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Winning the Lottery

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fact the last thing you should be thinking about at the age 65 is money the last thing you should be thinking about at age 25 is money learn how to trade stocks online with golden penny stock millionaires calm and see how you can take as little as 250 dollars and see a turn it’s a blockbuster conference I’ll tell you what click the link below this video and I’ll give you more information on how click the link below this video to more secretary of the Florida Lottery and we are here to announce our winner of the five hundred and ninety point five million dollar Powerball jackpot and to do so I’d like to introduce the Secretary of the Florida Lottery Cynthia O’Connell secretary welcome I’m Florida Lottery Secretary Cynthia O’Connell so glad to have you here today thank you for joining us as we are making history in the Florida Lottery headquarters today and we do often because we have a whole lot of winners in Florida Saturday May 18th the multi state Powerball game held is drawing right here in this building for a 590 million dollar jackpot the largest jackpot ever offered in the game’s 21 year history as you know one lucky Florida ticket was a soul winner of the jackpot making it the largest winning lottery ticket ever in American lottery history today I had the news we’ve all been waiting for the winner has come forward the ticket has been validated at lottery headquarters and the winner of the 590 million dollar jackpot is mrs.Gloria C Mc. Kinsey 84 years of age as Zephyrhills Florida mrs. Mackenzie has elected to receive the winnings in a one time lump sum payment of three hundred and seventy eight hundred ninety six seven hundred and eighty million dollars before taxes this is in lieu of payment of receiving thirty annual payments of 1968 III before taxes mrs. Mackenzie has declined the opportunity to speak with the media today however she did ask that I share this statement with you we bought the winning ticket as a single ticket even though we bought four other tickets before the drawing while in line at Publix another lottery player was kind enough to let me go ahead of them in line to purchase the winning Quick Pick ticket we are grateful for this blessing of winning the Florida Lottery Powerball jackpot and appreciate the interest of the public state of Florida and the lottery we hope that everyone will give us an opportunity to maintain our see for our family’s benefit if you have any inquiries or questions you may contact our representatives at the law firm of Brandt Abraham writer Mc.

Cormick and Johnson or the financial planning firm Medan advisory services both of Jacksonville Florida I will now open the floor to any questions you have I believe they waited as long as they did which was not a terrible length of time except for those of you who have been waiting here at lottery headquarters to see them 14 days I think it’s been because they’re you know this is a very large amount of money it changes your life and I believe to make sure that they were ready to handle the responsibilities that come with that type of a jackpot win yes they did like all of our winners or many of our winners they walk right through the the headquarters of the Florida Lottery here in Tallahassee and say I have a winning ticket may I validate it not to my knowledge they denied family members a trust her son was a nurse unrested a family friend and her legal and financial advisers I do his name is Scott Mc.Kenzie I can oh here you have it yes it is one would assume so but I don’t have knowledge of what her prior appointment was she bought this ticket in Zephyrhills Florida she bought the ticket in Zephyrhills Florida she did not she did not in closing we are all about making dreams come true here at the Florida Lottery and these few weeks have been a time of great excitement for mrs. Mackenzie and the Zephyrhills community in all of Florida we’re thrilled that a Florida resident has won this jackpot I wish them a lifetime of happiness and and with their new fortune we’ll be issuing a formal press release to the media that will include information relating to the claim and you’ll be receiving that shortly the cash payout is three hundred and seven three hundred and seventy million eight hundred ninety six seven hundred and eighty before taxes thank you all for your patience and for being with us today thank you Hey are you ready to make some serious cash if I take an advantage of a little known secret that Wall Street players do not want you to know about click the link directly below this video and head over to the golden penny stock millionaire site today find out how it’s possible for you to become a stock trader right from the comfort of your home by simply having a computer and an internet connection click the link directly below this video and let’s get started. .

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