Palmistry And Winning The Lottory Video

Winning the Lottery

This video shows how to tell if you will win the lottery or some significant amount of money through palmistry. We look at the hands of a lady who has won the lotto three times in her life.

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This channel is about Palmistry – with an emphasis on spirituality, personal growth and development. This video is hosted by Sulabh Jain..

hey guys welcome back to cherry palmistry today we’re gonna be talking about how to find out if you’re gonna win money and you can win this money in one of several different ways you can either win the lotto you could gamble it on sports or win it in a casino or that kind of thing sometimes you could just find the suitcase full of cash and that’s how you win your money on some rare occasions it comes through an inheritance or a lucky investment so think of people who invested in like Bitcoin a couple years ago they’re all millionaires right now or people who were in on the dot com bubble before it really blew up that’s the sort of thing that we’re talking about it’s money that you get without really earning it in any traditional sense and we’re also gonna have a look at a really rare hand of someone who’s won the lottery three times and so the actual technique itself is pretty simple what I want you to do is have a look at your son line and that’s the vertical line that grows underneath the ring finger here if you get two of these lines running parallel or next to each other starting at about the same time that is how to tell if you’re about to come across some money for example this lady over here at the age of 32 where these two lines start up she won the lottery she actually pulled in about 450,000 at this point and then at the age of 56 at this 31 1.3 million and at the age of 66 she won for a third time she won seven hundred thousand dollars at that age now if you’re thinking that’s really lucky well yes because statistically to win the lottery even once is read but to do it three times is exponentially rare but it’s not all roses and unicorns for this lady she unfortunately does have bipolar disorder and when she won her lotto the first time at the age of 32 her husband actually tried to kill her he was trying to poison her for quite some time as a result of which by the time she found out she obviously left her husband but as a result of all the poisoning that he put her through just got permanent damage to some of her internal organs the second time she won the lottery because of her bipolar disorder her siblings convinced her that she should put her money into a sort of a family trust trusting her siblings she did so and they essentially embezzled it away from her her sister ended up buying a house with her money and her brother went on an extended overseas holiday she didn’t see a cent of any of those winnings right now at the age of 66 she’s just won $700,000 for the third time in her life and she’s not sure what to do with this money but this begs a question is she really lucky because of her lottery wings she’s essentially in pain constantly she has no family or no partners she’s essentially alone but the universe keeps throwing money at her and the reason I mentioned this is because a lot of people think it’s lucky to win the lotto and it is but at the same time it also raises a lot of demons in other people around you either out of jealousy or spite so although having two parallel Sun lines next to each other is a good thing you also need to be very wary that your success doesn’t inspire negative thoughts and other people all right guys that’s my take on how to find out if you’re gonna win money on your hands if you have any questions leave them in the comment section below otherwise hit like and subscribe thank you. .

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