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Our updated national lottery win guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

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national lottery win

National Lottery (United Kingdom)

Prizes over 30,000 up to and including 50,000 If you’ve been really lucky and won over 30,000 and up to and including 50,000, please call us on 0333 234 44 33 during our normal opening hours during the claim period to claim your prize. Prizes will be paid by cheque.

Prizes over 50,000 must be claimed in person during the claim period. Call us on 0333 234 44 33 during our normal opening hours during the claim period to validate your claim and we will arrange to process your claim in person.

Free Lotto Lucky Dip If you match 2 main numbers on Lotto, you’ll win a free Lotto Lucky Dip, which will be entered into the next Lotto draw. We’ll let you know that you’ve won and you can choose which Lotto draw you’d like to be entered into for future free Lotto Lucky Dips that you win.

If you win a non-cash prize, instalment or annuity prize you can find out how to claim in the Game Procedures and/or Game Specific Rules for the relevant game.

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You can do this via the message we send to your account for draw games, or via the prize notification when you finish a game for Instant Win Games. All retailers are required to pay prizes of up to 100, apart from those with till-point terminals, who are required to pay prizes up to 50. Prizes must be claimed in person. Camelot must receive postal claims within the claim period. For prizes that can be paid out in-store, the ‘win receipt’ will inform you how much you have won. For higher-value prizes that need to be paid out at a Post Office or by Camelot, the ‘win receipt’ will provide guidance on how you can claim your prize. If, however, the retailer cannot pay you your prize, they will return the ticket to you, along with your ‘win receipt’.

if I won the lottery I wouldn’t have to spend my day sucking up to people that hassle today I’m in Herefords for millionaire mode how did it come to this can’t believe I’m not as part of the help when Matt won a million quid he ditched his job in a factory and blew a hundred and twenty thousand pounds on taking a load of his mates on a champagne fueled global 10 month bender no I didn’t ah yes you did and I guess that makes him Herefords only international playboy where did you go we kicked off in Bali we got through 10 grand in 10 days when you say weed you mean you yeah we then went to Thailand and then a witness went to Brazil for the World Cup and it was time to go to Ibiza took 13 lads away that and then we went to America it’s never my intention to be lying spend 10 grand a night doing that it happens it’s happened yeah yeah be honest if I’d have seen someone else from you know her for doing what I’m doing I probably think you’re an idiot we do think they were being a bit fun I’ve had it from social media like random comments like I don’t even know you are no what do you know you know whatever just written twat yeah loads of people and it’s expected as well because I’d be the same I understand what are you having more sex now than before um yeah how many women roughly I confer a number have you lost count yeah some be like I’m my mate won a million quid on the lottery and then all of a sudden you seemed like sharks going straight for ya girl yeah does it make you go well I’ll just have some fun with you then I just crack on yeah that’s it too much yeah how do you work out whether girls turn you in on all ho na bu I’m safe then right millionaire to do list one travel and shag a load of women check to realize you need somewhere to live and piss off the neighbours at your suburban six bed fixer upper check once it’s finished I mean all this is going to be decked out here you have a 10 man hot tub put a 10 man what yeah I told you you’ve got close to it it’s going to be the ultimate bachelor pad beautifully I mean I don’t want to label it as either yeah probably it will be yeah a bar is going to go down this wall as well 10 minute owatta average Friday night for me the excess that followed Matt’s win changed him to the point that his family had to have a word and now he’s China swap the party’s for properties so whose advice did you listen to who set you down and said Matt you’re getting a reputation my parent did I upset you to know that they thought you were turning into a bit of a twat uh no I kind of knew myself to be on it yeah it start to get a bit out of hand so I’m not going at my system you are horrendous is it all right she’s just every other decorate the house of course I’ve never decorated a house look at me don’t like a woman that’s decorated a house any regrets no no the money thank you much no only on my house renovation is killing me I’d rather blow it all on alcohol blow it all on alcohol all right there Matt drinks are on you mate I’ve seen your Twitter feed and there’s quite a lot of pictures of your your little girls now am i right in thinking that that was little treat yourself.

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