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Dreamed of ever winning the lottery? Here are some people who won one of the biggest lotteries in the DOLLAR GIVEAWAY CONTEST- OUT MY MAIN CHANNEL- To My Vlog US ON SOCIAL Macinnis:.

hello your most beautiful and most amazing top tenors I’m Rebecca Felder and today I am talking about everyone’s dream winning the lottery but I for one don’t think you need to win the lottery to live a fabulous rich life so welcome to the top ten biggest lottery winners it’s like a money bath do we all a dance and like a rain of money I know I do just like for fun so something that we should clear up before we get started is that in the USA people have to pay tax on their lottery wins but in the UK in Canada you don’t so while the figure may be higher for some Powerball winners in the US people will actually see more of their money if they live in Canada or the UK also in the US people get a smaller figure than they win if they choose a lump sum also fun fact in some states in the u.s. if you’re the retailer that sells a ticket you get some money too everybody wins so guys let’s get going shall we in at number 10 we have Holly Lottie and Jim Mc. Cullough who shared a 380 million jackpot so Hollywood from Idaho and Jim was from Washington and they shared this jackpot that they won in 2011 it was the Mega Millions they won Mega Millions make sense so after splitting the winnings each took a lump sum of around 80 million dollars this is around 55 million pounds Holly was a single mom at the time working in a bank as a customer service representative at the time she was separated from her husband Josh who said that’s awesome now I don’t have to pay child support sounds like a keeper or not we don’t know very much about Jim but Holly went into hiding for about two years with her younger children however she did give a tell all interview in 2013 in at number nine we have Neal Trotter from the UK who won one hundred and seven point nine million pounds tax free that’s right tax free sorry IRS so this guy scooped a whopping 107 point nine million pounds in a 2014 euromillions draw so that’s around 156 million dollars and as I said this is tax free so at the time Neal lived in Coulson in Surrey and he ran a car parts repair shop in mitchum just on the outskirts of London now the day before he scooped up his big win he even joked to his colleagues at the same time the next day he’d be a multi millionaire turns out it was true when he won he said I’m taking time off going to really enjoy following the British Touring Car championships good on you meal in at number eight Steve Tran and IRA curry split a jackpot of six hundred and forty eight million dollars Wow so this was one of the biggest Mega Million wins ever the six hundred and forty eight million dollar prize was won by two people who banked around one hundred and seventy three point eight million dollars each in December 2013 now this roughly equates to around one hundred and nineteen million pounds each but these guys would have had to pay tax as well so one of the winners was from Georgia her name was IRA curry she’s 56 years old and she picked our numbers based on her family members birthdays and her lucky number seven the other winner was from California his name is Steve Tran and he waited a whole week to claim his prize he said he was a little bit scared so in at number 7 we have Merle and Patricia Butler and an anonymous winner who shared six hundred and fifty six million dollars in the Mega Millions so Mel and Patricia lived in Illinois they also split the winnings with three people who called themselves the three amigos they’re our teachers but they want to remain anonymous there was also another of anonymous winner in Ottawa Kansas and all of them shared the 556 Mega Millions jackpot on March 30th so that is around two hundred and eighteen point six million each but a lump sum of 157 million so that’s around 108 million before tax Merlyn Patricia were the only two who went public and they said they wanted to do a whole lot of good with their money so I really hope that they did that in at number six a winner from Italy we have you go Vernie with one hundred and forty seven point eight million euros so this was actually the second biggest win in Italy’s super and lotto in 2010 a syndicate of 70 people won one hundred and seventy seven point seven million euros so that’s two hundred and forty eight million USD however as there were 70 of them they obviously got a lot less than the Scotch so you go literally took all of the money with a hundred and forty seven million euros so that’s around 114 million pounds and 165 million dollars so at the time you go was a bricklayer who lived in the Tuscan hills he announced his win by storming into a local bar and saying I’ve won the lottery he then bought Prosecco for everyone what a hunt in a number five we have an anonymous French winner of a hundred and sixty nine point five million euros so this is a hundred and thirty two million pounds and 191 million dollars this is insane this is actually the third highest euromillions win but we don’t know very much about the person well we actually know nothing at all they chose to remain anonymous what we do know however is that the ticket was purchased in Paris in at number four we have Adrian and Gillian favored who won a whopping a hundred and forty eight million pounds tax free to be specific this was one hundred and forty eight point seven million but you know what the sevens just spare changed these guys so these guys won the euromillions in August 2012 now this is roughly a whopping two hundred and fifteen million dollars tax free can you guys even imagine so at the time Gillian was a nurse in Suffolk UK Adrian sold records thanks that they wanted to spend their money on a trip to Canada and by treating their family unfortunately just a year later the pair did then get divorced Jian is now engaged to someone else an Adrian at forty four years old is marrying a young lady of twenty eight no comment another UK success story at number three we have Chris and Colin we’re who won a hundred and sixty one point seven million pounds tax free guys this is two hundred and forty million US dollars what would you even do with that money it’s insane so these guys scoop the euromillions jackpot this was the biggest year and millions whenever one hundred and eighty five million euros Wow to translate it into pounds that was a hundred and sixty one million so much money they could like fill all of the pools with money and just swim in the cash they decided to go public as Chris said hat they tried to conceal the gigantic win they would have had constructed a life of Lies for their nearest and dearest and they didn’t want to live like that the couple have spent a lot of their money on gifts to their family hi guys we literally ramping up the insane factor here at number two the biggest jackpot in the world ever 1. 6 billion dollars I literally feel like dr. evil however this was split three ways so doesn’t scoop the number one spot that’s right highest jackpot in the world ever it happened in January 2016 and was scooped up by three winners now thousands of people queued up outside shops in the US hoping to defy the odds of 2/9 2. 2 million to one that’s just crazy so three people one winning 533 million each however we assume they took the lump sum option which would have left them with 327 point eight million dollars so this is around 226 million pounds each the winners were based in Florida Tennessee and California now the only winners to have gone public were John and Lisa Robinson at the time John was a warehouse supervisor and Lisa worked for a dermatologists office the perhap to children who they’re sharing their winnings with so guys we have reached our all important moment in our top 10 biggest lottery winners the money flying around is literally insane I have no idea what I would do this now there has to be one winner this is the biggest single ticket whenever the most amount of money scooped up by one person as a cash prize in at number one we have the 84 year old woman who won 590 million dollars so Gloria Mackenzie won the Powerball in Florida in May 2013 this is an insane win she’s an 84 year old woman she took a lump sum of 370 million dollars so that’s four hundred and seven million pounds she’s literally richer at the age of 84 than pretty much anyone else out there ever although it is worth saying that she will have had to have paid some tax now she was forced to go public because in Florida law states that you can’t conceal a big win like that so the odds of her winning were one in 175 million oh my goodness she has said that she wants to remain private but will be sharing the money with her son so good news for Gloria so guys that was our top 10 list of the craziest biggest top 10 lottery winners ever I’m a little bit jealous but at the same time I don’t think I would want all of that money that’s enough a nice car and a house enough for me I’m Rebecca fell gay this has been most amazing top ten what would you guys do if you won the lottery how would you spend the money let me know in the comment section down below also be sure to LIKE share and subscribe because some say that’s better than winning the lottery you get a video from us every day.


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