Manifest A Lottery Win: How To Win The Lottery Using Visualization: Step By Step Video

Winning the Lottery

7 Steps to visualize to win the lottery by the power of your subconscious mind. You can train your mind to do various things for you. I have been manipulating events, interactions with others, creating my own happiness, attracting success, and increasing my pay check by the power of my subconscious mind, and you can too. Be sure to to receive notifications of my upcoming videos on subconscious mind training and some astrology videos too. I want to help you become empowered to change and improve your life. We are always at every moment creating life with our subconscious. Why not learn how to do it to attract the things you want instead of the things you dont want. Become empowered. I DID LEAVE OUT 2 MAJOR DETAILS. YOU WILL HAVE TO READ THEM IN THE MIRACLE***


hey guys and welcome to my video I’ve never really done a video like this before I’m in a room that echoes and I hope that that’s helpful I hope you can hear me clearly I want to make this video pretty fast I know does not like videos that are too long so basically this video is just about how to use visualization to win the lottery and I’m giving you a step by step outline if you have a pen and paper handy that would really be the best thing other than man just listen to my words or read along with me and just take some mental notes a little bit about me I studied of conscious mind and how to program it I spent about 3 years of my life doing this and doing experiments as I like to call them just to see what worked and what not you could pretty much ask me any question I would have an answer for you I realize people want this information because I actually set up a blog and it’s called subconscious mind training calm but I do really put that much information on it as soon as I put how to train your conscious minds when the lottery of people were stopping by and lock okay guys let’s get to this video I’m already a minute and 28 seconds then let’s into the video all right so step one you’re going to sit in a comfortable meditative position personally I like to lie down on my bed on my back with my arms to my side you can also sit in a chair and I will give you later some indications of how you can know when yours the conscious mind is ready for you to program it to repeat all right step two is to relax so it’s in this stuff that you will put yourself into what’s doing is the alpha brainwaves state you can close your eyes and yourself down into the alpha brainwave state simply by counting backwards from 50 to one in a natural pace this will relax you and relax you deeply if you feel your limbs become a heavy kind of like lead or if you notice that your breath becomes shallow then you have probably reached the alpha brainwave babe this is important so that the images and feelings that you are about to create will be accepted by your subconscious mind all right and on to step number three the visualization meditation so you’re going to imagine splash visualize that you have just won the lottery you’re going to see yourself at your own lottery winner press conference you’re going to include the press with the flashing lights of the camera taking your photo and yourself as the focus of the press event and moving on to step four you’re going to see the specifics in your visualization of winning the lottery in the present so this means you’re going to see yourself holding that large cardboard lottery check with your first and last name written on it and step six you’re going to feel the embodiment of the visualization you’re going to hold that positive image of yourself story above the blur for five to ten minutes and yes this is best done with your eyes closed until it feels like you are actually winning the lottery in your physical body we all know what feeling good it feels like we all know what it feels like to have a week of victory to win a raise to win anything you can feel it in your body there is a feeling and when you come out of the meditation and you open your eyes you will understand exactly what I’m talking about your subconscious mind does not know the difference and only seeks to make what you impress upon it real you’re going to repeat the visualization over and over in low motion as many times as you like during the five to ten minute visualization meditation all right I’m moving on to step eight now this is another question how many days should I visualize or meditate my lottery when the answer is to do the visualization exercise for a minimum of 21 days straight to in maximum four straight months and step nine I really likes that line that line is to allow those of you who are familiar with the law of attraction will understand this step of allowing and I know that some of you are not so we’re going to go ahead and explain it a lot of needs to stop visualizing when we use our subconscious mind to send out the request to the universe that we want to win the lottery this is called the asking process when we stop asking this person manifestation process is called allowing allowing is important because we must allow the universe to do its work in manifesting our desire on our behalf during the allowing process be sure to stop also conscious efforts to win the lottery it is winds within the allowing energy that the lottery win will manifest itself okay guys I want to thank you all who have watched my video I put a lot of effort into this I should have done this video a long time ago this will not be the last video by me on subconscious mind training I know a lot of people have a lot of questions if you have questions please put them below so that I can answer them in the future I have a lot more videos like I said to come on our jet line training and I thank you so much for watching again my blog is debby debby debby dot subconscious mine training comm and I hope you all have a wonderful day thank you.


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