People Absolutely Won The Food Lottery ( New Pics ) P 2 Video

Winning the Lottery

to Boss DT : People Absolutely Won The Food Lottery P 2
We’ve all heard the saying money can’t buy happiness, but food can. Why dream of winning the lottery if you can win the food lottery that is, when you pay for a certain amount of your favorite food, and end up with more. Now thats a real deal, my friends.
It’s like getting a grande latte when you only paid for a tall; like buying fish fingers, and getting an extra one in the packet; like eating your morning cereal and noticing an extra-large cheerio! Not to mention buying your favorite veggie or berry, and its the biggest one you’ve ever seen ka-ching!
BossDT has made a list of photos documenting people winning the food lottery. Has it happened to you too? If so, be sure to share it with our readers by uploading the picture below.


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