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Winning the Lottery

Go to and you could be the next person to win over 8 Million Pounds. If you want to know exactly what happens when you win, check out this video.

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good news for some of you tonight in the main lotto drawer it looks like there’s one lucky winner tonight winning just over eight point five million pounds good morning you’re free to Chantel how can I help you can help me really lose a lot okay I’m gonna fix members up for yesterday’s lottery for the main not a draw yes brilliant I got you have you a ticket to hand I’m gonna take every one of it good e’en okay can you confirm your numbers for me please hmm 21:24 5844 brilliant okay congratulations the presume you need the prize amount yes praise Noah yeah eight million 536,000 431 pounds okay what’s gonna happen now to give you a call back it’s 9:00 a.m. in Glasgow deputy regional manager Margaret gamble is preparing to meet this week’s winner so far we know it’s a young couple in the 40s and as we’re all sort of raiding waiting for them to arrive all winners of more than 50,000 pounds must collect their prize in person from one of the five lottery regional centers scattered across the UK I mean there are 99% sure that they have won but the reason they have to come here to the regional centers that we validate the tickets and that confirms that the Isle winner a standard lottery terminal identical to the machines that sell tickets in the high street is used to verify the ticket it’s 18 hours since alex fraser first called the National Lottery until his ticket is validated Alex cannot claim his jackpot of 8. 5 million pounds this is absolutely crazy I don’t know absolutely I just yeah I don’t know don’t wait you can see this this is my wife mrs. Susan best friend Sanders Lessman it’s real it’s mud how survive crazy Alex has worked with his local cancel driving children with learning difficulties for 12 years hello hey want to come through then we’ll check you into the windows sweet nice seat five if you know change it degree no for that and first of all what’s your name it’s on the back of the ticket okay we you’ve got all the work to do right I’m sure you can let’s shake it all that seems obvious yet oh my god on that’s been signed rejected uh huh why not yes she sure like marked on the photo but she never realized other to the left is handed over to you yeah hey clan it’s Alex’s moment of truth time for the ticket validation come on so you can see okay you ready good that’s that congratulations well done that’s mrs. Ashley well done yes it’s just my head percentage do sit yes yeah where’s Ali just going to be so she’s back love it if I know just made his memory dryness can fade so did her I’ve never seen as someone so ecstatic like that and I’ve watched you for ten years and since D 1 was karlaut and dealt with lots of different winners and it’s just fabulous yes I want to cry with them yeah ok yes hey are you gay this is it iss is about what I see this champey kick Oh congratulations super Alec and Sansa revival of Camelot market myself to check there for 8 million 536,000 431 points by Yuma jianchi’s Oh how’s your stomach now ready for you puke again a big high the area wonderful that’s absolutely wonderful um I’m Dave drew from the Bank of Scotland this is my colleague Stephen earlier and we were going to just gonna sort things out for you today okay Alex like all major winners is given access to a range of specialist banks we actually before become today’s calculate how much interest you’re going to get you’ll actually get eight hundred and forty one pounds interest per dee dee and weekly yet almost six thousand pounds per week and traced that after tax and and yet three hundred and seven thousand per annum and in chest it was great on earth but never had acne money in our life never and of script discrete and God shows it it day up to the air and no that’s gone it’s absolutely gone it’s Zoe ririn money going on thank you.


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