method for success that seeing him win more lotto money than he could remember I never really kept track of how much I was winning I wish I had cuz I do get this question asked a lot but I can tell you this my last win was 98 thousand and change that was number seven number six was seventy something thousand and number five was eight hundred forty two thousand just those three alone is over a million dollars hey John how’s it going got some more winners as always he’s been coming in here and he’s won quite a bit I think it’s pretty real John Malloy works at Richard’s local news agency he has seen firsthand Richards Theory literally paying off it obviously works he’s been coming in here for about a year I’ve seen him win plenty of times it’s got to work 15 bucks blue Stig says its strategy not lack that ropes him win it’s absolutely changed my life it took me a little bit but eventually I became a believer his wife caseta thought her number crunching hubby was delusional until of course he started winning and winning and winning you don’t see it every day that people have won seven times so he’s got to be doing something right richard has three golden rules the first and most important tip is to set a budget and stick to it no matter what do not spend grocery money do not spend rent money do not worry about the guy next door or Richard lustick who spends more than you can afford you spend what you can afford especially when playing the lotto or Powerball don’t play quick picks people see what you mean don’t play quick picks that’s all I play I play quickly Sol the time have you won there it is his third tip when playing Scratchy’s don’t buy a couple of tickets with one game and a couple more on another game folks first thing the world you can do you might as well put on a blindfold take a loaded gun and try to hit the target it’s not gonna happen Richard suggests establishing your budget dividing that by ten and buying ten tickets all in a row straight out of the machine buy ten tickets in a row of the same game if you do this almost every single time you do this so in this case 100 hours you’re gonna buy ten $10 tickets but almost every single time you do this you’re gonna find at least one winning ticket most of the times two winning tickets and sometimes even three winning tickets in that stretch of 10 tickets you just increased your chances of winning the lottery.


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