What Its Like To Actually Win The Lottery Video

Winning the Lottery

Step by step this is what happens when you win the lottery.

with more on the celebrating the Mega Millions drawing and what the winners will now face NBC’s Kerry Sanders is in Richmond Virginia got that part of the story carried good morning to you well good morning Savannah the Friday Mega Millions jackpot starts back at fifteen million dollars as you can see on that billboard behind me now if you were among the mega billion ticket holders who did not win last night here’s a peek into what might have been your road to riches would have started at a lottery office like this one if I had the winning ticket when I show it to you yes what it’s not uncommon for folks to first take a selfie with the ticket lottery officials very concerned ticket is real we can come over here and put it under the light a lot of company so you then say congratulation with the winning ticket you’ve seen the winner what do they do they go crazy right then into a contra tree yes you really did win when you watch a video with advice from previous winners stop don’t do anything it’s a job you have money you got to take it like the job should take care of it the way you learned old money that you worked for pages of paperwork cash option or annuity and then that first moment when you realize this is not a dreams translation so how do I want this is what it would look like exactly but it’s over and we’re going to have to scratch yeah this is just pretend well a guy can hurt you right if you bought a ticket you can take solace in that about thirty percent thirty cents of every dollar that you spent goes to the state where you purchased the ticket so they use that money for things like education and conservation and in this really big lottery they raised about three hundred million dollars for the states to participate and that is if it’s down carry thank you so much you should just grab that chicken just take it to Citibank our what is this Savannah the accountant over here for it said no taxes yeah.


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