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Our updated prayer to win the lottery guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

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Prayer To Win The Lottery Once

You must be wondering, how do you ensure that your chances of winning are present? You can use the powers of a prayer in order to accomplish your desire. Keep in mind that you need to have conviction else the chances of the prayer working are substantially decreased.

Prayers have been proved time and again to be the most effective and easy ways for anyone to get anything they want. Jesus is abundant in all aspects and he will shower his blessings on you if you really do ask. Thus, you can specifically do the following according to what you need:


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Prayer To Win The LotteryAn example of a prayer to win lottery Lord!. Help me my you have many financial problems in your life, then you can pray to God to win big money. I have faith that you will help me my Lord.In your name I pray, can pray to Jesus if you want to win the lottery tonight. Here is a prayer to win lottery Jesus. Please Lord, consider my only prayer.

hello world today is September 29th 2011 and I’m vlogging you all today because I I have been praying really hard about where to go with this blog and actually I didn’t even know if I should keep doing it um I was kind of confused on like where God was trying to take me with this because I did end up having a dream actually the very first day after my first vlog um I had a dream and it kind of confused me and so I called up my grandmother who’s my spiritual leader in this world she’s the smartest spiritual person I’ve ever known she’s just so very true to herself and so in touch with God and she’s always supported me with my spiritual gift and she has her own gifts which are incredible and so she very much believes in me and has helped me develop it anyway so I called her up and I told her what I was doing with this blogs and what the dream was that I had and I told her you know that I would really like to help people and I think maybe helping my friends and family closest to me to I’d be a good starting point and she brought up a really good point and she said you know your friends and your family and everyone though you know they’ll they’ll be so kind and will say nice things and it could end up glorifying you instead of God you know the purpose of this you know what you’re right I don’t want any attention from this that’s not the purpose you know I don’t want anybody that I know to be like oh you’re so cool because of this or something which it’s not me that’s special in this it’s I think I’m special but not because of this I think it’s more that God is special and God is so awesome that he is he’s powerful enough and he’s just he’s loving enough to where he’s given me these dreams that have helped strengthen me and give me encouragement over the years and say yeah I was confused on if I should keep with it or not my grandmother helped clarify it a little bit for me she says you know well maybe just you know advertise that or promote it to strangers not the people you know so yeah that’s a really good idea I think I’m going to stick with that so a little background on that there and I didn’t want to have it turn into something where I was just where I felt like it was something Bragi which is not me I absolutely loathe when people brag so it’s not something that I could do and it’s not something that I would want people that I know to turn it into so yeah that being said I spoke to my grandmother and she said you know just stay true to yourself make sure to myself okay got it know what so I prayed about it and I was like well you know what the lottery thing you know the pattern of being one or two digits away from the winning numbers has happened twice and I know it’s an easy thing for God to do I mean it’s it’s not like you know it’s difficult I mean we’re talking awesome God who created mankind created the world it’s not by any means difficult for him to lead me to picking numbers on a piece of paper but for us humans who are so caught up in the entrapment of this world and we’re so fixated on money and all these things and we you know we tend to idolize people who are lucky or powerful with money and you know those kinds of things so I can see very easily why God would pick or why God would you know place it on my heart to go through the lottery to show people who are far from God or however close to far they are from him whatever everybody’s on their own walk with God even to use the lottery to show them he’s there you know he’s there I don’t know just not much more powerful because it’s using something that’s such as statice thing money you know to say I’m in control of that you know and I don’t know so I think it’s cool so I prayed about it and then last night I I left the gym went to Publix and I didn’t go to a guy station like I don’t wanna do it went to Publix instead and so to play the lottery there and you know I was all sweaty and gross I really didn’t want to take too much time doing this but I started picking numbers in it before I picked the numbers I prayed to God I was like you know what God if you want me to continue doing this blog if it is you know if this is something that will not only help others but it’s helping me it really is it’s helping me understand my gift and coming out about it rather than you know feeling scared to admit you know that I have it or whatever it’s really helping liberate me I would say and it is a very liberating thing to be able to videotape something you know the whole world can see and say that I love God and Jesus Christ saved me and I’m grateful for that and I’m willing to say or do whatever it takes to tell the whole world that’s real so I had this little prayer with God you know if you want me to continue to do this then if you could just leave me to the numbers that are one or two digits off from the winning numbers once again mind you I’m not trying to actually win I establish the fact that God doesn’t want me to become a millionaire off the lottery winning money I don’t need to do that I want to work for it you know I’m not just that but money can change people and truth be told I don’t think I’m strong enough at this point to have four million dollars just randomly show up in my bank account and to not to not handle it in the wrong way like I’m not saying I would completely go crazy and do anything you know superficial but I don’t think that right now I’m mature enough I guess with my relationship with God to do the things that he would really want me to do with it so I understand that and I got it I mean I’m definitely closer than I would have been a few years ago but whatever so but that being said I started picking numbers pick numbers and then you know I went up to the counter in the ladies like you only picked five you have to pick one more so I let me see it because I didn’t want to just say a number I wanted to see the number because that’s kind of how I felt led to it as I just see the number and I saw 48 and I was like eight yeah so I picked that one that was my last number so here are the numbers I picked okay 12:17 2439 4348 okay and yes obviously it’s a widget like this there you go so you can see that and then here are the winning numbers and it’s kind of funny just remember what I prayed to God for I literally this is verbatim I said God if you want me to keep blogging about this can you lead me to numbers that are one or two digits off from the winning numbers or you know if it’s if one or two are on point that’s fine you know like last time one was dead on and that’s fine but it’s not like I’m gonna win any money from one number being on I don’t want to win anything right so these are the numbers that one and I didn’t go and get them printed up I kinda didn’t have the time today but you can go to a Florida Lottery Agency so here are my numbers along with the winning numbers so I picked eight I picked I’m sorry eight one ten fifteen thirty four thirty nine forty five and while holding this up I’m gonna explain you what’s interesting about this because I pick ten twelve one so it’s two deters off I’m sorry opposite I pick twelve and ten one I fix 17 and 15 ones that’s two days off and then I picked 39 39 one and then I picked 43 and 45 one but you notice that 34 and eight one and I didn’t pick three four eight I picked 24 and 48 what did I ask God for I asked him to lead me to numbers that are one or two digits off from the winning number well I picked 24 and 34 one technically two and three that’s that’s a one digit mean I mean it’s only one digit off you know you mean technically it’s you know if you take out the two and you know you put in a three that’s only one digit off and then with 48 I saw the eight you know which was right you know but the four is off so if you take up the floor and you put in zero it’s only one digit off so I know it kind of sounds like I’m bending it just to make it sound like it but I mean every other number was the same pattern so it’s not like I’m trying to flex it just just sound like it’s accurate and it actually took me some time like God why was I so far away maybe because I so that ate and I just went off my instincts instead of really listening to where you’re leaving me you know wasn’t 248 it was 8 you know and I just did it in an instant kind of thing but then I thought about it I was like no I mean I got what I asked for I asked him to leave me one or two digits away from each number or if one’s on that’s fine and I really felt strong about 39 since I find that one one um but yeah so I was two digits away from all the numbers 39 1 and then with the 2 where it may seem like I was way far off I got what I asked for you know I really did he gave me one digit and that one digit was off so it was kind of a funny thing I mean it kind of made me think that I think to the fact that when we when we pray a lot of times we’re praying for things you know we’re saying what we want we’re telling God what we want and then he answers us but his answer isn’t always what we want or what we thought it would be but as it turns out his answer is what really needs to happen and a lot of times we can be like oh god you didn’t give me what I asked for unity mean but we’re not seeing it we’re not seeing it from his point view we’re saying you don’t think for what we want you know and it’s a selfish thing it really is and I’m very guilty of it that’s why I have no problem saying it you know I I’ve been there and done that where I’ve said God if only you could give me this serve only this could happen you know and over the years I’ve learned to instead of praying for God to give me specific things I pray more to draw near to Him and pray more for him to just what his will be done and for me to be okay with his will being done so it’s turning it over him instead of trying to remain in control and using God is like I don’t know in the church they use a term it’s kind of older it’s called prayer whore please forgive me for that but it is a term that they use you know it’s like oh I want this and I want this so can you give me this God isn’t a genie you know he’s not a lamp reassure rubberman he’s going to give you everything that you want and just because you you’re praying to him and you’re entitled to everything you want that’s not how it works so I think it was really interesting because it just brought me back to a place in time when I used to do that I used to pray to God for well if only you could make this person like me or if only I could get this with school or with work or this much money or whatever you know but now I go to God and I say you know thank you for everything you’ve given me and I’m always thankful for the good and the bad you know that’s something that I think has transformed my heart more than anything is coming to God and instead of humbleness and thanking him for the hard time it’s just as much as the good so every broken heart every upset feeling every time somebody’s wronged me or betrayed me or every time you know a job didn’t work out or I didn’t get something I wanted I think God for it because I know that it’s part of his plan and I know that it’s strengthening me and I know that it’s making me better and it’s just it’s definitely a transformation thing where your soul and your heart evolves when you humble yourself down you become thankful for everything not just the good you know you have to thank God for the things that didn’t turn out the way you wanted them to because you may not see it now but whatever you want it to happen isn’t part of your plan you know and might take you while maybe a year years or whatever however long to see whatever you wanted to happen wasn’t supposed to happen but in the end be grateful for it you know there’s actually a country song about it some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers which is very true but yeah so I don’t know there’s just something I want to share with you guys and my thoughts on that and the way I pray now I don’t know how anyone else out there prays but for me that works you know for me it works to come to God and just ask for his will to be done or if there’s something um like work wise like a job I’m trying to get I’ll I’ll ask em you know God is your will for me to get this in Sofia if not that’s fine thank you I just pray that whatever supposed to happen happens and I’ll be okay with it you know and that you’ll help you’ll help me you know not have better several present resenting feelings who’s not getting the things that I want whatever but yeah and in the end I think it’s a really cool thing when your heart lines up to where what you really want is what God gives you you know it’s not superficial things it’s not a jackpot that is hey it’s it now it’s at six million dollars there’s a two million lesson for the first thing so yeah it’s not a jackpot of six million dollars that God wants me to have that’s fine I’m happy with it you know and just being happy with what he gives you so yeah there’s my little spiel for today um I don’t know I think this lottery thing is going to work and it’s given me topics to talk about share with you guys but I really do want to talk about the dream things so I’m gonna do another vlog right now actually separately on that so that way it’s not joined together to some of my time limit here 14 minutes is way long so no one’s hockey or off anymore thank you for listening and stay tuned for more videos talk to you soon.

by an incredible rags to riches story a man whose family just lost their home can now afford to buy almost anything he wants after winning the 232 million dollar Powerball jackpot NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren has more from the beginning it almost seemed like fate I’ve said for a long time that the winning ticket sold in winner South Dakota but wait this story gets even better we all have congratulations from the South Dakota lottery is that winner and just in a nick of time neighbors say his family had fallen behind on their taxes and had their mobile home repossessed low on cash the down and out Rancher took a chance on the ninth biggest jackpot in Powerball history he bought the ticket here while on a trip to winner to buy livestock feed and says he couldn’t believe his eyes when the numbers a combo of family birthdays matched Wanless chose a lump sum payment about eighty eight and a half million after taxes but he says he plans to keep ranching though maybe on a bigger ranch and perhaps most important to him by the looks of things he’s already started I think that everybody’s in a little better mood everybody’s smiling everybody’s talking about it and it’s counting on the rest I think has helped yeah we’re all attitude it seems there are a lot of big winners in winner these days Kristen Dahlgren NBC News you.

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