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Our updated tricks to winning the lottery guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

Lottery numbers are randomly drawn. But randomly drawn numbers form patterns
that can be tracked and used to our advantage. Having carefully analyzed all the
drawings in past lotto results of more than 200 different lotto games worldwide, with
histories going back as far as 1955, we have verified the following incredibly
simple rule:

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All high numbers or all low numbers are rarely drawn, occurring only 3 percent of the time. Winning number groups with these three patterns occur in 81 percent of all drawings. If any skip from 0 to 5 did not occur, play the Lotto numbers that are out that many games. But we recommend that you include a couple of high numbers so you win a prize that’s worth something if your numbers do hit a jackpot

tricks to winning the lottery

Try Winning Lottery Wheels

A lot of people ask the question if he really can predict the lottery, why isnt he winning the lottery all the time. These people are right! I know I would be using whatever tricks I knew to win the lottery! Hello, big money!

Well, whether Derren Browns method (which is complex and a little too confusing for my taste) works or if it more games, there are people who believe that there are tricks to winning the lotto. Obviously, we all want to know these so called tricks. Well, thats what Im here for! Ill let you be the judge if they will work or not.

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Winning the LotteryThese people are right!. I know I would be using whatever tricks I knew to win the lottery! Hello, big whether Derren Browns method (which is complex and a little too confusing for my taste) works or if it more games, there are people who believe that there are tricks to winning the lotto. More people trying to win my.. um.. the jackpot. If you stick to a smaller state game, like the Pick 6, you have fewer people trying to win. If the methods above dont work for you, listen to this guy!

grid I mean it’s not just pure luck we’re revealing scratch off secrets tonight consumer watchdog Jen’s Stratman shows you how to cash in scratch rock success it’s the sound every player wants to hear it’s what brings Gerry Johnston back don’t make that much in a day to this lucky Martin County market I bought a $20 monopoly ticket and I want $100 I bought a $20 Gold Rush ticket and $100 a lot of people won money here but even these lucky scratchers well they’re hooked who are hooked on winning you never know don’t know there’s an easy way to increase their chances of winning did you know this information was not locally available no want to be a millionaire the monopoly millionaire game will cost you $10 it’s a popular game but the problem is all the top prizes are already gone and people have no idea do you wish you knew about these odds yeah we found 10 percent of the games available have no top prizes left the majority of the prizes in this game have already been given out yeah Florida Lottery post this list of the remaining top prizes on its website I just don’t feel like I’m very lucky sometimes unlucky or just choosing the wrong games have you ever checked that out no I haven’t Florida offers dozens of scratch off games on the day we checked eight out of nine games had already given away half of the top prizes surprised I mean there’s a lot of games people play 10:20 tickets there were nothing and I figure maybe they’re not lucky it doesn’t mean there are no winners good luck just no big winners a lot of players that play at the 10 and 20 dollar level are not playing so much for the millions well jeans will keep playing his favorite cards there’s still quite a good chance Jerry wants the extra help to increase his odds they should print these out and put them on the cashiers they probably sell more tickets Affleck here’s one more trick even though I know this scratch off is a loser make sure you give it to the person at the store to have them check it out repeat players told us they’ve seen a lot of people throw good tickets in the trash to see a list of stores in our area that have sold winning scratch off tickets and the amount go to our website WPTV comm / watchdog and search our map i’m consumer watchdog chinstrap min fighting for you.


the power will of six numbers seven to eight percent win rate this is for pick three players swear tres daily pick three and for all three digit world wide or applicable for any countries choose any number from 0 to 9 my jersey number six seven eight zero to three I labeled it with ABCDE F for your guide guys the combination to bet on Sarah two three this combination is generated on my chosen number this six numbers is will to get the strain take on the nation you can just replace the a b c d e f by your chosen number and the first combination is 0 to 3 so d e f just put your Suzy number so did you tip on the letter the power wheel of six numbers this technique is to occupy more number with the lesser amount of combination so more numbers lesser waggling and bits and of course lesser amount of losses this will shows 15 numbers and 12 combination privated duels is composed of lis of 15 numbers and these are this are my chosen number eleven levelled by a 22 level by b43 level by C 14 labeled by D 35 level by e36 level by F 47 level by G 0 8 level by h 9 leopard by I then level by G and the 1 level by kee 42 level by L 13 level by M and level by N and O now these 15 numbers will generate a 12 combination hey guys you can just replace whatever you number you have chosen all this letter and replace your number on the the desired combinations of both example number 9 I just replaced number all night I just replaced number 9 with your corresponding number so I just label a put here now this 15 numbers and top combination has the probability of for F 6 ratio this means F 6 ar.drone you are guaranteed 8% that you will win for numbers accurate will hit on the tube combination you’re chosen the equally distribution trick this trick is used for a big trade daily and any lottery game that involves two digit number this is called equal distribution trick now you have 15 18 26 27 as your powers power number now let’s say I have chosen 21:34 113 in the 5 32 15 20 25 now we will pair 15 to 21 15 to 34 as you can see 15 1 15 13 15 25 15 32 15 15 15 2015 25 now we are betting on the straight wins because this is equally distribution 18 though the third 21 18 34:18 2 0 1 you can interchange or the exact combination or you can play backspace rub all place you can also do this on these three numbers just follow this guide put your level letters here ABCD and just replace your number on the desired letter level I tested this guys the pig to lottery all the time okay this is the famous identify the pattern picnic this is guys this is what we have been using for on this on other videos and there are tons of current or pitches because this is constant this is permanent it will not change this is the balance of number patterns why because every number on zero tonight has its time to be drawn in other words one by one they will be drawn carefully they will be drawn consistently according to what is trending or according to what is already been drawed and draw the list now on this examples let’s say midday tweening seven evenings thirty nine and five nine one on the following day eight two one five five six nine one two seven six slim even you but this this in your own country or local lottery or state any nothing you will see this pattern I am 100% fully tested this you will see a pattern and you just need to identify what is the next number that will be drawn and make his pattern you will cut what is the next pattern now let’s see nine nine nine so there is nine okay g 51 as you can see there are no zeros there are no 4k those will come out so there they are also known as called numbers now they will be the next on the line the are done next pattern two bit on for our number one technique of course the martingale picnic because this is so powerful by recapturing your losses is the guide to execute this technique okay day one day one bit one dollar we need example is $2 so let’s say our bits is $1 better draw now the winning is $2 okay let’s say we lose on day two we also be two dollars let’s say windows but if we win on that day our winning will be $4 you recapture the losses of the day one and of course you win $1 it’s just a small one dollar but the important thing is to win no room for losses okay guys don’t forget to Like share and subscribe for more guides and tips thank you. .

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