The Best Wagering Technique To Win The Lottery Jackpot Video

Winning the Lottery


guys and bark how is everyone yesterday got a special comment on one of my videos that buy lottery numbers that was used in a specific video has been winning it gives him winning in a kennel lottery game Congrats to the winner guys I have played gainer twice has a different technique or approach in winning because we can win the consolation prize easily it can be done guys I will make a video regarding in winning decay know don’t forget to Like share and subscribe guys but I will give you one tip for keno when you bid on keno since it is John every hour or minutes on a different country a different local lottery or in your area how many minutes it’s interval before another said wait for the current result in choosing your number who in choosing your number skip the current result that already been drawn remember do not beep again on that set of combination on that set of numbers because keno has lots of occupied numbers so the chances the number will be drawn is laser I mean 3 drawn again on that specific date or time now let’s proceed to our main lottery technique on to this video I will show you how I choose my numbers and how I water since my strategy is always aiming for the consolation prizes and of course the manger bad price these are my main strategies I am preparing for my lottery challenge in winning the lottery jackpot price guys now let’s proceed recently drawn numbers this are make actual recently drawn numbers here in a this term actual recently journalist knows I am waiting for a lottery game 6:55 lottery game now my recently drawn numbers I will eliminate that from the one 255 numbers I will eliminate the recently drawn numbers my basis of my recently drone drone numbers for elimination are the current three combinations that already been drawn recently so I will eliminate look I already eliminate one by one the recently been drawn numbers now after the elimination I have numbers that was not been drawn and was not been drawn already now how I choose my number okay now on my wagging and the way I bet I am using twenty numbers and twenty nine combination combination D our balance will they are designed to capture consolation prizes when the six number that you just is drawn successfully done you will hit eight percent consolation prize and of course the jackpot price so here are my chosen numbers 6 3 16 17 20 21 40 to 45 48 50 51 52 53 54 7 9 55 38 and 39 the basis of my numbers is the result of the elimination this number has not been drawn before but since this is composed of 20 numbers I just of course one my favorite numbers that recently been drawn I include on this 20 numbers my combination to get done now you can put your chosen number and just labeled 0 6 by a 0 3 by B 16 by C I will capture this screen and put on the end of the video for your references guys so you can use this guide this are my complete combination this is composed of 29 numbers this combination guys is balanced will this combination guys is balanced will this is the sign to successfully hit every consolation price when six numbers are successfully drawn in your chosen 20 numbers hope makes the nation and guide is very clear don’t forget to Like share and subscribe guys thank you you.


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