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Our updated win lottery tickets guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

It’s a question as old as the lottery itself, just how do I win the jackpot? Luckily we have a whole host of answers to steer you in the right direction. Whether you’re playing the lottery in-store, or betting on the outcome of a draw at Lottoland, we hope you will find a few of these tips useful.

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Whether you’re playing the lottery in-store, or betting on the outcome of a draw at Lottoland, we hope you will find a few of these tips = function (e) function () ‘share_open_graph’, action_type: ‘og.shares’, action_properties: ‘How To Win The Lottery – ‘ It’s a question as old as the lottery itself, just how do I win the jackpot?. In 2015 a group of 12 bus drivers split a whopping 38 million jackpot, which left each syndicate member with just over 3 million big collective win came in 2012 when an office syndicate banked another massive jackpot, taking home 1.5 million you don’t have a group to get involved with then don’t worry, because with Lottoland you can join one of our betting syndicates to give yourself better odds of hitting the is statistically self-evident that the more times you enter a lottery draw, the better chance you have of winning. you’re only interested in the big jackpots, then with Lottoland you can choose to place a bet every time the jackpot reaches an amount of your won’t increase your chances of winning with random numbers, but you will make a big difference to how much you win, should your ticket come the UK an estimated 10,000 people pick the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6 each week. Let’s face it, if you beat odds of 14 million to 1, you really don’t want to take home a thousand easiest way of avoiding this by opting for a random selection, but if you’re the type of person who likes to make their mark on the ticket, try to be creative about your example, many choose a ticket comprised of notable birthdays, which means if your ticket wins, but your numbers are only between 1 and 31, there is a much higher chance of sharing your jackpot with numerous other have been any number of unfortunate cases where somebody has won the lottery, but was unable to claim their prize. Instead, Lottoland allows you to make bets on different lotteries. If you win any bets, then you get paid directly by Lottoland and not the official lottery operator.

win lottery tickets

Lotto : 1, 20, 24, 36, 54, 58

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Win Lottery TicketsCorp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information Dominguez, 19, from California, scooped more than 500,000 when she stopped at a petrol station – but her good fortune didn’t end LUCKY teenager has won the lottery twice in a WEEK after buying scratch cards in two different US Dominguez, 19, from California, scooped more than 430,000 when she stopped at a petrol station as she was driving home from Arizona and bought a few scratch-off lottery few days later she bought a Lucky Fortune ticket in her home state, this time winning told the California State Lottery: “I was so nervous I just wanted to collected her winnings and told California Lottery officials that she wants to go shopping and buy a new teen purchased the Power 5s ticket worth at Eagle Energy in Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo Lucky Fortune ticket worth was purchased at the Valero gas station in Greenfield, Monterey Lottery didn’t say when the tickets were house was dubbed the luckiest in Britain after the last two owners including a young family scooped lottery Fergusson, her partner Chris and their one-year-old son Hugo won a share of a 3m Peoples Postcode Lottery Prize after moving into the home in Billingham, County the neighbour explained the previous owner won a reported 4.5m on the National Lottery, Ms Fergusson said she took it as a sign and decided to put the postcode lottery pay for your stories!. us at or call 0207 782 Strictly winner Joe McFadden is ‘unemployed and single’ after his Cabbie told wife ‘I’m on my way home’ before he was killed in horror Peter Kay’s best pal speaks out after comedian cancels 2018 Police and firefighters race into action moments after horror crash killed Outbreak of vomiting bug Shigellosis confirmed at UK schools sparking Strictly’s Gemma is all smiles but Alexandra looks glum as they go to Georgia Toffolo ‘forced to hand over 30% of her 1million earnings to Strictly Come Dancing stars’ ‘shock X-rated romp revealed Strictly Come Dancing fans demand BBC reveal finalists’ Mo Farah’s shock SPOTY win cut short as feed fails – while Anthony Joshua is continuing to use the you agree to the use of You can change this and find out more by following this Group Newspapers Limited in England No. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. “The Sun”, “Sun”, “Sun Online” are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication View our online Pack. For other inquiries, Contact Us. The Sun is regulated by the Independent Standards Organisation journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes.

what will be today I have bought you something I am super excited to do guys basically if you look down here I have $1,000 worth of lottery scratch ticket in front I’m surprised to begin you guys already know I’m going to need more good luck than I’ve ever had before I mean this is pretty lucky so go down faster stop on please let’s get to under 50 that was a nice on this video we hit that maybe will this jackpot today anyways I want to give a huge shout to David over the man is killing it I thought if I’d be on his channel and I have to give it a try myself did about Ryan on the camera lazy baby I’m only doing this as an experiment remember it’s illegal to gamble if you are not engaged so don’t try this at home gambling is not something I do often in fact I’ve never bought a scratch card from the store so I thought why not see how much money we can win if we buy a thousand tickets because did I buy anything I might as well splurge all at once because of buckets knowledge I do this shit like a Lee ever day you already know what it is Wolfe damn it’s late going to the store Oh bring its trash cards from the man I’m going to take this whole row probably going to take all of these as well but for the first wave of tickets 500 another 500 alert once I’m gonna call another so how it’s going to work is me and Ryan are gonna scrap these card if we went over $250 Ryan swings gets every penny Brooke baby love this guy if we end up for some reason winning over $1,000 which is more than we paid for this you have to stop playing because we won more than we spent we got a college lick and if we win lection 250 we have to see play until we win either more than a grand or until we’re out of money so I got like a bunch of different biggest guys these ones which are like three bucks I got some $5 ticket I got some $10 tickets I got some $20 ticket by alright three is a saber ticket one $1 on 30 save your money the more five some more fours and then $30 tickets you already know what it is I think we’re going to save all of these ones I think I picked up like five or six to the very end because apparently you went like 50 to $100 with these ones so what else do I hope guys enjoying it let’s get into it okay so we’re going to start with the $1 tickets guys basically on the back of it it says scratch the lucky symbols and your symbols entirely math any one of your symbols for the lucky symbols and you win the corresponding Christ so as you guys can see there’s lucky symbols there’s these symbols at the bottom we’re going to try to use one strategies once and I’ll tell you if we win anything here we go and by the way Soviet behind the camera because we need three people should brings extra love women learning all these extra look so anyone elses thumbs up social system is okay and there is a chance to win $10,000 on this one row right right is like 50 you look good hey can I wait for that what so much so so far we just finished a one dollar one not that honestly I think you’ve got a lot more wins with the smaller amounts of lottery tickets but I feel like that’s a strategy it’s just like yeah you can win stupid here but as soon as it goes to the big nigga so like you’re not win you’ll see we are moving off the three dollar neon tickets if you get the lightning bolt you win $25 if you get the three X symbol you win three times the amount I feel like we just have to play toesik stress row this is a workout shout outs all you gamblers out there sixteen twenty nine eleven nineteen which ones do I have no 16 no 29:11 no thank you I told you the more you spend on this have more elder Jake I’m sure this makes you want to be like not a lot 500 I must win this bet anyone win any girls okay all the green ones we’re old rats you pick these green ones up for me I gave them to him I said you pick the lucky green ones and they’re all elders so that’s two full things of lottery tickets so far we’ve won $12 four of these tickets alone as well the first round was like yep second rounds Adele we are moving on through the cash for life a guy with his wife they’re super happy on the front so I think we’re going to be super happy with this one toby is telling me with her 13 year old gambling cells these ones have Lexile trust they’re like oh yeah I do with me no he’s not back on me again with a good teacher we have tiredly and cover three in my presence I honestly silly us give it to you the rules is not helping shit I try to clean it well we’re just gonna scratch it all that you know if we win only if you get three lights for your whole life the only I just got too late I have got to live your life nothing is almost three babies we buy another ten maybe if we tried another 5000 of this one is addicted Jo everyone hold about 500 500 everyone shut up oh wow that’s a lot one hundred one thousand one hundred thousand one hundred thousand one hundred thousand one thousand I shit you not can you see these numbers in there Jimmy no no no fish in the fish I lost all of this and I thought I was over until my symbol match it is okay everyone take a brief trip dude oh my girl they got a ring yeah she does I let any thought she won minimum 500 you need to leave the video won’t scare me I got my lucky symbol in the TV the first one I got umbrella second one cool third one please please please go okay let’s kick can you stop boarding you guys another 100 her is because she wanted to do it my fingers are turning blue from this challenge guys well maybe that’s right look over ko everyone recheck all varietals to throw the shoulder where that’s going on to the neon ones which are basically the same as the green strongest good as to who knows what’s a lot will go through these you know look here look is that you look at your number that you have atop you have to find one that matches it down below how 49 there’s no 49 to the 48 1111 down there but there’s a fucking dead 38 no there’s a 39 and 43 not but there’s a 44 and 45 in game shit I refrain this very adversely I’m really questioning this one’s tough do not lose hope guys we want that as this game goes on guys I’m losing oh hey 36 5 bucks if you win you know what take five oh yeah good so we good so a little bit of an update we are at least four dollars and guys don’t buy anything to be honest if I don’t condone this but it’s just an experiment thank God it’s just an experiment as the fuckin cheese the next ones are called the boom tickets me and rain bother most of these because they look wavy I don’t know how to fucking play but you’ll learn when we scratch and that’s no no no Sylvia you know he is filieo you faster guy I feel this one you said that for the past 20 Friends of the row we haven’t wanted so long that we wrote a with named Alyssa way you guys I’m literally I think I just won $1,000 no you do yes look at it you just show you this night this is black do the French it’s a brain awfully like and here we have all burgers we haven’t won one and so long and I’m building with that wins is supposed a pause abuser Cosmo yo this is serious salt really yeah I am fuck you I think it still they’re not scratching hard enough ah oh taking are five digits time 525 the jackpot I haven’t ones in the window Merrill has you know it’s like well I will inside what how good at the time so so far guys we’re at $139 Sylvia’s we’re past four in a row I’m going to take my gold watch off and put it over here because I feel like the lottery knows that I’m looking at gold watches they carry like has a little bit of money so like with wine I want $1 1vn Ryan is going to go cross eyed every think that we’re just missing the numbers at this point and slowly I just pieced about you know what it is we’re just going to keep moving forward on phone lines a lot but I know even anywhere from 250 to 1000 you get the money but you should consider don’t India to keep gambling listen your exuberance so you think it was not each one of these we’re storing five dollars think about is my money you look so stressed this is fucking my run like that me some three carries diggable this is like so many as throwing fireballs it’s fucking my money so we are currently sitting at $169 we’re moving up to the big boy at the $10 ones guys I’m excited brian has not won to the pod 45 minutes it’ll be as one every two seconds I’m going to call this one the money pack I’m gonna play the money song during it and if I win its lucky son 19 no 33 no 23 no sign no and that’s a fire no no no 37 0 15 15 yes $1 in time what literally broke is x 1050 501 is game sir next one this one let’s go 15 15 15 let’s go camera camera clover maybe if I start scratching not be scratching this idea right there from this side I’m gonna go back with it’s not gonna help me please all right ladybug Hey ten bucks no dog winning horseshoe horseshoe horseshoe product island 20 left okay i won then two hundred thirty four dollars so far thank you no one more dollars Ryan just beamed I got started back there would be 10 bucks $259 over there you’ll make it one day you won one time for shut up but it’s not about who you’re with yeah we will have two more the $30 ones or the $20 one so if you’re rushing to get serious guys hit the like button strategy and one completely if you uncover all three identical when 50 same with the second one you went 100 good luck there was a lot you will be intense music because your shits about to get intense say that 21 Brian’s like anymore not even joy okay guys so right now we are sitting at two hundred and seventy nine dollars which is better than I expected Ryan one is money already moving into the lab route we have the 250 million golden tickets you cost $30 each we got one two three four five six of them we tip bicha lucky one guys comment down below which ones I should pick which ones would you pick left left middle middle right and right okay I’m just going to read your comments right now as the video goes on even though the videos are you I’m picking okay said left real I got you and right I got you so here we go back I’m going to start off the first golden ticket as you know your boy’s name is Charlie Charlie chops back to you golden ticket I guess we just went into going I just wraps off the first one one absolute zilch come on fifty bucks get it eye on this nice oh my lucky numbers are one for nineteen thirty seven 45:17 basically Howard I have to hit one of those numbers in here forty three no 32 no 13 nope so that’s one card I’m gonna do my second card 50,000 let’s go we are starting off there’s no busy bounded and it completed you all right now I would think indeed nothing I have friends of that that’s your buddy 100 something awesome stop me so hopeful I see you in a hundred not actually this ain’t looking to hear very now guys I think we did a great job another L the final card we’re going into this with three hundred and twenty nine dollars here we go guys I’m gonna walk through this one real slow Brian remove one number that is a thirty does the Prince back bathroom guys like woof you are with me you’re under a July you can’t gamble 500 next we’re going on very right time no no no but it’s the video 22.5 milk or tea is 252 no way look the nola fat and we didn’t so the numbers are about 46 3914 we just need to match one of those won’t be doing a lot to us three please Oh so guys the moral of the story is home gamble from this experiment you can see that essentially we almost won 33 percent which is one in three but guys we can see you guys the lower cards like the $1 things that you gambled you obviously have a higher chance of wins just because you win lower ties so they’re more likely to give you the lower prices than the bigger prizes like the $50 are really hard to win but in total here is the losing pile and the winning palette is a little pie all in all my favorite games are played with the cash for life deleted all day by this experiment built like I said I’ve never gambled before so this made me experience to a whole lottery jackpot experience Brian’s walking away with three hundred and twenty nine dollars right you want to spend it on more stuff because you guys plan to live under B is two hundred and fifty thousand like Frank video which I already know in debt equals Mentos like button we will do it another lottery experiment comment down below what you want us to do and we will do it in high school there just relax on a nice bed cuz it’s my money play but it’s not triangle maybe like 10 G’s dollar challenge also shields just my boy Ryan please go subscribe to do it while healing pain is descriptions in the lake a oh no it’s not okay we’re not subscribe please subscribe my girlfriend Silvia getting behind the camera she also makes finger than her channels but my nose is bleeding so I’m going to go to the our video look yes Playboy not fully click Oliver okay fuck your bitch gone wrong you guys do there’s always daytime. .

MORGAN: Oh, oh my goodness! MORGAN: Hello
guys!And today we are going to be filming the craziest
video you will probably ever see!MAN: Are you sure about that?MORGAN: So, as you can see, the table is absolutely
bombarded with.. . MAN:. . . With scratchcards. MORGAN: We’ve got £10 ones, we’ve got £5
ones, there’s some twos there £1 ones;literally; I think there’s about 400 individual
scratchcards on this poor table.
I’ve always wondered if it’s actually worth
buying scratchcards and if they’re actuallygood value for money so, today, we spent $1000
on scratchcards and we’re going to be findingout what happens!A little bit of an experiment for you guys!Now, obviously, because I am 15, I had to
get someone over 16 here we have.. . MAN: Boom!17 year old Jake Mitchell here at your service
my friend!MAN: At a push 17. . . MORGAN: So, guys, I need your help. I want to show you, Jake, I want to prove
to Jake that Team Morgz is stronger than thetrue trooper.
So what I want you guys to do is go down to
Jake’s channel and if we can get him moresubscribers than he can get me in 24 hours.. . JAKE:. . . You win. MORGAN: Then we win.
We also filmed a video on his channel so you
won’t want to miss that either so go and checkthat out.JAKE: Lllll. . . MORGAN: Le. . . JAKE: Lego!MORGAN: Lego.
JAKE: Yeeaaah!MORGAN: He paid me to say his catchphrase!So, there’s a lot of scratchcards on this
table.$1000 worth to be exact and, you know, there’s
only two of us but that is about to changebecause, believe it or not. . . JAKE:. . . We have got friends.
ALEX: I made some friends guys!JAKE: And we’re going to bring them right
now!MORGAN: Are you proud of me?We’re going to bring in the friends through
the power of magic and a little bit of editing.It’s magiting guys, are you ready?MORGAN AND JAKE: 3, 2, 1. . . MORGAN:
Did you just dive?MAN: Yeah. MORGAN: So, to make this a little bit easier
for you guys, I’m going to organise the cardsgoing from cheapest to more expensive. So, through the power of magicting. .
.JAKE: Magiting!Once again, guys. ALL: 3,2, 1. . . MORGAN: Boys and girls,
there we go!One pile, one pile, one pile, two pile, five,
five, five, five, ten, ten. You know what guys?Roll the cinematics!So, we’re going to get started in a matter
of moments but just before that, guys, howmany like should I smash, or should they smash,
on this video? ALL EXCEPT MORGAN:
50,000 likes!MORGAN: That was amazing!Oh my goodness I didn’t expect that to work
so well!MORGAN: So, yeah guys, 50,000 likes on this
video. Go down there, leave a big thumbs up because
I need my fricking light.
And if you want to give us good luck on these
scratchcards, I need you to leave a like.That will give us good luck. Don’t ask how!It just will!And, also, if this is the first time that
you’ve seen my face on your screen, rememberto hit the big red subscribe button. All of these guys’s links will be in the description
below. But, yeah, I’m not going to waste any more
of your time let’s get this started! JAKE:. . . Right
now!JAKE: I just want to say: This is going to
take so long because look at how many thingswe have to scratch!MORGAN: Right, here we go guys Jake has
already got started.
JAKE: 100,000! MAN ON EXTREME RIGHT: No way!What?MORGAN: No, no, you need to.. . JAKE: I know, I just played ball. Hey, hey!MAN: Why the f*** you lying?MORGAN: Right then, we’re going to get started
right now. I’m just going to crack into a £10 one and
I don’t know about you. . .
MAN TO RIGHT OF MORGAN: Five pounds.. . MORGAN: Let’s do this!I don’t, I don’t even care. MAN: Oh my goodness, I won a tenner boys!MORGAN: What?MAN: I literally won £10. I got a double that. Double price. JAKE: Oh wow!MAN: Find yourself a seven to win £10.
£10.JAKE: Oh. . . MAN: I’m a winner! MAN: We’ve won double the price
of the scratchcard. MORGAN: Wooooh!JAKE: I still don’t know what I’m doing!MORGAN: We have the first winner Lee’s card. As you can see, he’s gone and found a 7 on
game one which is “find a 7 to win. “This card is valued at £5 and we’ve gone
and won £10.
MORGAN: Lee, it’s a good start.MAN: Yeah boy, let’s. . . MORGAN: It’s a good start. Winners pile is right there guys that’s
where we’re going to put all of the winnersand the losers get them off the table!Just throw the losers off the table!Alright, I’ve just finished my first scratchcard
no winner we’re moving on to the next one. Let’s do it. MAN TO THE RIGHT OF MORGAN: Ohhhh!I’ve won another £10!We got another one!MORGAN: What?MAN: I’m not even kidding!MAN ON THE EXTREME LEFT: I’ve won £1!MORGAN: Yeahhhh!Another winner!Wooooh!Wooooh!MAN ON THE EXTREME LEFT: I’ve won another
pound!MORGAN: What?MAN: I’ve won £2 on this scratchcard!MORGAN: No, that’s.
MAN ON THE EXTREME LEFT: No, I’ve just won
£3.No, the winning number’s 5 5, 5, 5. Oh, I’ve just won another. . . Wait. MAN ON THE RIGHT: Boys, I’ve just won another
£10! MAN ON THE RIGHT: I just won another £10! MAN ON THE LEFT: I just
won £5!MAN ON THE RIGHT: £20 on a £10 scratchcard!MAN ON THE RIGHT: Boys I’ve won another £10! MAN ON THE LEFT: No, you haven’t!MAN ON THE RIGHT: On the one scratchcard!JAKE: Are you sure?MAN ON THE LEFT: £30 on the one scratchcard. MORGAN: He actually has!Wait.
MAN ON THE LEFT: It says £10.MAN ON THE RIGHT: Winning symbols stack,
stack, stack. MORGAN: What the hell?MAN ON THE LEFT: You boys just won £2. MORGAN: What the hell is going on?MAN ON THE LEFT: There’s your winning one. MAN ON THE RIGHT: Another £10! MORGAN: No! No!MAN ON THE RIGHT: I swear. I swear on my life. MORGAN: No, that is. .
.MAN ON THE RIGHT: Another £10!MORGAN: That scratchcard. . . MORGAN: What?!MAN ON THE RIGHT: £40 on a £10 scratchcard!MORGAN: That scratchcard has. . . MAN ON THE RIGHT: Oh my goodness! Another £10!MAN
ON THE RIGHT: I swear!MAN ON THE LEFT: How many have you won?MAN ON THE LEFT: I’ve won 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on
a £10 scratchcard.
MORGAN: So guys, this is Lee’s card, this
was a £10 scratchcard.As you can see game one is find that finger thing to win the prize and, as you can see there, we got £10. Game 2 if yours weighs more than there’s,
you win a prize. Obviously 29 is more than bloody 26 so that’s
another £10. Game three our symbols were stack and pound. Pound, stack and stack. So that is 50, fricking pounds, Lee. Oh my goodness.
LEE: I am on a roll, I am on a roll!MORGAN: I still haven’t got my first winner.I’m moving on to a £5 one boys. I’m going to go a little bit lower. And I still haven’t won any yet. JAKE: Yes! £10!MAN ON THE LEFT: Have you?MORGAN: Why aren’t I winning? JAKE: It’s true!MORGAN: Have you just won £10?MAN ON THE LEFT: Yeah. MORGAN: Nice one man!MORGAN: I can’t win!I haven’t won yet!Why?Come on Morgz!What are you doing?If you have $1000 to spare. . .
JAKE: Definitely do it! MORGAN:.. . Do this because
it’s fun!We may be losing money though. I haven’t figured it out yet!MAN ON THE LEFT: I’ve just won 4 quid!MORGAN: 4 quid?LEE: Yes G!MORGAN: Well done James!JAMES: You see, all of these little ones they’re
adding up!MORGAN: Oh!I won!£2!Yes!Got my first winner! JAKE: £2! . MORGAN: Wooooh!MORGAN: Oh my goodness! A grand! A grand!I’m not joking! JAKE: Let me see!MORGAN: I’m not joking!JAKE: A pound!MORGAN: A pound! Woooooh!JAKE: A pound! Two pounds!MORGAN: Two pounds?JAKE: Two of them next to each other!MORGAN: Two pounds!MORGAN: Two pounds! That’s profit!One pound card two pounds. There we go. No orange ones have been won.
So, is this one.. ?JAKE: I tried that one and but didn’t get
anything. MORGAN: I’ve tried loads but, you know, let’s, let’s. . . Actually hold your horses!Everyone get a fricking orange one and let’s
just, let’s win an orange!We’re winning an orange, right now. JAMES: I just won £5! I got a chest.
MORGAN: Oh, you got OK, we got an orange winner.It was only 5 quid though these orange ones
are £5 so these are rip offs. Don’t get the orange ones!JAMES: Ooooh, win, two quid. MORGAN: Two quid win for joy!JAKE: Oh!Oh my goodness!JAMES: What?JAKE: Oh, I didn’t win!MAN: Oh, well done. MORGAN: So, as you can tell, we all have a
black card. These are the £5 ones we haven’t done many of these black £5 ones. These are the Monopoly ones. I personally love Monopoly.
I’m just going to point that out.Yeah, anyway, right now, we’re all going to
do a black one just like we all did an orange one earlier. JAMES: Let’s do it!Let’s see how many winners we get. Let’s do it!Let’s go!LEE: Boys, we’ve won £5 on one of these. Oh no, I’ve won £10!MORGAN: Really?LEE: Yeah, £10. MORGAN: I didn’t win mine. So, we’ve just finished with the black cards. Only one winner it was Lee who seems to
be getting really, really lucky.
LEE: Top hat, we’ve got one top hat there.MORGAN: Yes we do. LEE: A battleship and then a battleship there. MORGAN: We’re about one third of the way through,
as you can tell. There’s these little bits everywhere on the
table but we’re keeping, we’re keeping going we’re getting through this. JAMES: 20 quid!MORGAN: 20 QUID?JAMES: I just won on the Rubiks!OTHERS: You won on the Rubiks look!JAMES: I got a clock, got a clock there. MORGAN: Oh it is 20 quid! JAMES: 20 quid! 20 quid!MORGAN: Oh, I won, I won £5 on a £5 card!JAKE: Yes!I’ve won a pound on a. .
.MORGAN: Woooooh!JAMES: Just won 2 quid on this. MORGAN: Nice!JAMES: 20 quid!MORGAN: What?JAMES: Find 20 to win 20 quid. MORGAN: Nice! 20 quid boys!MORGAN: Oh! JAKE: yes! MORGAN: £10! JAKE:
Yes, £10! MORGAN AND JAKE: £10 off of a one pound card!MORGAN: And 20 quid there. MORGAN: Guys, guys, guess what, guess what!It’s another loss for Morgz! MORGAN: Because I’m not
very good at this apparently. MORGAN: Guys, I’d say that we are about half
way through right now and it’s going pretty well so far. I mean, obviously, we haven’t added up how
much we’ve got yet but what I want you todo is to go down, leave a like, grant us some
good luck for the rest of these cards. JAKE: Good luck we need all of it!MORGAN: We need it right now! LEE: 50,000!JAKE: Ten pounds?MORGAN: Ten pounds wooooh!That’s not bad it’s profit from the monopoly one again.
JAMES: Two pounds.MORGAN: Wooooh!LEE: 20 quid. MORGAN: 20 quid?LEE: We are on it!MORGAN: 20 quid, 20 quid!MORGAN: Five pounds five pounds, that’s
alright, that’s alright. JAMES: Two fivers on the Monopoly that’s a tenner. £10 on the Monopoly. MORGAN: Ten pounds. LEE: Yay boys two pounds on a one pound!MORGAN: Another L for Morgz!LEE: Yay, boys, one pound on a one
pound!LEE: Ohhhh! JAKE: Wait, wait, wait, wait!MORGAN: Oh, I’ve won! I’ve won £5 on a £5 Monopoly one. LEE: Oh boys! 20 quid!MORGAN SINGS: Twenty quid!LEE: On a five pound one!MORGAN: Five pounds we’ve won a five pound!Five, five, five, fiveey, five!MORGAN: So, we’re down to the last eight cards
and we left some big ones for last!These are all ten pound cards.
We’ve all got a pink, we’ve all got a black,
we’ve all got £20 in our hands right now.And what we’re going to do is we’re going
to figure out who gets the best return from our two cards. Starting with the pink ones! JAKE: The pink one!MORGAN: A little mini experiment in the big
experiment. LEE: Yeah, look, no. . . MORGAN: Oh, I won twenty quid. I won twenty quid, yeah.
LEE: On a ten pound one?MORGAN: Yeah, I won twenty quid on a ten
pound one.JAMES: Raking in the money then. MORGAN: So, James how much money did you get
back from your £10 pink one?JAMES: Right, I won. . . nothing. MORGAN: You won nothing? JAMES: No. JAKE: I won nothing.
MORGAN: You?LEE: Nothing!MORGAN: I got £20.It’s about time that I won something. I’m on an up right now. Now we’re moving on to the black ones. JAKE: The black card. . . The last ones.
MORGAN: The last four cards.JAMES: The last one. LEE: These are the £10 ones that I was winning mad on. So, hopefully boys, we get some luck on this!JAKE: Ten pounds on a £10 card. MORGAN: Oh no, Jake I could be back in trouble here!MORGAN: Jake?JAKE: I just got my money back. . . MORGAN: You got £10.
MORGAN: This is the last game right here.JAMES: Have a look at your fingers look at how black they are. MORGAN: Oh my goodness. MORGAN: This is the last game here of the
last card!JAMES: OK, ready?MORGAN: Silence, silence. JAKE: What’s that note?Is he going to get anything?JAMES: Let’s see what we could win on this. . . MORGAN: What is it?JAMES: Five grand.
.. MORGAN: Five grand!JAKE: Is he going to win it?JAKE: Coin. MORGAN: Coin. JAKE: No, bad luck my friend. JAKE: It’s fine. . .
Let’s go ape!MORGAN: And there we go!The table is literally covered in all of these
little bits from the scratchcards.My lap is covered in it. Everything is just covered in it!Right now here we have the winners and what
we’re going to do right now is add up howmuch this comes to. . . JAKE: We won. MORGAN:. .
.And see how much we won or lost. MORGAN: So, we’ve separated them all into
piles and. . . JAKE: All into piles. MORGAN: From my first observation one pink;
we had ten of these and only one of them. .
.JAKE: Everyone dived for those to start with. MORGAN: These are the big ones, the big £250
million ones and we won one!However, four of these ones won these were
the other ten pound ones and we got four ofthese. JAKE: Can I just clarify we started this
at 10 PM it is now midnight. MORGAN: Four of these orange ones, we got
winners from. MORGAN: One green only one green and we
had, like, 25 of these, I think. MORGAN: Only three of these blue ones we got
winners from. We didn’t have many of these little black
ones but we only got two.
.. JAKE: We got eight purple. MORGAN: Eight purple winners. MORGAN: How many rubiks cube winners?We got the most. . . Eleven winners from the little rubiks cube
And now what we’re going to do is add up how
much money we’ve made.The big reveal let’s do it!MORGAN: So, guys, we’ve just added up everything
and are you ready for the big reveal?From around £700, or $1000, we received. . . JAKE: £220. MORGAN: £220. JAKE: That’s actually what I thought to be
fair. JAMES: Lee not our money! JAMES: We still had
fun doing it!MORGAN: I’m literally, like, I’m full on shocked,
like, I expected.
.. JAKE: But. . . MORGAN: I expected this to be like. . .
JAKE: I thought that someone was at least
going to win £1000 or something.Or, at least, £100. Like. . . MORGAN: I’m literally so shocked. JAMES: We kept saying all the way through
we’re like someone’s going to get it. .
.LEE: I got fifty. JAKE: Our tip is to you, like, don’t, don’t
buy scratchcards. MORGAN: Yeah, don’t buy scratchcards. JAMES: They’re a scam. MORGAN: These are fricking useless. Don’t buy them!They’re not worth it. The value isn’t there!Don’t buy scratchcards we bought them so
that you wouldn’t have to!JAKE: Right, I’m off then.
LEE: See you later.JAKE: I’m going to go and claim back what
I’ve lost. MORGAN: Right then, that is where we are going
to end the video guys. If you’ve enjoyed it, remember to leave a
like. It’s something, like, really, really, really
fun to do except for, like, knowing how muchwe’ve lost but still, I had a good time. I don’t know about you guys. I had a good time. We’ve been sat here for about two hours guys
so if that doesn’t deserve a like, then whatdoes?Guys, remember to go and subscribe to Jake’s
Let’s see how many subscribers we can get
him.Also subscribe to. . . JAKE: No, no, no, no! MORGAN: I reckon that
if I say don’t subscribe to Lee then thatwill probably get him more subscribers. LEE: Please do not subscribe. JAMES: I have a rubbish channel as well. MORGAN: Remember to go and check out all of
the social media in the description belowbut that is about it guys.
I really hope you’ve enioyed this and, as
always, I’ve been Morgz, he’s been Lee, he’sbeen Jake and we’ll see you in the next video!Peace!Bye.I can’t reach the camera. . .

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