When You Win The Lottery… Video

Winning the Lottery

When You Win The Lottery. . .

for four three three 14141 one reverse oh my god well what happened what happened tell me I’m rich rich I just want a lottery of Mitch oh my gosh we’re rich which has won the lottery rich I felt infant I gotta call my mom to tell her we won the lottery I’m excuse me did you just say that we won the lottery yes we you and me and you we okay see what you gotta do is you gotta take that w you have and you gotta flip it upside down because it’s em cuz it’s me me won the lottery not not we me but I bought you the ticket and so you bought it and you gave it to me you said hey this is your lottery ticket just like you bought me gets what you want to take those back you can’t be serious I literally share everything with you and that is where you’re wrong no you don’t because I asked you for half your chicken nugget me I’ll guess what you said no you can’t have half but you can have a little bit so I’ll give you just a little bit those were chicken nuggets this is 1 billion dollars look what do you mean what’s just a little bit I don’t know like a thousand a thousand dollars this is a billion that’s a lot of money yeah and I got a lot of shoes to buy shoes and purses and like all of Sephora oh my gosh you can’t be serious you just won 1 billion dollars and you want to give me a thousand are you being greedy cuz Jesus doesn’t like greedy people so what oh whoa you know what I don’t I don’t have to deal with this I’m a billionaire now so I don’t you know I don’t really like your tone I don’t like your attitude so you know what forget the thousand dollars I’m gonna go to Mc.Donald’s buy a happy meal and Allah just give you half that’s real yo. .

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