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Winning the Lottery

Hey Guys!!! Wanted to share my lotto story with you and how my spirituality played a big part! It’s important to be in tune with yourself and positivity so you can receive your blessings. Don’t focus on the negative, always stay in the positive, always stay focused. Also I’ve been noticing lately that all of my intuitions have been dead on so if you ever have a feeling about something listen to your gut feeling & go along with it

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hi guys today I’m going to do a little bit different of of it a video I’m going to kind of talk a little bit about spirituality I’ve been spiritual probably the last it’s like the end of April I kind of just fell into it I stumbled across it and the more I looked into it the more I connected with it actually really connected with it from the jump which made me just you know keep looking into it and following it I don’t want to get too deep into it but I’m going to touch on it just a little bit while I tell you this story so I don’t played a lot of you know I’m not that lotto girl I don’t go and play a lot of all the times it’s not that person but I had like a feel and I just kept having this feeling of like you know go to 7 eleven and put some numbers in right so I went on Monday and I’m riding to the 7 eleven I knew I was gonna go to 7 eleven put some numbers in for the pic three and I was gonna go work out because I hadn’t been to the gym in a while and I was in a good mood you know I you ever just had like one of those those days where you just fell in tune with everything you know so I went and I was feeling good so I got to 7 eleven and I pulled into a parking spot and I you know your phone goes the screen will go black if you haven’t looked at the screen in a while so I hit the home button on my screen and see what time it was it’s just of course I have it I just do it anyway so I hit the home button and the time popped up now it’s not nothing out of the norm for the time to pop up but it’s just that time that popped up it just really stuck out on the screen it just really stood out on the screen to me and I already had a number I wanted to put in so I was like okay I’m gonna put that number in I’m gonna put the time in and we’ll put the number I already had in my head I’m gonna put that number into so I go inside and I’m writing my numbers down the mines you I don’t know what I’m doing I don’t play the lotto all the time so I’m looking at the sheet I’m trying to figure it out I knew what no I know how to put the numbers down but as far as day evening and all of the other stuff I was getting kind of confused but I was filling out as much as I could I knew that if I feel that I wrong machine wouldn’t take it anyways and I was just you know for the right way so I’m filling out the sheet and I’m just feeling like good I’m just feeling in tune the world just feeling it’s hard to explain but if you’re spiritualist you are you know exactly once a month your spiritual person but meanwhile I’m letting out things outside of me I’m letting them I’m listening to them which i think is why I messed up but listen let me tell the rest of the story so one of the girls working there she you could just tell she was like in a bad mood she was just like I really think what it was and she just doesn’t like her job which I can definitely understand and relate to that so it’s no fault to her about that but just she was talking I think some I asked her about someone she was like oh he left for a better job you know in the site you work here so why would you say that out loud for other people to hear and you know your co workers you know coming you know it’s like a better job like we don’t work a good job savasana hmm you know I heard her say that and kind of made me feel like when she said that out loud then she was coming over she was also the one they had working a lot on machine so she comes over to the lot on machine and she typed something in for somebody else and the machine was like I don’t know it was giving her some ticket singing something but it wasn’t ticket tickets it was like I guess machine’s not working tickets or whatever she was like why why is he cute giving me these same things of saying the same thing something she was just angry she was just angry person she had a lot on her or something was just not right with her that day she might be like that every day but I don’t go there all the time so I don’t know so anyways my first sheet I gave to her put my numbers in it didn’t work so she gave it back to me I felt on another sheet gave her that sheet he didn’t work so she was like well never mind I’ll just put put them in manually so I was like okay you know and she was pretty even though she just I was in a bad mood when she was dealing with me she seemed pretty pleasant so I got my numbers looks I get like a pack of gum and like a Ocean Spray drink or something like that left went to the gym a little bit of that day two week three cash to 5k I’ve been kinda behind on it but I’m doing it still um went home next day oh let me go back so I put my numbers in for the next day so that was Monday so when numbers were supposed to be for Tuesday went home you know I won’t think none of it went went to work later came home the next day which I’m off on Tuesdays came home the whole day and so let me check my midday numbers so I check the midday midday numbers I didn’t get it but I also had the numbers in for that evening that evening came and left and I was so busy running up and everything I forgot I’ve got about checking the numbers and stuff like that but every now I got a little voice in my head kept saying check your numbers checking numbers then I thought oh yeah let me check those numbers and I will forget you know sometimes you know that voice pops up but then you forget again and they kept doing I kept doing that all the way until Wednesday like afternoon like Wednesday want five and I was let me check these numbers right and I wasn’t really having an almost I was having a bad day but I was just in a mood you know you’re like in a movie you just kind of like down you know and you letting just thinking too much I think and letting things like it just spirals when there’s like snowballs from there you think about one thing it’s not so good going the way you wanted to is a spirals so in the midst of laying down watching TV having a moment like that that voice checking numbers so I said okay yeah let me shoot my numbers on the check I checked my numbers on my phone and I look for the evening Tuesday Tuesday evening numbers look at it and I can’t believe it my numbers came out the numbers came out and it was the number that I got on the time when I pulled it was up 11 I told you I looked at my phone and there was a time and I played that time that number came out but he came out a different way but I played combo so I knew that I once though and I just couldn’t believe I wasn’t shocked I was like wait a minute wait a minute I just up jumped up check my numbers again talk to a family member and we were looking at the tickets and I just knew I won and but something just designed not right I’m like waymond day I went for real you know you win something and you don’t know if you really want it it’s just if someone’s like too good to be true because I was good I won like $500 so anyways we’re talking we’re talking we’re looking up on the laptop and I said wait a minute what is the date supposed to be on this ticket if I got it for Tuesday the 30th but I got it on Monday the 29th what should the date say and my family member said it’s just have the date that you wanted it to win on which should have been 30 or 7:30 my ticket said 729 the girl put me in for the wrong day let me pause on that again she put me in for the wrong day can’t believe it I couldn’t believe it like it I was just like are you serious like five hundred dollars I was whistling I put nine dollars an ounce of the one five hundred dollars I told I wrote on the sheet Tuesday which was the 30th but she put me in manually and she didn’t put in the right day that I had on the sheet you guys I cried I’m like Elijah I cried because I just felt like that was my blessing and I allowed her to ruin my blessing because I was so in tune with her negativity she was very negative because she didn’t like her job or whatever was going on with her that day she was very negative you know when she dealt with me she was polite or you know but she was very negative she had very negative energy about her and I was in tune with it because I know I was in tune with it’s because I could even hear it if you’re not in tune with it if I wasn’t in tune with it I wouldn’t even had recognized that she was like that you know so her negativity brushed off on me even though I told the even on the sheeter said xxx that I wanted it what it wanted it for Tuesday somehow when she decided to put it in mainly she put me in for the wrong day and then I didn’t check the ticket to make sure she put me in for the right day that I wanted and I went out of there and it just snowballed see how things snowball negativity snowballs so anyway I just want to tell you guys that story it really is more like therapy because all today I just didn’t know how to deal with it how do you deal with that what do you do when that happens like when somebody really messes up your blessing and it just took me back to when you know that somebody’s trying to pull you down like they said pull you down to their level meaning your energy may be high and theirs is low they’re trying to pull you down to their low energy they’re trying to knock you down you know and I allowed her to pull me down to her level and she was she wasn’t doing on purpose but her just her negativity just brushed off she didn’t know what she was doing but I don’t know so now I need to do is figure out how to not let that happen to me again I felt like I was in a good mood that day I felt like I was into maybe I wasn’t all the way into maybe I was halfway in and not all the way in but either way it cost me $500 Oh anyways guys I just have to tell you guys that get off my chest I tell somebody I didn’t really want to tell other people that was going to make me feel even worse about it even my family myself and my own you want to talk about it no one all right let’s not even talk about it because it is what it is and it just makes me feel even worse than I already feel so I just had to tell my two people that I hope you guys don’t make me feel bad about it make me feel bad about it tell me something uplifting you know I’m blessed either way but that really did everything hit me hard and they made me ended it and I shed some tears over that answer I had to I was like that I felt like that was my blessing and allowed her to mess it up for me but anyways I’ll talk to you guys later leaveme something encouraging help me build me up please bye guys.


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