Using Quantum Mechanics To Manifest And Win The Lottery Video

Winning the Lottery

Manifesting lottery winnings using conciousness and law of attraction.

okay now we’re live okay hello everybody how you guys doing today today’s video I’m going to basically give you basically a breakdown of how everything works your universe or reality are we going to tie it all up and to make you know everything collaborate and work for you guys alright so let’s begin all right so we’re all aware about everything is created in the universe to what is known as energy vibration and certain frequencies okay so we have energy we have vibrational frequencies that creates and makes up our entire universe in our entire in our entire existence let me speak about the scientific part first let me talk about calm scientific the quantum physics upon the mechanical part about everything works in order to manifest and make everything created or make everything that you desire to pass you have to know the laws of the universe you have to be a little bit familiar with what is known as well quantum mechanics quantum mechanics is basically the study of the smallest particles of matter matter is the smallest particles you have they are the nuclear force atomic force okay those are parts of matter and um if you guys could hear because I have these Bluetooth and maybe if you give me a thumbs up I’m not sure it is working properly but you can hear let me know by giving me a thumbs up or you could hear everything that’s gonna fix it okay so I’m going to talk about the scientific part first all right so Oh can’t hear me all right let me take the ugly how about now can you hear me now right you know you guys can hear me okay give me a thumbs up if you can hear me turn the body going to you guys can alright guys so this so let’s talk about the scientific part the quantum part about everything is created in our reality right see Melissa you’re watching can you hear me if you can hear me give me a thumbs up alright let me know if you guys can hear me okay so let’s talk about the scientific part alright so we know who quantum physics or quantum mechanics our universe is created is comprised basically of energy outwards so you cannot be any good so we know in quantum mechanics and the scientific part that our universe is predominantly made up of energy vibration and frequencies all right so I’m going to start off with the science part first to get you guys a little insight because in order to create the reality that you desire you have to have an awareness or you have to know how everything is created in your universe and when you have the understanding of how everything is created then your mind works better in response to the creation process alright so let me begin so you want the mechanics is basically the study of the smallest quantum particles of atoms quantum particles include the strong strong nuclear force the weak nuclear force and atomic and atomic decay force these particles are made up of small small particles we have to notice add on em s protons electrons neutrons which ones and if you go even smaller these atoms have what they call quarks quarks are the smallest particles let’s go if we believe this smaller we come to energy so we know everything is comprised of energy all right so we have two physicists basically I would like to call on the father a visit of physicists one we are aware of is our Albert Einstein he created the theory of relativity and the other one you probably haven’t heard of his name is Niels Bohr okay so basically Niels Bohr discovered that he’s quantum particles what his atoms they behaved and what we faulty while why do they means they behave as ways and they behave as an event okay what that basically means is that the universe is created in a wave of probability with a probability means that that atom exists in a way that all outcome all probable outcome exists at one time so that means every outcome every instant that you can think of our desired is already a version of existence all right now Albert Einstein found is very very difficult to believe matter of fact he said in response to this he said the news bourgie said God doesn’t play dice with the universe he says God doesn’t work on chances okay a newsboy responded back to Albert Einstein saying stop telling god what to do okay so basically Albert Einstein in sport it could be used or believed that proving that these particles behave as weight and as a duality internet exists at an event in actuality in any victory and exist as chances okay so that’s the quantum part now the other thing about the contract hardest part is are these these particles vibrating they vibrate at certain frequencies okay frequencies you would liken to a radio station we have two different frequencies you tuned into so we leased particles they vibrate in certain frequencies in these frequencies you can tune in to these frequencies and once you match the frequency then you automatically attract like frequencies because everything is magnetically energetic including you and I were all energy so the universe is enemy so you attract what you put out it comes into your existence all right that’s that’s the first part of one talk about maybe a little note here so I can just outline what I’ll ask you I want to what else I want to conclude so you know that the fizz does the physics part up is transport I don’t want to get too too crazy or to be on the science for all right one thing I want to say now look if you change the way you look at things the things you look at will start to change right I’ll repeat that again so basically if you change the way you look at things the things you look at will start to change what does that mean that basically means that once you focus see things the way you would like them to become or you like and you’d like to be they like to desire then the things you look at change because remember quantum physics these particles these atomic particles or I like to call them quantum are quite their energy waves they vibrate and they oscillate the means that take there in three dimensions right we live in three dimensions actually we have four dimensions up with that reality we exist time and space is considered into mention so these quantum particles you can influence them right there’s an experiment done is called a double slit experiment where scientists shots particles of light are photons into a slit and make a look just make it easier once you want to do once you’re not looking once you’re not observing these particles they behave in accordance to the way you want them to but once you detach our attention from them they behave as waves waves the probability you know waves of different chances that are encounters that it can happen in and recently scientists science found that you can actually have an influence on these positive particles we can collapse the particles to behave in accordance with your observation meaning that your consciousness your mind can have an influence on these particles to create a certain desire that you wish to accomplish all right so that’s the quadratic vessel scientific part so knowing that knowing that then not knowing that you know now you have control over the reality you can actually influence change these particles into our state that’s water alright so what I wanted to touch on excellent okay so awesome on the Sun now let’s talk about how your reality is actually created perception you see all right so say this is our reality is created you have light which is well called hold on these light are emitted they will go in through your century the century notion to go into your brain into your cerebral cortex where there are process through your conscious your subconscious and we’ve talked about pretty critical faculty let’s just call it critical factor the process through that critical factor that critical faculty determines if the event is situation you’re seeing is believable and it transfers out into your reality so these light photons of your brain brings in the light photons to create a signal you create a touches to your step out senses and the signal is them percept attack out into your retinas are you ready so we have a Pico here that the mind the brain it starts everything alright now the creator of all this is known as your subconscious mind the subconscious mind has what is known as unlimited energy it is connected to the universe or source energy or this quantum field of probabilities now here’s a key point to consider when I say quantum field of probabilities what I’m what I’m saying is that the universe exists as chances there’s a probability of air reach that’s why you’ll see less losing water that’s why you can see somebody that doesn’t play a lot of are never played in his life but he goes and buys a ticket and wins but that is a probability of chance that’s how we thought the universe was created that is just a big chance remember Albert Einstein says the need for God doesn’t play dice with the universe and these were responded back to Albert Einstein saying subtending all want to do so so the universe exists as these waves of probabilities meaning that there’s a version of you rich version of before version of you wealthy whatever you want to say but it all depends on what you focus your consciousness on so he focus on well manifesting riches job house then that will vibrate according but if you focus on lack or war they are doubt fear and guess what that would also come in to your business more but here’s the key point that we discovered God actually doesn’t play dice with the universe it doesn’t actually work it work both ways listen you can either live in a universe creature reality by chance and just go with the flow and hope for something happen or you can actually create it yourself and have an influence on the quantum particle I mean that you can collapse these quantum particles because remember that everything is made of these particles including you and is your energy so you can actually collapse these quantum particles into created here designer so you can actually Park collapse the particles you win the lottery to buy the house to get the car you don’t have to worry about chance or hope or anything if the key to do that is through your consciousness your subconscious mind and a lot of us we go through our lives daily we’re not even aware of this process so the key to create your reality is your consciousness your conscious mind allows you the parts and particles to create to take that theory of probability into an actuality all right it takes the probability of chance it turns a chance into a definite actuality and you do that through focusing your thoughts and your emotions once you do that once you master that and guess what it comes into your reality as an existence that’s something you can witness and we can feel through your sensors into the brain so that is very important let me repeat that again the universe usually works and dual is called quantum duality meaning that exists in two states you can either live in a universe of chance which is a wave of probability meaning that you can hope which take a chance you know take luck where you will call it and live your life by that or you can actually create it deliberately and actually take control of your mind use your your subconscious and create those quantum particles have an influence on them and turn them into your reality you can use those quantum particles and turn them into a million dollars you can turn it into a house a car even a mate whatever you desire you can do you don’t have to use chance anymore that’s what was that’s what is misleading a lot of us we live our lives by chance and hope and wish and this nope you have to do anymore you have to control with your subconscious mind but here’s what you have to do we growing up we have limiting beliefs in our subconscious mind these beliefs are instilled and there are not actual facts they’re just beliefs these beliefs are released that hinder your potential they stop you from manifesting your true heart desire because limiting beliefs hold you back they they’re like a blocking subconscious mind and how you eliminate those limiting beliefs I talked about it and I showed you if you want to provide a link in the comment section on the affirmation these are used for brainwave enhancement technology ring with enhancement technology basically uses alpha theta gamma and beta brainwave frequencies that goes directly into your subconscious mind rewire your brain for all prosperity or whatever you desire you have two little bitty key you have to take advantage and use these if you want to see the full potential of your desires manifest open wishing seeing the thought and wouldn’t of energy out is not going to do it along right you have to start with those to clear those minds and you have to use those affirmations that is the missing link to open your subconscious okay let’s move on once you open your subconscious and you eliminate your limiting beliefs then you’re in the realm of wow magic I like to call it now everything starts to manifest it starts to come in to your reality now sometimes you put the energy out you’ll do the manifestation you do everything but yes yet you still have a block you should have assistance a couple comment a couple you guys comment yesterday I put everything out and I’m starting to see small results but I’m still experiencing resistance blockage okay what I want to say the key is this if you’re not affecting your desires you want to win the lottery we’re putting the energy out and you’re doing anything if you get exhausted all your energy fields drain that means you are trying to argue proportion forcing create resistance manifestation is a simple process do everything it should be like riding a bicycle are you are it’s an in given talent that you are created with so manifestation you shouldn’t have to exert a lot of energy to manifest you start to exert a lot of energy field before not too much energetic vibe you’re trying too long okay so you have to slow down continue the process okay another another way you can release the blocks if you’re experiencing is known as meditation okay talk about meditation meditation is not as complex as you think I’m going to show you a simple way to meditate five minutes you can do it every day what bit what meditation is let’s use a metaphor so you have a car your car takes regular gas in the regular gas makes you part with meditation is actually like the supreme the high premium gasoline with the Iping gasoline your car guess what your car performs a lot better it’s faster it’s quicker that’s what meditation does meditation can actually bring your manifestations to you a lot faster because it clears the mind it allows free flow and energy and now to give you a series you could tip on how to meditate basically what meditation is this you can sit if you’re an office in your house just make sure you’re in an elevated position which elects straight out all you have to do is basically just close your eyes and just feel yourself breathe for yourself breathing okay and what you want to do is once you close your eyes and you feel yourself breathing actually look in your mind’s eye and see the breath coming in who your nostrils going through your diaphragm going into your stomach and exhaling out again that’s meditation just focus on your breathing for everything else in your mind do five minutes a day fight whatever you can that will clear the energy block you can start to manifest your desires at a faster rate so our meditation again is very easy you sit in a relaxed position you go listen to music you breathe you inhale you exhale while you’re doing both just the natural process go in and out and look feel your mind see the energy going in through your nostrils into your body coming out again repeated and repeated repeated and boom you’ll use animals now there’s another degree more higher degree to manifest okay this involves your third eye or what is knowing it right here let’s call your pineal gland pineal gland basically that’s the gland within your brain that controls your sleep you sleep cycle your mood it is one has a melatonin in your brain I guess is good but it is also known as the sole means the authentic hue the pineal gland once you activate your pineal gland your third eye when you open your third eye then you are now in the realm of super conscious created credibility meaning that you’re on the verge with once the pineal gland is activated it is a direct link along with your subconscious into the universe to even bring things a lot faster into your what the pineal gland I’ll give you an egg I could give you a simple technique to activate your pineal gland right now I have I have affirmations if you want to use them but what you can do is Elaine you better lay anywhere you want what you want to do is have your legs straight out your up your left hand on your side and use your right hand cut the hole in my camera now so use your right hand finger that’s closest to the thumb Itzik what you do wanna do you want to massage it you want to go in increments wanna do it eight times but in increments of eleven seconds okay so you want to go on two three four five six seven eight ten 11 stop and then do it seven more times close your eyes this will activate you 18 okay now once you activate your pineal gland your third eye then you have three component of the meditation of the pineal gland this will release those blockages release those negative residual energy then you can start to manifest now listen guys you have to start looking at as everything as energy now let’s talk about the lottery how to win the lottery you have to look at the lottery and totally different way you cannot look at the lottery numbers right you have to start looking at it as frequency this is our you win so I want so you were continuing how you win a million dollars ten million dollars because remember money is energy one dollar two dollar when you start to use these techniques and you start to open up your mind and your consciousness you will start to win and you will start doing small amounts and you’ll say to yourself okay I see myself winning these small amount but what do they mean what it needs is those small amounts all these is the other universe the universes is let you know that what you desire is possible and it is given showing you steps then hey look manifested five you manifested ten now what you can manifest a million it’s showing you that you are on the right track so when you see those signs that is a sign of encouragement for you to continue that’s how I started I started winning five bucks ten bucks twelve bucks 30 bucks boom five grand 13 grand 23 grand 60 grand 1000 you name it it just keeps coming and coming that will happen to you if I have a snowball effect alright so that’s the key to remember so you want to focus now let’s talk about how to become detached from the outcome detach means letting go and let your desires flow because once you put it out there and you so the key is now here guys you use the affirmation so you eliminate those limiting beliefs your mind is clear you start your meditation if you want to go and open up your third eye you open it there I must warn you guys once you open your third eye it is going to take you to a new realm you will start to have dreams you will start to have all visions to start your special talents will start to come out if you haven’t you could be a clear voice you could have manifestation realities in a different way so these be careful so when you open your third eye expect to be awakened okay the universe will start to show you things that you haven’t seen before you see sequence numbers you see signs I have to give you an example right oast on the other day about a gentleman that I that had a dream about his mom I never met his mom ever she told me some numbers to clear was three five three said hey tell mark gotta you know you know three five three like Singh I heard it I went ahead and I played a number for one day next day I decided not I want to wait and played an evening and I was driving on the highway I live here in South Florida the i 95 a Mustang curve pulls right in front of my car okay and you know what life signals on that Mustang it was p5e one of the chances of South Florida man up taking a big highway one of the chances of that particular car not just a car but that particular with that particular license Lee you know the odds are that nearly impossible but that’s how the universe works universe broke through scientists initially you can pick them so this car pulls right in front of me with three five three on a license plate it was about 12:45 to cutoff time for them for the cash three was I think 138 immediately pulled through a gas station as I took the sign and I heat it and I play the number and I want a nice little moment so that’s just giving an example of how the universe will work once you’re open you start to manifest your desires it’s coming alright now let’s talk about another theory here another than other theories now known as law it’s called theory of critical the law of critical mass critical mass basically means more you focus with intense and you have the detachment not the indulgence the detachment and everything does is then your desires will manifest at a faster rate the energetic vibration the energetic potency will start to come together and then boom it pops into your router this could be weeks months instead of years right now how do you do how do you make critical mass work sweet work for you this side you make critical mass work so you focus it as are you by using and you thinking and thinking means see the desires the results you want now in the end with the lottery see yourself at the lottery office cleaning with that money see yourself with are having what you wanted to get the desires you want to get with your lawyer ticket this isn’t thinking prepare to win that’s they prepared to win if you know you’re going to win you’re going to have the steps so let’s say you want to win a large amount have in mind go through your phone have Google have the tax account that you want to use now the tax lawyer ready because when you win a large amount of money you want to be a different tax bracket okay have the tax attorney that you want to use how to tax oil ready to use another key point to you to the manifest like fats is to write down the specific amount that you desire to win have it in your phone and have that dream or happening you have to visualize visualize me to have what you wanted what you see yourself have is creative visible within your smartphone tablet or whatever you want to call it but those are keys meditation right now the exact amount your vision board focuses see it every night share those limiting beliefs open up your third eye because you want to get in another level and then become detach meaning that disparate attachment means I live in in your present situation known what that what you have right now will change but accept it knowing that your desired result is on the way okay put it I could give it to you and another example you have a strong copies have about a 100 percent ninety nine percent sure surety that the Sun will rise tomorrow so you never worry about you continue with your day and you know tomorrow the Florida Sun what that’s how you have to look at your desire intention when it’s manifested in reality you have to expect it to manifest knowing that it will come to pass or live in your present moment knowing that better is on the way that’s how well that’s what the Testament really is once you can do that then you will start to manifest even at a faster rate alright so the quantum physics apart we have to understand quantum physics is complicated but I put it in a way that you guys can relate to and I can make it very simple for you okay now this is another key I want to let you guys know I want to okay a lot of failure to manifest our spirituality is you know is based because you are taught to way out of manifest alright manifestation begins in the non physical into the physical okay it doesn’t start from the physical and going no no everything is created by these summit top subatomic particles and these subatomic particles are so small you cannot see them they’re almost invisible the only way you can really see them is to electron microscopes but they are there but they are so small that they are not invisible that is what the non physical means that the creation process begins we can collapse in those quantum particles into an actuality instead of a probability can actually means you take the chance you take away the probability of chance you create it into your desired reality in what you call quite two year your consciousness all right so I’m going to show you how you’re going to manifest from differently from the inside from the outside and this is the key you want to take certain words listen I see it when I believe it okay God has what I get out of a cabin or not you have to start replacing with this sorry believe you believe it then you will see it okay not when I see it I believe it you’ll never see it when you believe it you will see it keep pointing when you believe it you will see it means that when you believe it before you have the thought and the focus then guess what it comes into your attic because 99% of the creation process once you start to think and focus your thought that law of attraction is the force that will bring it into your existence so once you start to focus and you think that thought is has already been created in the non physical non physical meaning the quantum realm those particles will start to collapse they will start to form into the things that you desire and then it comes into the physical realm where you experience it okay so that is where a lot of us go wrong you start to do it from the start to do wrong where you start to do it from outside in that’s not how the universe works universe works on inside out okay very key inside out so from the non physical into the physical okay that’s what that’s what manifestation work so not physical means your body’s energy your emotions are energy you start to create from within your mind first and then it becomes into your reality as an experience okay that is a non physical object creation process works with the lottery so let’s talk about the lottery tickets okay so you want you desire to win the lottery you buy your tickets keep keep this online you do not have to buy a lot of tickets to work takes one ticket to me this what happens once you start to get a line and you get into the realm of your higher self or your intuition this starts to lead and take charge you’ll get to hunch to go buy the ticket you you will tell you buy one or two among many of my that many winners that I’ve gotten and I’ve got manifested or only from $2 $1 I had one ticket for $5 it was a lotto with four numbers and I five numbers it was like four thousand five s only fought off but every every other my winnings or $1 ticket in $2 tickets alright so you do not have to buy a lot if you have the budget and you want then then you feel you can do that but you don’t have to right you can buy two or three and one there’s a lady in 2007 her name is Cynthia Stratford she won the Mega Million jackpot for one hundred and twelve dollars she only bought three tickets a month and she manifested it by writing down the exact amount she meditated it took her four months to do it she meditated every night she visualized and guess what for months she had a number she had a specific amount that she wanted okay and then when a jackpot was up to 112 that’s when she played it because she said okay that’s the number I visualized a lot of the deck box 112 minute she bought one ticket and she won a hundred and twelve million dollars using her consciousness okay she created through her subconscious he meditated clear the energy block took her only four months three tickets a month that’s all so that’s how you want it that’s how you guys have to start looking at the lotto and look at it as buying numbers or this number of matches look at as a frequency okay you’re matching the energetic students the key is this have the specific amount you intend to win if you do not have a specific amount you intention when the universe will start to give you random amounts you may get 10,000 20,000 30,000 10,000 but that’s why you have to have a specific amount of money that you want to bring into your great desired reality okay one the other point I want to talk about let’s start here I want to touch on okay talk about hurry reality is creative and detachment and probability okay now let’s talk about how you change those font and particles from probability into actuality so we talked about these five these quantum particles okay talk about these quantum energetic particles they’re photons light they’re energetic particles that we create our reality the reason a car a house food it looks different is because these particles are arranged in a different in different stages to create that that reality that image but they all made from the same particles all right so how you collapse from the wave of probabilities into a wave of actuality is your consciousness you use your mind use your subconscious to create it the conscious part of your mind isn’t isn’t is known as the output it to you in this world so you have to conscious to subconscious and you have that critical factor when we talk okay they have you get those three in line boom you’re in alignment you see sync synchronous.


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