The Most Brilliant Technique To Win The Lottery Jackpot – Discovered Video

Winning the Lottery


guys and back how is everyone sorry about the delay vigeous because I was testing yes testing and trying the technique I discussed on my few beaches this is regarding on the winning jackpot price the mega jackpot guys I have a good news for you from trying 100 times and testing and failure finally I did it I discovered the most powerful military technique to win and to minimize our losses and get the most of the consolation prizes plus of course the bonus guys if we win the jackpot guys let’s proceed to what I have discovered look at my lottery ticket I have just bet 3 combination and get multiple consolation prizes how did I made it the main technique I do look at my lottery ticket guys how did I finally figure out to win more consolation prizes with just a small amount of death of combination okay the technique I am using is to skip betting yes you’ll hear it actually right but how to execute that skip okay number one if your number has been drawn currently drone is skipped nine to tendrils it will not come out on a ninth of ten drawings now maintain after nine drawers that it is not successfully being on bett now and maintain your combination what if another of your combination just camp out replace one of the number of the Honda nation this is fully tested by me see guys look at that carefully the actual result 42:25 31 16 44 9 look at my actual ticket now yes I’m very happy because I figured this out already now look at me taking 916 916 21 25 27 and 31 from one combination I’ll already get four numbers I win a conservation price on this of course I win one consolation prize the second combination look at carefully guys still the same number set of numbers but different first and blast numbers I mean I just replaced some numbers on the second combination okay 16:31 9 3 421 3 numbers I just replaced and they’ll already get I I also hit three numbers here so they’re older so there is also a consolation prize when I get three on my last combination look at carefully guys another set of winning 31 42 9 21:55 and 29 are another set of numbers that I include on my full combinations three confessions it is only three combination that I bet and water but as you can see on the three combination it all hit the consolation prize this is the main technique that I was referring guys how I work her and that I will actually show you how I water on my new method that or my new technique that has discovered look at my first combination okay 23:35 17 18 19 21 on my second combination I I replaced three of my numbers 22 23 19 or mitered combination I already live already replaced again my number 29 32 31 as you can see this are my these three numbers are my power numbers the string I just replaced the fourth fifth and sixth combination like larger occupied numbers but lesser my faith in this as you can see this is very simple strategy guys but this is powerful because you have lesser bet but bigger number occupied and a much higher percentage to hit the consolation prizes and most of all the main jumper price since we are aiming for the mega jackpot price don’t forget to Like share and subscribe thank you guys you you.


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