Tips And Tricks To Winning The Pokemon Lottery! No Hacks Video

Winning the Lottery

Live recording of winning a Masterball in the Pokemon lottery.

Tricks are in the Description so read on…
Check it out, all u Pokemon FANS! AWESOME!

After about 450 odd days of hard work at the casino, DJD and his pokemon went to the lottery and for about the 450th time. Luckily he doesn’t have to pay anything for a ticket. Anyway All 5 digits matched on 1/6/09 and the funny thing was it wasn’t the pokemon off WIFI which got me the prize, it was one of my friend’s pokemon!


Wanna know how to WIN????? Do the lottery every day and trade as much as possible. You saw my WIFI trades. Get the same number of trades and you will get it in no time. For example, offer your geodude lv 17 for a bidoof. and keep the bidoof. Have a whole team of other peoples’ bidoofs. FILL YOUR ENTIRE PC WITH BIDOOFS! This will help you can win easily. My game play time is so high because i used to do all the daily events each day, including 30 mins of watering berries.


Other hints:
If you are like me and usually got to bed late, set your DS time 1 hour behind. That way, if you forget to do the lottery all day and you go to bed at 12:05am, you won’t miss the day. Otherwise you can miss days, missing the chances of getting a masterball.

And in case ur wondering I did not use any cheats or hacks cause I bought the game from the store and I’m, not a cheap skate noob like all those cheaters out there!!! I don’t think there is a cheat for it anyway.

have fun!


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