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Winning the Lottery

If you like this video please for new life optimizing videos every you ready to win the big one? Are you tired of just getting by? Are you living paycheck to paycheck? You know you deserve financial It is time to claim your Join Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach, Robert Zink, for this empowering Law of Attraction podcast. Learn the secrets to winning the lottery and attracting financial abundance. It is time to pay off debt and have extra to pay it forward. Read the story of the last Miracle Mentoring client that won a million dollars at Follow Robert Zink Are All Creators of This Reality! We have forgotten the divinity that is inside all of us. We are able of achieving miracles but our educational system teaches that matter is the highest there is, but we know better know don’t we? Everything is energy, every emotion or situation is purely energy, we don’t have senses to sense emotions, but what we do sense is energy. Ancient civilizations were very well aware of this, and they were master in harnessing and directing energy to they’re will. We must reclaim this knowledge. We are not the victims of this reality, we are the creators of it. We must remember that nature’s natural state is abundance! When something is lacking in the natural world the eco-system will be out of balance and will not thrive but try to survive. This is humanity right now, we are not really living we are merely surviving. Regain your ancient power and be in charge of your experience here on the physical plane.

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are you ready to win the lottery broadcasting daily around the world with ancient wisdom and cutting edge success I’m nothing less time this is law of attraction secret join miracle mentor and alchemy life coach Robert zinc prepare to be in pound live the life you desire attracts the success you deserve experience love a better relationship abundant and prosperity now here is your mentor of lights Robert shake hello everybody good morning good afternoon good evening whatever time you’re listening to this special law of attraction podcast I am your miracle mentor your mentor of light Robert Zink delighted and thrilled jacked up juiced up fired up it’s Friday thank God it’s Friday but hey we’re here all day working to help empower your life hey we just want you to have a great weekend by the way you know I I think the way to have a great weekend is to be a lottery winner now understand that not everybody’s gonna win the 10 million dollar lottery or the million dollar lottery but you have a very good chance of winning 10,000 50,000 a hundred thousand 250,000 or even a million you know there’s money all over the place and it’s easy to win we’re we’re looking for three maybe four people that want to work together and we’re gonna help you win the lottery okay are you ready to play you know the universe is an unlimited storehouse it really is and if you’re a manifester where you can manifest winnings in the lottery there are numbers of people who have one four five six ten times I mean it’s it’s crazy it’s absolutely crazy why do they win over and over again and other people never win well one of the reasons is they’re they’re aligned at the right vibration and they’re making it happen with the right beliefs now that’s just part of it certainly there’s a certain amount of clearing that goes in and I know that and I know that when we do our three day intensive in Taos New Mexico May 19th 20th and 21st there’s gonna be at least two or three people there that are intent upon manifesting a huge sum of money and the lottery provides an easy method for doing that and they’re gonna win I’m certain it look I have no doubts look I’m gonna give you a guarantee I guarantee that the people that attend manifesting beyond belief in Taos New Mexico may 19th 20th and 21st are going to manifest beyond anything you can imagine we’re gonna have their testimonials we’re actually gonna have them as guests on the show once their windfall starts coming in whether it’s money love help vitality combination of all of the above okay we’re gonna give them skills that you cannot get anywhere else and they’re impossible skills to teach in any other environment than a beautiful resort you know where we have everything catered to us and great meals and great people but I think at least this depends two to three people in Taos will probably within a short period of time after after the workshop set themselves up to win the lottery or win a lottery okay you know it just works that way look at I’m gonna tell you a brief story I was driving I was living in Southern California many years ago and I was working for a company called the Broadway if you lived in Southern California you know the company and I was making some money but I wasn’t making a huge amount of money and I said I’m gonna move back to the northwest but you don’t have the money that’s okay I’m stopping off in Reno on the way well what is Reno got to do with it well we’ve got about $800 we need about four or five thousand we’ll win it in Reno I was there for three days and when the dust settled the money was in my pocket and I moved north now I’ve done that several times I don’t have any exceptional skills as a gambler I’m matter of fact I’m not even a gambler I don’t even like gambling I have skills in manifesting ancient skills that have been handed down for thousands of years and I understand how manifesting works we had a million dollar winner last year so you can win the money you desire you’re gonna win the lottery aren’t you I need three people to work with okay I can’t work with any more than that when it comes to lottery work but if you’re interested in being one of those three you need to contact me at law of attraction solutions at write me a letter let me know a little bit about yourself okay you are about to experience a miracle claim your free 30 minutes of miracle mentoring and alchemy life coaching visit ww what Raksha Solutions calm this is the number one podcast on personal empowerment success and the law of attraction you’re listening to the miracle mentor of light Robert zinc are you ready for some affirmations are you ready for some new beliefs belief number one I deserve to win the lottery see everybody’s trying to win I hope to win I pray to win but nobody feels that they deserve to win the people that do usually win I’m amazed at how many lottery winners or gambling winners say you know I expected this it’s it’s like when I I made that road trip from those 25 years ago 30 years ago but I made that road trip from California to Washington and I stopped off in Reno for three days to come up with the money I fully expected it I didn’t have any doubts there was no other option for me I deserve to win the lottery I’m ready to receive large amounts of money are you ready are you still trying come on dummy you got some doubts don’t ya got some fears huh I understand but I want you to start saying to yourself this powerful affirmation I am ready to receive large amounts of money oh yeah money is and you’re gonna love the energy of money I’m so grateful for my lottery winnings there’s a past tense affirmation wonderful I’m so grateful for my lottery winnings isn’t that nice it’s my destiny to win the lottery it’s my destiny to win the lottery I love that I am a lottery jackpot winner my mind is totally focused and clear and I am an attractor for money I am destined to win huge amounts of money it’s such a great feeling to be a multimillionaire I like being a multimillionaire it feels good I now give myself permission on a spiritual basis to win the lottery I’m a magnet for lottery winnings money is coming into my life in huge gigantic amounts it’s easy to become a lottery winner there’s no challenge to it now there you go there’s just a few affirmations take two or three of those put them on a three by five card and use them all the time I literally impale those thoughts into your subconscious mind and then of course next you need to start playing the lottery on a regular basis that’s important too okay because if you don’t play you can’t win and don’t over play don’t play out of budget you know I mean look at you can win on one ticket or you can win on a on a thousand tickets it only takes one ticket to win the lady that I work with it won a million dollars last year she only played one ticket a week that’s one scratcher so there’s money all over the place there’s lottery winnings gonna happen I want to make 2017 a year where we have at least three to five lottery winners in our tribe and that’s sound good that sounds wonderful I’m excited about it so what I’d like you to do is send me a letter let me know or fill out the miracle mentoring thing you just let me know you want to win the lottery and we’ll get together we’ll talk about the plan it’s a serious plan we will work with you we will guide you every step of the way all the way to the bank how’s that how is that all the way to the bank and those of you who are already scheduled to join us in Taos New Mexico for manifesting beyond belief I want you to keep the idea of large sums of money coming into your life keep that keep open to that keep open to that idea because you’re only a breath away from manifesting the wealth that you desire hey it’s Friday it’s time to get out and play and have a good day and a good weekend you have a great weekend have a lot of fun get out there and play the lottery make some money attract some money do some good for people but have a great day because you deserve it bye bye unlock within yourself the powerful secrets to living the life you desire at the manifesting beyond belief intensive join Robert and Rachel’s Inc May 19th 20th and 21st in magical Taos New Mexico awaken miraculous manifestation powers within yourself experience dormant DNA activation through the three ancient alchemical attunements of sulfur mercury and salt also known as body mind and spirit as you experience these attunements from ancient alchemical mystery master Robert zinc you will awaken latent powers such as manifesting dreams into reality acquiring increased abundance attracting your soul mate developing a deeper spiritual connection to source improving health and vitality this three day intensive conducted by miracle mentor and alchemy life coaches Robert and Rachel zinc is held at the gorgeous El Monte Resort in Taos New Mexico spaces are limited so sign up now for more information visit www. isminc. com you. .

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