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Winning the Lottery

COURSE – 5 Learning Mistakes Software Developers Make all like to win the lottery right? Well, in this video I talk about why winning the lottery might not be such a good idea. I’ve found that in life, we only can enjoy and appreciate something that we have actually earned. It turns out when we are given something without having to work for it, we are robbed from the enjoyment of it–at least in the long term.
You disagree with me, but at least check the video out and tell me why, if you HERE: up for the Simple Programmer Programmer your career now:.

John: Hey, John Sonmez from simpleprogrammer.com

and Iíve got something interesting for youthis week and itís about winning the lottery. It would be pretty cool to win the lottery,

right?Wouldnít that be awesome?If you won the lottery you wouldnít have

to work again. You could just go on vacation for the rest

of your life, buy whatever you want, not haveto worry about money anymore.

Well, actually I donít think so and Iím

going to tell you why coming up next.Most people want to win the lottery. You might think Iím lying when I say I donít

want to win the lottery. Hey, actually to be totally honest with you,

part of me does want to win the lottery.

Yeah, it would be nice to get some extra cash

and not have to ever worry about money andagain and I have dreams of vacations, taking

things that I would do.But, in reality it might not be the best thing

in the world. The reason why Iím telling you about this

is because I think it applies to your lifein general, because once you understand this

concept of why you donít want to win thelottery I think it will help you to do better

at the work that youíre trying to do. Hereís the key thing, hereís the key thing

about this is that we donít enjoy anythingthat we havenít earned.

Maybe you have experienced this.In fact, maybe youíve helped your children

experience this and not even realize thatyou need this lesson yourself or maybe your

parents have taught you this lesson. I remember when I was a kid and my dad said,

ìI can just buy you the new bicycle but youírenot going to appreciate it unless you go out

and work and make the money and earn it. îThat was so right.

So many of the things that I bought that I

worked hard and made the money for and thenbought myself I took better care of them,

I appreciated them more.The things that I was given I didnít appreciate

as much. In fact, to some degree, at some level the

things I was given I was actually robbed ofan opportunity to enjoy it because I could

not get the enjoyment that I would have gottenout of it if I had earned it. Thatís what happens if you win the lottery.

Now, I havenít won the lottery myself so

I canít speak from experience, but you canlook at the news stories of people that have

won the lottery.You can look at the news story of people that

ìwon the lottery. î What I mean by that issomeone who sold their startup for millions

of dollars suddenly became a millionaire,someone who became a famous rock star or actor

overnight didnít really work their way up. I mean they worked their way up to some degree

but they suddenly had riches dropped on themand then their life became ridiculous.

They became suicidal, depressed, and some

of them even did kill themselves or completelyruined themselves as a person.They were better off before they won that

money. The reason why Iím bringing this up is because

this applies to you and your career and youmight not even realize it. So many of us are daydreaming saying, ìOh,

if I could just get that big break.

If I could just get that raise.If I could just win the lottery. î Might be

even literally, maybe youíre going and buyinglottery tickets and youíre thinking that

that would make you happy. Well, Iím telling you itís not.

Whatís going to make you happy is earning

your way.If you want to be rich, if you want to make

money, if you want to be someone who doesníthave to worry about their financial future,

donít count on winning the lottery. Donít wish that youíre going to win the

lottery. Instead think practically, what can you do,

how can you earn your way because there isno way to enjoy that riches or any kind of

accomplishment if you didnít earn it.

Thatís my thought for this week.Hopefully you find this useful. Maybe you think Iím a little bit crazy. Maybe youíre like, ìAh, John, yeah I would

rather win the lottery.

î Okay, I understandand hey, I could be wrong here, but Iím just

telling you from my personal experience, like.I said, I never won the lottery, but I have

gotten things handed to me and I have earnedthings. The things that I have earned I have truly

been able to enjoy. The things that have been handed to me I havenít

been able to, at least not nearly as much.

So if you liked this video, if you like these

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and I will talk to you next week.

Take care and donít buy any more lottery

tickets, Iím telling you.See you. . .

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