This Is What It Feels Like To Win The Colorado Lottery! Video

Winning the Lottery

Your hands shake, your heart pounds, and you can’t control the tears of joy. If youve ever imagined what it must be like to win a Colorado Lottery Second-Chance Drawing, get ready to experience all of those winning moments. See winning reactions from Lottery winners all across Colorado.

okay we’re gonna surprise her hopefully she’s home surely right are you Carrie Martinez are you Terry Parker in this hi are you mark hi Tammy John Holly Michael Jenny Thomas joy Taylor boy hi are you Laurel hi you are our second chance winner dollars a million dollars two hundred and fifty thousand dollars you’ve won the hundred thousand dollars news fifty thousand dollars you just won a million dollars two hundred and fifty thousand dollars won a million dollars from the Colorado Lottery a hundred and we’re on thousand dollar $253,000 you want to know I just won our second chance drawing for snowsuits for $250,000 you can agree everybody wants the huggy here hold this how does that feel what do you think I want it are you kidding me you want are you kidding without you you are you kidding I’m not kidding you become that a lottery just in hell she won $500,000 how do you feel you damn excited thank you your coworkers are in there giggling they fighting at the bill do you look a little shaky yeah I guess the theaters now see I didn’t know what to say hi excited no no no I’m.


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