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Winning the Lottery


now are you feeling lucky well people have been warned to buy their online lotto tickets as soon as possible to avoid a last minute rush tonight’s winner could be the biggest ever in the UK a record breaking prize of 57 point 8 million pounds which is built up after a marathon 14 roll overs must be won today so what are your chances well since October it’s been harder to win the National Lottery the number of balls used in each draw increased from 49 to 59 since then it’s been about three times harder to match all six numbers under the old system the odds were a mere 14 million to one just greater than your chances of becoming a professional astronaut with this new lottery it’s now 45 million to one meaning you’re about twice as likely to be made a saint to compensate Camelot has guaranteed that at least two millionaires each week and 20 winners of a 20,000 pound prize and of course if you don’t win the jackpot tonight and face it you’re not very likely to then if you match just two numbers you’d at least win a lucky dip ticket for a future draw so let’s talk a little bit more about the probabilities and depressed ourselves really if we’ve got to take it dr.Emily Grossman is a science and maths broadcaster and educator and expert on the Ducks duck quacks don’t echo that’s really cold isn’t it she’s here to explain a little bit more so run us through someone’s sitting at home with a ticket and a half inning really hopeful should they really feel hopeful they win that big jackpot okay so the chance of running the actual jackpot as you said is one in 45 million now the way that that comes about is that because we’ve got 59 balls for the first ball that’s picked out there’s 59 to choose from and you’ve got six numbers that six out of 59 then five out of 58 four out of 57 and so on down so it comes out if you times those all together those fractions that becomes one in 45 million it’s actually more likely as you said that you could become an astronaut that you could be hit by lightning that you would have done a few drawings you to illustrate you know you can imagine for lightning before times more likely that you’d get hit by lightning than winning the jackpot tonight unfortunately or that you could have identical quadruplets and orbit by hit by falling debris from a plane but there is some good news because the whole point of this roll over because it because it’s gone over 50 million now what that means is that somebody has to win or some people should have to share that prize so if no one wins the actual jackpot which is possible it could roll down to the next level which is 5 balls plus the bonus now we’re 6 times more likely to win at 5 balls plus bonus because you’ve effectively you’re choosing 6 balls but out of 7 options this time so use effectively buying 6 different versions of the lottery ticket with your 1 ticket so that means that it’s now a 7 and 1/2 million chance to run we talked to one of winning but it is still more likely unfortunately that you would be eaten alive by flesh eating bacteria you would die falling off a ladder falling out of bed or drowning in the bath then very touchable option so that you would get a gold in the Olympics is it affected by the fact that there are huge number of people who are seeing the big jackpot and thinking I’m gonna buy a ticket when they normally wouldn’t will there be more people buying tickets how does that affect so it doesn’t affect the chance is the odds of actually winning but what it does affect is how many people you’d have to share it between so the more people who buy the more likely you are to have to share that prize but it is definitely still worth buying tickets because no matter what happens you’ve got a 1 in roughly 9 chance of winning something which is pretty good so it’s a chance to play again even if it’s just to just play again and of course all the money that people spend on tickets a lot of it does go to funding really great projects so it’s definitely worth using of course and it has got harder generally hasn’t it those changes they’ve got more balls to choose from exactly which as you said makes it 3 times less likely to win the jackpot and in fact that there is still relatively good chance there’s still more chance than for example dying by falling coconut or dying by being crushed by a vending machine oh that’s such a smile on your face do you know what I haven’t but any gonna get together buy one now by talking through some extraordinary oh yeah enemy at gross Emily Grossman lovely to see you thanks very much. .

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