Who Is This?! Winning Lottery Ticket Session Mystery!! Video

Winning the Lottery

IS THIS?? Scratching off lottery tickets and trying to figure out a mystery in today’s video. This lottery ticket scratch session does have what I consider a big winner in it. I play some big dollar tickets in the video, and have a unanswered question also.

How big of a winner was discovered and what’s the mystery? Have to watch and find out, hope you enjoy, for watching. Please be sure to like and turn on.

got something extra special here today what’s going on everybody I hope everybody’s happy and healthy and having a great day or evening jigsaw Jeff back on your screen got something extra special here today went down to the store pick up a few essentials grab some lottery tickets also and be able to find this one in a while the twenty five dollar gold Boyan think there’s still some top prizes left also picked up a couple others got a twenty dollar one hundred and fifty million dollar extravaganza and scratch on the flies favorite ticket a ten dollar $5,000 frenzy multiplier so now we come home and shoot a quick video so we got 25:40 we got $55 session today why $55 jigsaw Jeff why not who knows let’s go let’s get to go on these tickets I know your folks got stuff to do let’s start out with the frenzy multiplier it’s a matching win game matching your numbers went accordingly get to 10x win 10 times get to 20 multiplier 20 times get 200 bursts $100 automatically this is ticket number 28 the odds the odds are gonna be good if we win correct but the ticket says one in three point six zero so we’ll get two going on that hope for some big winners here and we’re about two aren’t we okay and today we’ll be using I’ll be using this guy right here I don’t I do not know what it what it is downstair doing some clean and I think it come from a happy meal or something years ago from the kids but it’s pretty cool it looks like the Terminator and Freddy Krueger mixed or something a little action figure boom boom look at that oh do not worry cheeks are Jeff does have the coin handy in case this does not work alright so let’s get tore let’s get to our numbers here oh this is working pretty good we got a number eight of 53 27 32 yeah we’re about due for a big win here 47 and a 14 okay so here we go whatever this guy is if somebody if somebody knows please comment it’s pretty cool though I looked on the bottom I can’t read I can’t read it but anyways here we go let’s get on to the winning numbers well hope for some multipliers or some matches we got a 36 nothing 44 Jeff Gordon 24 noting the number 122 this works really good 31 one off 25 nope 23 nothing happening 42 number 4 1912 nothing yet number 11 you gamblers number there you go 39:17 nothing yet get it on this thing here if we can get everything in the in the in the view here as I scratch off with this action figure 33 one off a number 42 49 come on now 51 last row 13 another one offer number 337 50 and a 54 another one offer so nothing on that one all right on to the next ticket away we go the show continues okay this $150,000,000 extravaganza match and win game get the to tight two times multiplier 2 times the winnings five times multiply or five times get the money bag it’s $100 get to stack a stack of money it’s a $200 win automatically it’s ticket number 19 the odds the odds are gonna be good because we’re gonna win the hides on the tickets a one in three point one two so I’ll get two going on this thing here scratch it off here with the foot of this uh I hope somebody tells me what it is cuz I don’t know 10 17 2014 ein I got a feeling about this ticket 29 3 55 and a 53 thanks everybody for watching and liking and the comments I love it thank you so much I really appreciate it here we go first number is a fifty to one off the nice grass of pride SIG’s up 43:12 nothing 31 number nine come on we need that’s another one off we need a match here let’s go oh yes there we go 39 nope 15 let’s get that money bag or something 50 for another one off 3559 nothing happening yet 38 come on now 47 713 don’t we got a 342 if descendants and the range here 22 26:33 we got a single three the number four come on now number one last row here we go forty six 37 nope number 8 34 nothing come on we need a big winner here 41 nothing on this ain’t going to good come on look at it let’s go go last ticket the gold boy on $25 ticket from the Indiana who’s your lottery match you win get the money get the money back that’s an instant thousand dollars get to two times multiplier two times five times multiplier five times and the 10x multiplier when ten times your prize ticket number eleven okay the odds on this ticket the highs are one and two point ninety four so we’ll get to going on this thing here it’s uh scratching tool is not gonna I’ve been bringing me too much luck yeah but I think it’s about to change seven seventeen twenty seven thirty nine forty one three and the thirty six I think that’s it one two three four five six seven eight one two three four five six seven one more there we go okay we don’t wanna miss that that could be the winning number right there here we go it’s also I’ve got two bonus spots at the top two which will do do last all right here we go we want to get that money back forty nine thirty two thirty 60 come on now 24 nothing yet 47 one off 16 one off again 19 nothing happened in 59 come on now 41 off 37 57 56 52 oh we need a multiplier here real quick 23 nothing two more rows to go number eight a 21 46 oh my gosh okay okay we got a winner 46 and 46 okay this is good huh this is good right yeah it’s good okay here we go maybe that single match is a way to go on this ticket 46 was the match 1826 nothing all right last throw that’s good okay so we’re gonna get something here 25 27 okay 27:27 we’ve got two matches on a $25 ticket not too bad oh let’s get to going here don’t reveal the prize jigsaw keep keep keep the suspense built please forty to one off a number for nothing and a fifteen okay that’s okay alright let’s go up to these bonus bonus spots here this one have to get a stack and stack of money you’re gonna win fifty dollars instantly the double dollars on this one it’s a hundred dollars instantly so let’s see maybe who knows well we got a horseshoe on that we got here okay we got a crown there okay so we got matching what is that matching forty six and a matching 27 so drumroll please we’ll get two going on here we’ll see what this is fifty five dollars all right maybe we can make this a profit session who knows here we go okay here it goes all right I like where this is going okay all right twenty five what else you get 27 and another 25 okay we’ll take that all day correct that’s $50 not too bad it’s about 55 got 50 back Hey that’s alright I appreciate everybody watching think thank you for the likes in the comments I really do appreciate it so until next time I will talk to you later everybody take care bye bye.


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