Win The Lottery : 5 $30 Dollar Tickets : Vacation Forever Video

Winning the Lottery

I scratched 5 dollar tickets, Supreme Millions from the Massachusetts State Lottery, while on vacation with the goal of hitting the grand prize and extending my vacation for life. Here are my results.

Monday we went to Heritage was Pirate Adventures the Scargo Skull Island Mini West Dennis.

I wanted to see if I could vacation forever so I bought myself five thirty dollar scratch tickets and decided to scratch one a day while I was on vacation Monday rain and I scratched a loser at the arcade we took the kids on a pirate cruise and I scratched another loser in Hyannis haba that left me a little fire evaded Wednesday we hit the Scarlet towel and I scratched the winner 2x my dreams of suffering in the Cape and wintering in Waikiki or still alive Thursday was mini golf and I scratched no loser I was a little teed off about that Friday we had a full moon and I had a double winner I thought I may have hit the big one because I had something happen to me that I was told was good luck I were sitting in the car and my dad said nice please and Denny super well let me we need the whole flock of seagulls to get on me because in the end I won a hundred and thirty dollars after spending 150 so it’s back to work I will go and I may not have won the jackpot but I had a great week living in fantasy land figuring out how it would have spent it.


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