Win Pick 3 Strategy Method To Predict Number After Doubles!! Video

Winning the Lottery

Use this strategy to increase your odds of winning pick 3!!.

Hey everyone, today I’m going to show you a little strategy that you can useto help predict the numberthat’s going to hit after a double.Please remember to subscribe if you’re new to the channel. So the theory behind this strategy is that when adouble hits the next one or two drawsis going to include either a 1 or a 0 in it. So Ijust copied and pastedthe results of North Carolina’s middaynumbers for about the last month. I’ve highlighted every time they had a doubleso here at the bottom they had 833on November 9th. And then the next draw they hada 0 in their draw. Here they had double 1s and then2 draws later they had a 1.

Here it was 3 draws later.And the next draw they had a 1. Double 8s and then they had a 1. Double 6s and then they had a 1 in the draw. Double 3s and then they had a 0Double 9s and then they had a 0Double 1s and then they had a 1 two draws later. So this is one of those things whereif your state is getting a lot of doublesand you aren’t sure what to play next. I would consider playing a combination of numbers that has a 1 or 0 in it.

And this is a good one if you’re doinga run down or tic tac toeor some other strategy and you’re lookingat numbers to pick, pick one with a 1 or 0in it if it’s going to follow a double.So this is just one of those tricksthat you can use if you’re seeing a lot of doubles. If you have questions let me know. Rememberto subscribe, like, share. Thanks for watching. .

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