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Winning the Lottery

Richard Lustig on Huff Post.


you watching have first live I’m Nancy red now your chances of winning the lottery are one in the 175 million and Richard Lustig has been that one seven times that’s right he’s taking home a jackpot seven times now you may think it’s because he’s a lucky man but Richard says that luck has nothing to do with it and you can be a big winner too and he’s going to tell us how hi Richard hi Nancy how are you today I’m good I’m looking at your book right here it’s right here on Amazon learn how to increase your chances of winning the lottery from a you had to cross out number six from a seven time grand prize lottery winner how many years have you been playing the lottery to have won seven times 100 200 years I started playing the lottery when it came to Florida which is about 25 years ago and it took me a few years to start developing some things that helped me win more often and then eventually I won my first my second third and here we are today I’ve now won seven lottery game grand prizes and you were just playing like the rest of us now full disclosure I’m a southern girl so a southern people love us of lotto my mama says you can’t win if you don’t play so we just normally get the quick pick so you know it’s very exciting in some phones we get two or three you say it’s more complicated than that you realize that about 18 years ago right absolutely and in fact that’s one of the things that I try to tell people all the time do not buy quick picks and I know there’s people watching this right now that say what do you mean don’t buy quick picks I always buy quick pace we’ll have you won yet now if I’m going to make a statement like that I need to be able to back it up and and here’s what it is quick picks are for those people that don’t know our computer generated set of numbers for the game that you want to create pick four for instance Powerball one of the big multi state games the odds of winning Powerball one in 175 million so every time you buy a quick pick your odds are always going to be one and a hundred and seventy five million the worse they can be but if you pick your own numbers and you play them consistently and you never change them actually every time you lose your eyes get a little bit better not a lot but a little bit better for the next drawing so is that what you started doing to win all this cash um that plus many other things would join my book yes okay so here’s the thing nothing speaks like the actual numbers you’ve been playing so long the very first time you want how much did you win the very first time you won the lotto the very first jackpot I won was two weeks after my son was born he’s now 20 and uh it was for $10,000 and it was on a scratch ticket and I was following what I had developed this method which at that point I didn’t even know I had a bet how do you have a method with the scratchers well here’s one of the things that I tell people you know I see people do this all the time they go to the counter in the store and there’s the display of all the scratch tickets and they say let me see here let me have a couple of those and who you got bingo I like bingo let me have a few of those and I like the colors on that ticket right there let me have a couple of those folks that’s one of the worst things in the world you can do you might as well run a blindfold take a loaded gun and try to hit the target it’s not going to happen so here’s what you do one of the things I preach also is about setting a budget do not get what’s called lottery fever do not spend grocery money do not spend rent money figure out what you can afford so let’s just say for this example your budget is a hundred dollars my method works whether you get attend on a budget or ten thousand dollar budget it doesn’t matter but this example say it’s 100 now scratch tickets come in all denominations one three five ten twenty dollars so if you take your money it’s $100 you divide it by ten so now you’re gonna buy ten ten dollar tickets here’s part of the method don’t pick them pick 10 tickets out of different games buy all 10 tickets in a row of the same game if you do that almost every single time you do it there’s going to be a winning ticket in there most of the times and sometimes even three or four winning tickets in that stretch of ten tickets in a row you just increased your chances of winning I think this is a brilliant brilliant idea I can’t wait til my mom who was a quick pick fan and a pick and choose scratcher girl I think we could change her luck after 73 years the most she’s won has been like a free ticket so we could make some changes because other people are really into this we have Marissa Emily seven times I can’t even win once and then we have a question from GI fun the first time you won that $10,000 jackpot right after son was born what was the first thing that you did at that time we were like everybody else we’re living paycheck to paycheck and we had insurance but as I said that I won that to the exacta my son was born and the insurance doesn’t cover all the medical bills so we didn’t know how we were going to pay the rest of the bills and we were also living in an old house we had a leaky roof and it’s just like a scene in the movie every time it rain we put the buckets out to catch the water so when I won that first grand prize the first thing I did was I pay off the hospital and I got our roof repaired all right you see that’s not what you advocate in your book you say when you win the lottery don’t spend it all in one place that’s true and and but you gotta remember something that was the first time right I won I didn’t know what I was doing yet I didn’t even know I had I was developing a method yet I didn’t even realize that I had a method until my fourth win even though everybody else was still saying oh you’re just a lucky guy there’s no such thing as a method I’m saying I won four times how can you say that’s just luck but when I won my fifth grand prize now people started to say okay wait a minute here nobody can be that lucky what’s your secret that was the big question I got never since then that’s what this is all been about okay so that’s what’s all have been about you figured out the round the fourth time here’s the thing we have so many stories out there talking about winning the lotto ruined them because what’s the what’s the largest amount you’ve won in a lotto jackpot okay the largest amount that one was win number five and that was 840 mm yes okay why you made a comment about sometimes winning the lottery ruins people what happens is you get somebody who’s never had that kind of money in their life and they win this this big giant grand prize what do they do they go crazy they start throwing parties and and spending money all kinds of stuff and buying fancy cars or whatever folks if you are fortunate enough to win a grand prize the very first thing you should do is seek financial help get a financial planner an accountant a lawyer make sure whoever you get is a reputable person with a good reputation and then have them help you just decide what to do with that money first thing you should do is pay off all your bills set up a future plan of investments and stuff to protect yourself for the rest your life and then you go out and buy the talking cars okay so you’ve got you but you are a fan of the cars you’ve got in the cars but here’s what I want to know you’ve been with your wife for longer than the lotto has existed in Florida have all has all of the fame all the fortune has it ever affected your relationship absolutely not I know offense against you or any other woman in the world but I am married to the woman uh Cosette is my not only my wife she’s my best friend she’s been with me too thick and thin and and and the first she had her doubts she thought he’s really sure you know what you’re doing here and I said no I really don’t know what I’m doing here but I’m trying stuff to see if I can make something happen and then of course as I kept improving and it kept winning more she went about along with it she’s my best friend I love it now when you were spending all this money cuz how much in total you’ve won a lot but you’ve also spent a lot to win the lottery how much in total do you think you have spent on lottery tickets you know I wish I knew the answer to that because I get that asked a lot now you know how much have you spent versus how much have you lost how much have you won and so forth you gotta remember again the first 10 15 years or so I didn’t know what I was doing I was experimenting I had no idea I was gonna write a book I mean I was the farthest thing from my mind so I never kept track of anything you know all I know is this that we’re still able to play I’m still winning and I’m playing with lottery money and I’m having fun doing it I love it okay of all of the things you’ve purchased with all of the money which is over a million dollars right that you’ve won with these seven a lot of jackpots yes I’m in the millions yes you’re in the millions there you’re in the millions with all of the millions even one what is your favorite thing that you’ve purchased oh boy that’s a toughy because I bought a Jaguar I now on a Harley I bought my son his first car which is a Beemer but and we got on cruises I would have to say probably if I had to pick one item uh one of the times we took all of our family on a 10 day cruise seven days on sea and then four days on on land up in Alaska I was we had an absolutely great time with that’s incredible and do you haven’t a job do you have to is lose your job playing lotto you know I’m glad you use that word because that’s what I try to make people understand that you know there’s casual lottery players and there’s nothing wrong with that these are people that play once in a while a buy a couple of tickets here a couple ticks there that are really serious about it but then you have serious lottery players and that’s what my method is all about it’s for people who really want to win if you really want to win you have to consider this like a job so you have to be willing to put the time and the effort into it doing the research and I teach you how to do that in my book and it’s very easy to do and to find out if you got a winning set if you got a good set of numbers to play so yeah it is a job so I have two jobs I also own a talent agency and I book like 70s and 80s classic rock acts like rare earth and any money and and Dewey Brothers and stuff like that uh but yeah I have two jobs because my other job is the lottery but you do know that you’re coming back on here with your 70’s and 80’s talent if you fall by the way uh it seems like really a good time but here’s here’s another thing you know I’ve dabbled in winning things I once won a quarter million dollars a millionaire and even as a kid oh my gosh everywhere I was turning folks were like hey can I can I get some cash it was very overwhelming how did you handle all of the people coming out of the Woodworks once they realized that whether it was luck or skill you had a lot oh you had a lot of trend in you and you were in the in the green you know it’s funny I haven’t been hit that often by those kinds of people and had a few here and there once in a while and the only thing you can do is is ignore it because you’re going to get people that are yeah they’re going to come out of the Woodworks you know one of the things that I’m I’m pushing for in whatever way I can do it is I’m pushing for an amenity an amount where people can be anonymous that’s what I was looking for you know some states you can win and you can stay anonymous and get your name doesn’t have to be publicized I believe that’s the way it should be some states they insist that you have to be publicized and people have to know who you are you you take a guy who maybe is working construction all his life and he all of a sudden wins a big lottery and next thing you know he’s thrown into a room with all these reporters and TV cameras and flashes going off and and you know you’re freaking the poor guy am I you know I believe that if people want to win and stay anonymous they should be allowed to do so me I’m used to it I’ve been on I’ve been the entertainment business all my life so it doesn’t bother me well here’s the thing it doesn’t bother you but hopefully I think people they had to choose between millions of dollars and being anonymous they might choose millions of dollars and in that case they might want to take a look at your book learn how to increase your chances of winning the lottery and I’m tickled that you’ve been able to join us I have to say I rarely say this but your wife is lucky lucky lady I’m actually the lucky lucky guy that that she married obviously she is priceless and so are you it’s been fantastic talking with you Richard but I gotta go I gotta get my lotto I do have one last question really quickly if you had to choose would you put your cash in the Powerball or the Mega Millions or would you put it in scratch offs which would you choose which one I choose or what do I recommend people do what do you recommend people choose okay that’s a different question because what I recommend people to choose is what I’m trying to teach it’s not that people are stupid it’s just they don’t know how to play so what I’m trying to do is to teach people who don’t play with greed play with smarts yes you’d love to win 40 million or 100 million but if you don’t have enough money to play a lot you only get a little bit go after the games with the smaller jackpots yes forty million would be great but most people today if they only want one hundred thousand dollars that can be life changing for them so play the games with the smaller jackpots because you have better chances of winning so the scratch offs scratch offs is one of those but there’s also ball games that have smaller grand prizes all right I’ve learned a lot I’ll be getting my scratch off so thank you so much for joining us and all y’all make sure to stay here with her first live where as you know the conversation always continues.


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