Most Unlucky Lottery Winners Ever Video

Winning the Lottery

. . 1 million in 1989. You would think with that kind of money, you would be able to turn your life around. . . but thats not the case with Hunt. He spent the bulk of his money fueling an addiction and a divorce. Just 2 years after his big win, he was penniless and facing criminal charges. A good idea would be for the winners to receive some form of counselling before theyre handed over their money, wouldnt you agree?

6 – Set the record straight. . . Many stories circulate about how Justin had a fixation with Goldmember, the spinoff of James Bonds Goldfinger. Its been reported that he spray-painted his private parts with a gold lead based paint and died shortly thereafter. That photograph is actually one of Popek, a Polish rapper, and has nothing to do with Justin Reiter. Strangely though, there seems to be no information online about where Reiter is now and how he spent his money.

5 – Just reward?
I dont think so! Sure, Ibi Roncaioli could have played things out differently, but to have her life ended for what she did seems a bit extreme. Let me back up a little. Joseph took Ibis life and was found guilty. The cherry on the cake? He asked Ibis family to help pay for the funeral expenses!

4 – Such bad luck. . . Michael did what any 19-year old would do and blew all the money. He had a penchant for fast cars, women and booze. He ended up losing everything and allegedly asked for his garbage man job back!

3 – Money cant buy happiness. . .
Jonathan Vargas, like Michael Carrol, was also 19 when he won a lot of money. Hart convinced Vargas to invest his money in creating a bikini wrestling league which would be called Wrestlicious. Im sad to inform you that Wrestlicious never took off, and Vargas reportedly lost everything.

2 – Save it for a rainy day. . .
Nope! Spend, spend, spend. . . thats the answer Viv Nicholson gave to anyone who asked her what she was going to do with her Lotto winnings. And she did just that! It was 1961 when she won a substantial amount of money. Sadly, 4-years after her win, her husband died in a car accident and she was left alone and broke. To bring in money she ended up becoming a stripper, was an alcoholic, tried to end everything and eventually became a Jehovahs witness. She passed in away in 2015 and the money most certainly didnt bring her joy.

1 – For the greater good. . . Within a decade she was left with nothing. Its not all bad, like there was a reading room installed at Washingtons University of Law named after her, and she was one of the main contributors to the Democratic party. . . but her philanthropic ways got her into trouble, along with a little gambling and she lost everything and filed for bankruptcy in 2001.

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