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Winning the Lottery

Richard Lustig featured on the news giving secrets on how to win the lottery


well the lucky player that hit the jackpot in the Florida State Lottery on Saturday still hasn’t come forward to claim that fifty nine million dollar prize the winning ticket sold at a 7 eleven store on South Apopka Vineland Road that’s why this morning we brought in the guy who knows a lot about hitting the lottery Richard Lustig is one what 7/2 is seven times now riches that many times you’ve won seven lottery game grand prize seven times and even wrote a book about I know you got the book over there we’ll get to that in just a second okay I’m curious right now what’s going to the mind of this fifty nine million dollar winner what do you think they’re doing right now well it’s what are they doing at what should they be doing that’s two completely different answers what are they doing they’re probably thinking about going out and spending a whole bunch of money throwing parties buying fancy cars or whatever what they should be doing is getting some financial help because usually what happens is people who win a big money like that have never in their life had that kind of money so they don’t know what to do so they get crazy with it you know take care of your bills pay off all your bills get some financial help put money away for the future and then go out and buy the talking cars well what about old friends you know you hear from these people who you haven’t seen him in 20 years they find a lawyer and say hey by the way you borrowed a hundred bucks 20 years ago you now owe me 25 thousand what do you do about those kind of predators you hang up on them I mean that’s ridiculous you know I’ve won all these times yeah I’ve had a few prank calls like that but it’s it’s ridiculous I just ignore them let them go their own way because if you give them any attention at all they’re gonna continue I’m always curious about this one do you pick your own numbers or is the best to have the numbers set in your mind part of my method is and my method involves different things and that’s one a part of my method is about picking your own numbers don’t change your numbers ever and don’t miss a draw can you win with a quick pick that’s what you’re referring to yeah yes you can win with a quick pick but your odds are much stronger against you doing that you know they say well they say more people have one quick pick stand people who pick their own numbers yeah but what they don’t tell you is more people have lost with quick picks and have lost with their own numbers it’s a numbers game obviously you’re right there I’m also curious cuz when we went down to that 7 eleven store we were talking to people outside who said this is the lucky store on buying my tickets from here it would seem to me lightning doesn’t necessarily start I try twice well seven times in your but do you go back to the store that just had a winner because that would seem unusual that’s that’s just you know superstition there’s no there’s nothing to that at all some stores okay fine they’ve had more than one winner but that doesn’t mean that stores gonna ever have another winter or there another winner or they are gonna have more winners there’s no that there’s no rhyme or reason to plate to pick where you’re gonna play most financial advisors say make sure you take the lump sum yeah it’ll be less money but take the lump sum as opposed to the payout over time what do you think well there’s your answer actually you just said it most financial advisors say to take the lump sum that’s what I’ve done every time I’ve won but there are some people out there because they’re let’s say younger and having that annuity for 30 or 40 years makes sense to them so again get financial advice from somebody who knows what they’re talking about Richard let’s get personal what was the first one you want the first one I won was the best not because of the amount of money but it was cuz when it came it was two weeks after my son was born we were like everybody else working week to week paycheck to paycheck we didn’t we had insurance but we do know how we’re gonna give you the it was the gross was ten thousand I think the check there’s seven thousand seven or six thousand something after taxes but I mean it helped us pay the hospital bill and I helped her prepare a leaking roof so yeah that was a blessing okay so that one was only seven thousand what’s the biggest check you’ve come home with the biggest one I had is was win number five that was our own mega money here in in Florida and I won eight hundred and forty two thousand dollars that’s the chase how much you want or that’s how much I want okay so that was a check you cashed no that’s the gross amount that I won then they take taxes out and there’s another thing a lot of people think when they take the taxes out that you’re done you don’t de painting more taxes not so you could that amount of money that you win could put you in a higher tax bracket so yes they’re gonna take out I think they take out twenty eight percent but let’s say put you in the forty percent tax bracket now come April fifteenth when you go to file your taxes Uncle Sam is saying well wait a minute here you still owe us another twelfth out of twelve percent on that money you want Wow Richard by the way how much was the final check on that one number it was six hundred something gosh a one time deposit I bet you get a good look at the bank Richard lust a very quickly name of your book in case people wanna check it out let’s learn how to increase your chances of winning the lottery on our website at winning lottery method com that’s a long title but it’s good luck all right Richard thanks so much good to see you once again appreciate your time today thank you from a genetic he’s a lucky man he must keep horseshoes and like a four leaf clovers in its pockets I’m gonna go to check.


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