When Ricers Win The Lottery! Video

Winning the Lottery

Funny look at what it would be look if a Ricer Won The Lottery or a Ricer Became Rich! Enjoy this funny ricer compilation.

From Bad supercar modifications to ugly lamborghini fails to modified awful ferraris.

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what’s going on guys and welcome back to gas kings so previously I’ve done a video wind right has become rips that view did really well seemed you guys enjoyed so look and see what other type of concept is like that I could do and I stumbled across a video by dust and if that’s gaming called when writers win the lottery I thought I’d do my take for you guys to enjoy if you want to go watch that after this video the links that would be in description to this video also don’t forget guys in case you’ve not seen in a few of the other previous videos we’ve made we are doing the official gas Kings meet and greet and good words this saturday and sunday at twelve o’clock at the main paddock area will be with lucille all the details for that are in the event page on face book which in descriptions this video so go on there but all of the detail can’t wait see some you guys there so here we go then guys when writers win the lottery price accent back you’ll enjoy so the first thing a writer would do whilst waiting for the funds to clear would be to max out whatever is left on his credit card and take his trusty honda to get tricked out now he’s got some big pennies coming his way what’s dropping a couple of G’s to make his Honda like a real life transformer but my god look at the state of it the doors are way even even the boot is out on a good old go Zambo doors and even the bonnets been cut in half and it like it’s flapping in the wind you are Slee knowing what Rice’s are like you know if money was no object they would go out buy a Ferrari chop the roof off buying a mattress in just to get a call it a bed never have the money before always wanted bigger wheels now the tables have turned why the hell not have crazy colored satellite dishes four wheels let go of it fast though mates there’s a giant coming after you wondering where is giant bin lids went from one extreme to another didn’t have a pot to piss in before let alone Eric suspension for your civics but now power is money you can afford to make your ride jump like it’s playing the floor is lava game now don’t worry about that was going to scrap it anyway now I’ve won the lottery bought myself a Lamborghini feeling my fart Canon exhaust and big old rice of wig and I’ve even bought some lambo doors for my namboze oh they already had it on it god damn it got ripped off again got the money so now have to take care of your homeboys scrap your paychecks bitches write down supercars are on me beggars can’t be choosers but when you’re now rich enough to wipe your ass with 50 you can swap out the Lambo and get a full 5/8 like a fresh pair of pants and write the life out of it my god take my eyes not the poor 4 5 8 you may have enough money to buy a Picasso but seriously shot my ear off and call me Vincent van Gogh what child in you commissioned to ruin this piece of art already now that’s what songs have too many skittles and pinfu love the poor prancing horse there’s one thing sticking a wing to something that slow and Sloan has no parrot oh and have no functionality not FWD Civic or a 40s or even a micro but when you have a supercar and it actually has a functionality you now have to spawn Tula it’s time to stick a wing on everything Ferrari wings and buy a Porsche wing wire GTR bang a wing on it Taylor set Ian did you stick this in posters the writer may now have the money to buy a supercar but we all know that money can’t buy the skill oh holy Captain Crunch and we all know that money can’t buy you taste either look at that frat posing like his Thai bride which he probably bought the same times he paid for a crash course through Walmart boards motor file with his Civic replacement when the money is burning a hole in your pocket why not take your Lamborghini and make it look like your favorite sweet wrappers officially become part of the big old Wang gang Goldie looking wheels and a couple of pieces on the racer says it off the rest of the right of three Dan Mc.Donnell’s going to be well gel on the Saturday night could always combine two of your favorite passions Lamborghinis and stormtroopers or if that doesn’t tickle your fancy for Christmas why not turn up your super carpet like a traveling Christmas tree you could even sit on the top and dress up as mr. Lord and give away all your money and stop doing tasteless mods Rogers additions and writing out supercars God helpers what it would really be like if a writer was to win the lottery and that is it guys thank you so much for watching another video by gas kings hope you enjoyed it if you did drink thumbs up leave your comments below and also just a funny taking a concept this will write that was to get money and what that dudes because I hope you guys enjoyed it don’t forget us well like I said the beginning of video your first official gas kings meet all the links for that are in description this video so go on a Facebook page and I’ll see you guys at noon on Saturday and Sunday at Goodwood thanks very much for watching pickups nice Texas crew til next time my friends. .

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