Win! Big Money! Loteria! Texas Lottery Scratch Off Tickets Video

Winning the Lottery


what up a our platinum we are freezing cold right now not as cold as it was earlier it was like 20 and 25 mile an hour winds I think I lost an ear so that was crazy but we have these big brand new big monies and I got a mega looked at here just to show you just how enormous this ticket is so it’s the same height as a megalith area but it’s about four wide just you know this is a huge ticket this is an enormous ticket so we’ll do that one in just a second I’m uh oh four three on that big ticket and if I lose today you might not see it again all right looking to play well you know how to play the game if you don’t it’s bingo odds one two three point five four and we got ticket three I’ve lost a few times on this pack playing off camera so I thought I would give this a try as well hope everyone is doing great doing wonderful things and having awesome luck here we go fire spear Cardinal sunset fire spear Cardinal sunset fire spear Cardinal sunset knew no fire no spear no Cardinal there’s a sunset did I miss something it is a possibility I don’t think so not off to a great start but let’s see how the rest of the ticket goes Bourget our Lone Star cherries Bourget our Lone Star cherries Bourget are no lone star canis more we had some cherries many strawberries yeah it’s always strawberries man another lone star all right well butterfly horseshoe chili pepper newspaper butterfly horseshoe chili pepper newspaper chili pepper chili chili paper that’s right chili pepper newspaper all right let’s get a pinata and we can just in this video Boyle rigged shoes covered wagon corn oil rig shoes covered wagon shoes and corn shoes and corn all right well keep it going Bluebonnet cow bat and bicycle no bat armadillo pecan tree almost out of options here Mockingbird and ship well that clicks uh I was hoping I’d get a wheel but you know Mockingbird and ship no ship right yeah race car and spur pull something crazy out here at the end and ain’t looking all that great roadrunner and Jim no Roadrunner there’s the Jim I mean Roadrunner doesn’t help us neither does Jim well another loss out of that pack let’s see if the big money does any better this thing is huge odds are one two three point four four and easier to win 50 bucks and it is to break even if we go first one this is ticket number 22 by the way looking for a 25 burst and we got a moon and be careful people are gonna miss this and throw this away 51st star alright three matching prize amounts in row column or diagonal 20 and no no no alright get three matching amounts win that amount not even loose maybe 500 match money numbers to your numbers get a 5x or 10x good things happen let’s see here we’re looking for three thirteen fourteen forty five and lucky fifty and we finally broke it we broke the bad streak and got a win 13 and 13 Oh pesky number one all right well you got a six we’ll come back to that 13 there all right on this one looking for three matching symbols win the prize or you can get a diamond to win the prize get a triple dollar symbol win triple spade pear lemon bolts on Apple all right nothing there let’s try over here huh let’s just try like this no no same rules apply here by the way I’m just looking for that diamond door triple dollar symbol or three matching symbols all right nothing on those let’s try another one of these winning numbers your numbers 5x or 10x we’re looking for 17 18 21 30 36 this thing does not want to scratch all right and the last one we’re looking for two matching symbols to win get three matching symbols to win triple or sorry numbers my bad two matching numbers to win double bluff let me start over two matching numbers to win three matching numbers to win triple money bag to win instantly why was that so difficult and again this is another one that I think people are going to see too and just assume that they needed three and toss the tickets make sure you read people all right last one all right to 15 and 20 so nothing there but we did get 13 and 13 so let’s see what we’ve got underneath that 13 there’s some little zeros 420g easier to win 50 then 20 and I win 20 well adios hey I’ll take a win thank you guys for watching I hope you had a great time like subscribe comment share like responsibly holla at your boy.


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