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hey guys Kristen here ah just want to talk with you about not just the losing weight with dragons that we’re doing but what it truly means when we talk about weight that’s actually talking about limitations and when I first started this I didn’t know that these things just evolved and that that’s my world but it’s so amazing that in these past going on three weeks um here what I have been shown what I have experienced is beyond mind blowing it is it is beyond anything I even could have fathomed going into this and all it took was changing a few things that I did and so when you take on this endeavor of losing weight with dragons with me and with Ihram and with the other people that are involved number one you’re surrounded by a support system um anytime you need it anytime you need advice anytime you just need somebody to scream to whatever we’re here we also have meetings you know we we get online and have online meetings where we get to talk about the amazing things that have happened or we can just shoot the shit or you know Iran talks as well but this isn’t about that this is about that anything is possible and that is beyond the normal anything is possible that you know I’m not talking about being a paraplegic and you know being able to play the drums when you know or or or quadriplegic that can ski or anything like that it’s not about that because yes that’s possible because that has to do with perseverance and belief in yourself yes that is that this is so far beyond that this is stepping into a realm where magic is truly happening we’re no earthly reason things should happen that you could understand and it happens anyway this is a realm where science can’t touch science just doesn’t exist because everything is changeable ah this is so huge and I’m gonna let Ihram come in and talk with you guys about this but it’s a place where everything is so malleable and there’s there’s just not a word for it you can affect things with just a thought and okay now we know this especially the you know the secret or manifesting or the law of attraction crowd yes you understand this but you don’t understand this you guys we didn’t have a grasp on just how weak and truly affected okay so think of it like this and this is amazing you know you don’t need to win you didn’t don’t need to play the the lottery to win three hundred million dollars you don’t need to play the lottery for that because that’s three hundred million dollars is already there in your account the only thing that changes that is you looking into that account and looking at the number expecting a certain number to be there and so you create it but can you imagine being in a world where I mean and it goes so much bigger than this but I’m gonna try and keep it small can you imagine being in a world where you just know you can just pay your bill and you don’t have to look at what’s in your account you just know it’s there okay so if you were a millionaire you’d do that right you could probably put your bills on automatic payment and you’d never ever had to think about it again or so hire an accountant or whatever you didn’t have to think about it again think of the universe as your accountant they take care of it all you don’t have to think about it you could put your your gas and your electricity and your everything on an automatic payment in the bank every month on the fifth you know funds get exchanged and you don’t ever have to think of it of this again now that’s easy to do if you want 300 million right right I mean you know it’s there it’s all taken care of you didn’t have to think about it well that’s exactly the way this is the winning the money and putting the money in the account is a permission slip we are moving into a timer you can skip the permission slips so let’s think what is a permission slip a permission slip is anything that you do to achieve something so you do sit ups to achieve a flat stomach you take an aspirin to achieve no more headache you you know you can think of a hundred things you brush your teeth to have clean teeth there’s so many things that we do that are called permission slips to achieve this well there is more than an easy easy way to bypass those permission slips and we’re moving into this guy’s and but you have to move beyond the this is impossible I don’t know how to do this how can I do this I want to do this I don’t have this you’ve got to move beyond that three the mindset and guys this is what and I didn’t know this when I started the losing weight with Dragons I didn’t know that this was gonna be a part of it and in the fact that every single day and I’m talking every moment of every day new stuff is coming in new possibilities new things I’m being shown and and I’m not just being shown them I can feel them I could feel her real they are so by passing back to the lottery thing because I know you guys are like holding on to that I was bypassing needing to win the lottery and just going to that feeling of knowing the money’s in there I don’t have to do anything I know the money’s in there I don’t have to look at my account I know in my heart it’s taken care of I know in my heart that money that I won is in there now skip the winning part and just know that money’s in there you don’t have to know how you notice to hear here’s that 3d brain sticking well how did it get in there well well what if it disappears well I have to keep an eye on this there’s all that control there’s all that that’s that muckety muck that’s getting in the way of this guy’s this is huge and if you can if you can do this if you can step into pudding and I’m gonna do this and I’m scared I’m scared to do this because my my 3d mine is in the what wait wait wait wait wait cuz I’ve never done this before this is new I don’t have anybody who can say oh yeah I’ve done it and it works I don’t have anybody to talk to about that this is just me listening to my friends my visible friends and oh my god crazy this is but setting my bills on an automatic payment every month not worrying that is that money in there what we wait is there money in there or maybe even just setting up a credit card or whatever and I think it has a lot to do with how much you can let it oh yes okay it is has everything to do with how much you can let it go just like you would let it go if you won the 300 million and stuck it in your bank account you would never ever ever worry ever again about your bills being pink you would automatically know it’s all taken care of I know that that money’s in there and I don’t have to think about then you can go about live your life and have fun this is what this is about this is about setting it up with 100% confidence that your bills are gonna be taking care of every month you don’t have to look in the bank you don’t have to know how much money is in there it’s just taken care of you go to the store write a check or swipe your card you know it’s taken care of you don’t even have the thought of OSHA’s things gonna bounce Oh am I gonna get something in the mail saying you know you’re overdrawn that’s what brings overdrawn you to you that’s what brings the bounce is you’re worrying oh my god they’re enough money in there to cover this uh that’s where we’re getting in our way so I mean guys this is huge because I’m seeing so far beyond this I’m seeing so far beyond to where there is no money and and money isn’t even a factor in and it’s way beyond that and it’s don’t worry about going there because I’m barely there I know I said I was gonna bring Ihram in to talk about this and yeah why not why not let them come in and see if they have anything to say about this cuz it’s a and it’s crazy and guys the losing weight with dragons I know it sounds like a weight loss program I know that’s what it sounds like and I why they chose that name is beyond me but that was the name that was chosen and it has to do with understanding we’re building a new definition of the word weight right it has to do with limitations it has to do with your perceived limitations and changing all the perceptions that are going on up here so that you can change your world yes it has to do with manifestation but not manifesting anymore it has to do with creation big difference between the two big all right hello yes we are Ihram and we are here and we feel Kristen’s childlike excitement with this this excitement that she’s running around in circles wanting to tell people about this and and needing to get this information out so people can be as excited as she is and and we love this we love her excitement we love her desire to see the whole world living in this kind of ease and this kind of effortlessness and we applaud this and the the biggest we don’t want to say mistake but that is what we will use the biggest mistake is the need for this the need for this to come into your life anytime you are depending on something to make you a happier person whether it is the way people view you or the amount of money coming in or the job you’re at anytime you are depending on something outside of you to make you feel better that is where the wobble lies because that is you telling the universe I am NOT happy I am NOT complete I am NOT a god and so the universe can only deliver to you confirmations of those thoughts so what we would say is be patient take more time with you and this is the key children this is the key take more time with you we know we hear you saying old but I have this and I have that and I have children and I have jobs and I have after school projects I have this and this and this and this this is where we would say how important is this to you we hear you all constantly fighting for your limitations I can’t lose weight because of this I can’t find time because of this I can’t do this because of this this is what is holding you back these limitations all your camps all your justifications all your rationalizations how bad do you want it you will find the time the the simplest suggestion of telling our friends that we loved so dearly to step away from distractions while you are enjoying the the idea of eating food was met with I can’t I can’t not watch TV while I eat my meals I can’t not pay my bills or do work on email while I eat my food it was like foreign concept it was a ridiculous concept there’s so many things you could do while you’re eating your food and we are saying fine that is fine if that is what you choose to continue the path you have been down then go there then do that then commit to it but if you want to start down a different path if you want to start removing the weight of the three D limitations it is time to start doing things differently and the way to do this is to start living more in the now and what this means is that multitasking is not being in the now it is not about eating and watching TV and getting so absorbed in that that you don’t even realize you did this and it is about what are you tasting and take the time to be there and then in the very next bite what are you feeling it is about being with you being with you when you are being distracted by something outside of you and and we will pick on TV because that is Kristen’s go to and and and understand that we have nothing against TV it is simply a version of you but it is a version of you that helps distract you away from you understand your life could be exciting without TV your life could be a whole nother world you have this whole world that you haven’t explored yet because you are distracted by this glass box so we suggest try it for a week try it for two weeks this is only to perceived weeks out of your life give it a shot try exploring another world and we promise you children you will see yourself changing and how you will know that you are changing is because everything around you will change you will think oh that changed and this person over here has changed and and how did they grow that over there I don’t recall that being it that they are reflecting you nothing outside of you changes you change and it reflects you and so you are stepping into very exciting times and it is happening very quickly in fact the quickening of this is beyond anything we expected and it is only getting faster so what we would caution all of you about is the fact that everything manifests faster now everything comes into your reality faster now if you are ranting and raving about having no money and and living in fear and worrying where you are going to see this happening big and if you are in a place of trust and allowing and and even if it is difficult but you were going there you were allowing yourself to trust the universe you were going to see things happening in an amazing way that you cannot even fathom and we want you to go there we want you to let go of needing to know how and why and where and and all of those let those go because you can’t perceive what is coming to you you can’t know it because it is an unknown vibration to you you already know all the 3d vibrations you know these well they are new vibrations coming to you new possibilities let them come let them come by getting rid of your limitations opening up your heart to infinite possibilities they are all around you they are so close to you they are literally pressing up against you you have to get out of the way you and your house and your wise half to get out of the way children and we understand this is not easy especially for those of you that have brought to you children and and many other things that concrete to you that your 3d world is real and this 5d is a fantasy we understand that but again if you will take more time for yourself if you will find the two minutes here the five minutes there the few minutes there instead of sitting down to watch TV after dinner go for a walk by yourself there are so many possibilities and ways you can bring it to you you just have to say I have time for myself instead of saying I don’t have time which is what you will create start saying I have I will find the time easily it will come to me effortlessly and with that we will let you all chew on this for a while think about this for a while and we look forward to more interactions with all of you we are Ihram and we are you okay I don’t know exactly what they said but I’ll see it don’t take any of this as like an instruction guide or anything like that just take it in okay and let it be like seeds planted in a garden you know they’re gonna sprout when the time is right seeds know when the time is right you don’t sit there and go okay and and control them and tell them how to sprout you know those those seeds are gonna either sprout or they’re not and you don’t really give much of a worry about it right you just plant them and you trust and you know and that’s what this needs to be wow this is big like this seed analogy let it just plant and trust that it’s gonna sprout at the right time for you alright guys hope to see you soon the losing weight with Dragons is getting huge I’m going to be taking it out on the road hopefully soon if you live anywhere in California Oregon or any of the states that are next to California like Nevada and all of those let me know if you would be interested in doing a seminar if you would host it I’ll be there you just tell me where and when and yeah we can discuss it more all right looking forward to talking with you guys looking forward to any of your AHA from this and see you the next time around bye not.


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