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Winning the Lottery

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what’s going on you guys this is everybody’s not so favorite host cache Cody and it is time to go through the dumpster dive of the day tickets hopefully we find something sweet you guys ever seen my four leaf clover tattoo I don’t think so but yeah so we have this giant bag of weed I mean lottery tickets that we got and we’re going to go through all of them these are all out of the garbage let’s dump them out and see what we got in here so we did not find as many tickets as we normally do tonight but we still have quite a few so what I do is I go through and I sort these tickets into piles I sort them ones twos threes fives tens 20s and I keep the $30 tickets if there are any separately I keep the crosswords and bingo separate two because they are the tickets that I’d assumed would be the most easily missed tickets but yeah I find that the $20 tickets I find quite a few of them that are you know they missed a single number because there’s so many numbers I’ve only ever found one $30 ticket that was a winner that was thrown out for $50 I posted a video of that but the tickets that win the most often are $10 tickets $10 tickets for some reason are my number one find normally on a single number match all right so let’s get started all right so I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to speed this video up so you guys can see me sort through all these tickets without having to sit here for an hour all right you guys check this out so somebody accidentally threw out a ticket a $10 winner I didn’t even have to scan it I always just glanced at the tickets real quick that is awesome I’m so glad that I was able to actually catch myself finding a ticket so I could show you guys like that’s it’s that easy you just have to be in the right place at the right time I’m going to finish going through these tickets all right you guys so now we have all of our tickets sorted into separate piles this makes it easier so what we’re going to do now is go through all of these tickets and scratch off all of the boxes so we can go through and scan them so I’m probably going to start with our five dollar tickets tonight because we found that winter so it’s got me excited so what I’ll do is I’ll go through and I’ll just keep scratching off all of these boxes all right you guys we have all the boxes scratched off on these five dollar tickets we’re going to go through and scan each one of them I’m going to speed this up so you don’t have to watch all of it Oh no way check that out yes no way all right you guys so we are all done going through these tickets and it’s a frustrating to try to record it and normally when I’m doing this I’m moving around and drinking a cup of coffee I’m watching lottery videos on the internet so I just sit here and go and scratch all the tickets off check them all without stopping but yeah I mean look at this pile of tickets we went through it’s a lot I know it’s over a hundred tickets I’m not going to sit here and count them but I mean there’s tons of them including the ones that I have on the floor I mean look at that see Oh them that’s a hefty stack that’s for sure but we did find some winners you guys already know how much they are but let’s see what they missed all right you guys so we are done we have finally finished going through those tickets and it took forever I hope you guys enjoyed the sped up edited version but yeah I mean I’m just glad that we found two winners so here’s the two winners that we found you guys already know how much they are because well they pop it popped up when we were scanning them and I showed it to the camera but yeah let’s look at this first ticket we got here so the first ticket we went or we found we didn’t even have to scan it it was in a pile of Cupid caches and somebody threw away a ticket they knew that they won as you can see here we won $10 they knew that they won but it accidentally got thrown away and I’m telling you it happens more often than you think and this next ticket we found I was impressed with I was very very impressed with I did a video for the dumpster Drive of the day yesterday I deleted files off my camera thinking I already uploaded them to my computer so I was going to do yesterday’s video like I was doing today and believe it or not we found the same amount of winners yesterday as we did today I’m impressed the last week I’ve been discouraged I haven’t found much I found stuff just not as much as I’d like to hell I’d like to find a million dollars but when’s that going to happen so yeah back to business here this is the ticket that we found the winner that nice nice winner this is a mad money yeah I don’t think I’ve ever played one of these tickets let’s see what they missed all right we have a 2015 2015 2015 when they’re with me we have a 17 and a 29 no 34 and a 5 ok right there there’s a 34 so let’s see what’s underneath there so we know that we won $40 I don’t know if there’s another number or if it’s under just one what was it 34 and see what’s funny is all the time when I find these tickets it’s always on the top row I don’t know if it’s because they’re so close together your mind thinks that I don’t know I did I really can’t come up with an explanation nope $40 under a single number match and that’s what I try to stress to you guys one of these days somebody is going to throw away a big ass ticket and not even know it I mean this is 40 bucks that could have been anything underneath there that’s what I’m always saying let’s just go and scan this ticket one more time let me zoom out just a little bit well scan it one more time even though we already know this is awesome forty bucks so this we found a total of fifty dollars in this dumpster drive of the day did I say forty or fifty it fifty dollars today and that’s awesome that’s going to pay for all the cash Cody’s tickets and his Mc.Flurry and other I’m really happy it was definitely worth doing it I’m not sure where these tickets came from exactly because I picked up a few more this morning and threw into the pile I’m pretty sure it came from my normal hot spot but hey I can’t complain like I said in the last two days we found $100 and tickets in the garbage and that’s no you’ve seen it here I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope you liked it I enjoyed making it for you don’t forget to Like comment subscribe we are so close to 500 subscribers I can almost taste it. .

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