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Winning the Lottery

A complete guide on how to win the lottery everytime.

thank you for joining in with me today on how to win the lottery we’re gonna review Texas Lottery results and see how my method adds up to on Texas please subscribe and like okay the reasons of me I’m not doing on 1 through 17 is because I learned that Texans have four daily pick three okay and that would have been a long video okay so what I have done I did 10 through 17 midday and morning and day okay so we’re gonna review all of these and see what if we can determine where the numbers came from only daily basis okay again please like and subscribe okay ten midday on the 10th of me are morning 807 came out and we did our laundry man on our 807 okay if you’ve seen my videos other videos you all know how we did the library math and we’re how we stack these numbers okay we will take the 807 which is the morning on the tenth that came out are we plus one with minus 1 and this is our regular this is our plus 5 okay so we take these two numbers plus this number okay and we put them here over stack them here as is 807 241 in 463 okay then this is the +5 we’ll say plus 5 8 plus 5 is 13 were used two three five plus five plus five is our 10 okay and we use the five right here 5 minus 10 is 5 we played over here okay and then it’s plus 5 is 12 we used the 2 over here and so on okay and I would know where that came out from this 807 which came out on the 10th morning we find that 240 came out 2 4 0 ok 240 was the next draw if you guys remember in Texas when you go back and look at this date you’ll see that 240 candide come out do you all in the morning then there’s the day okay 807 is the new that we were actually tracking down and then the very next drunk the 240 came out through this number here okay and then we will go down here to the 240 we did our math we stacked them here we call the stack regular then we plus 5 on this one here and from this one from the two for did we see that 8 6 8 came out okay 8 6 8 came out of the 16th evening right here so 8 6 8 16 evening and then also we seen that 935 came out 935 is several different ways here you got nine three five nine three five and going down on line three five going here 935 okay and that came out on the 11th evening okay excuse me never evening 935 okay okay that’s from the 240 and then on the 5:15 the 10th evening we didn’t find anything here but as of the 17th no hits came so after the 17th what is it day there’s probably something did come off of this hint here or maybe the evening or that night from the 17th okay so don’t count this number here on these are just the tenth evening out because some number did eventually come off with this right here if you do your library man for nothing still come out here with keep the numbers in because they’re gonna kind of come out towards the end of the month okay and we’re going to the tenth night was 568 568 we did our math we did our math and right here we find that we have 450 okay for free that came out of Leavitt night right here for fifty five forty okay I’m sorry you guys it’s 540 okay got a live at night and then we see 935 right here which is living evening 540 and 935 okay 935 540 both of these numbers there came out from the just over here okay and 726 we’re gonna do the 11th morning.you 726 we did our lottery math this is our regular this is our plus 5 and then we see that we have a hit from 653 that’s a 15th day the 16th day okay is the 16th day 6 5 3 and then go our 6 3 5 right here that’s the 16th day the 16th day okay we’re gonna go down here to the 11th day we just 507 and we did our lottery math we find that 450 right here come out for the Leavitt night 540 right here 540 and again I made a mistake 540 okay then we got 540 okay so we have five for to come out eleventh night we got 692 they come out of the twelfth night and then we got 897 to come out 14 evening okay this one over here here and here okay from this number here all right we’re gonna go down here to the 935 the 935 Brodie 846 of 15 night right here you guys okay we did a lot of room and then we got that 540 okay excuse me we down here so we got the 468 okay 846 846 846 okay it’s 15 night and the levant night five there’s nobody here the 540 the eleventh night okay we didn’t our lottery man we got a regular we got a plus five and our he is 6:45 6:45 which is the fourteenth night okay now we’re doing the twelfth morning 3:42 took more than three 4243 243 243 we did our lottery laughs okay this is our regular this is our +5 and we have a hit 8 8 3 core straight up okay and then we have another one 706 okay and these numbers right here when it came out and straight hits because if you look at it right here just decide to come to come eight eight three and then this will come 706 so if you’re the playroom as is here then you would hit on straight okay we’re gonna hit 207 12th day the o2 712 day we’re here and we see that we have several hits to offer the regular one we have 846 15th night we got 706 15 evening didn’t have one 6417 midday good morning okay and these is 846 that’s fine that was 15 evening 15 night 15 evening 706 and then 164 17 morning okay so all of these numbers here I don’t know regular or accounted for and we’re gonna do one team which is the 12 evening okay then we find 547 come from 16 night okay 69 in 645 come up here 14th night they’re all in here okay then we got 692 220 night okay and the 900 is will come out of the fourteenth morning right here all from the 110 okay we’re gonna go down here to the the 692 the 692 we did our math and we got two hits we got the 650 three sixteenth day okay just over here and then we got 847 which is the fifteenth day right here okay all from this number here you guys I thank you all for joining in with me on how to win the lottery in Texas you guys have for daily picks congratulations to all who have won thank you subscribe we’ll continue to watch my videos and I will continue to make these videos enjoy and be blessed and good luck. .

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